Live: David Johansen, Marianne Faithfull, And An All-Star Cast Pay Tribute To The Rolling Stones At Carnegie Hall

Bobby Bank/WireImage
David Johansen.
The Music of the Rolling Stones: Hot Rocks 1964-1971
Carnegie Hall
Tuesday, March 13

Better than: Paying $300 to see The Stones.

Okay, so maybe most of the audience was old enough to remember the first time they saw Mick Jagger shake his hips and lips on The Ed Sullivan Show. And a sea of salt-and-pepper hair, thick eyeglasses and bellies betraying too many Big Slam Breakfasts at Denny's was spread among the seats. But last night at Carnegie Hall, the years melted away as a slew of artists paid tribute to the Rolling Stones. Gone, briefly, were the horrors of adulthood (like the couple who told me, with a shudder, about taking their daughter to see Miley Cyrus). Instead, the mostly middle-aged crowd was able to relive the naughty kicks of "Let's Spend The Night Together" and "Honky Tonk Woman" for nearly two hours. They got to shout, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, Woo!" without their kids running from the room. And, finally, to really dig a wide array of Jagger and Richards's most brilliant songs.

And no, Justin Bieber did not come out and sing "Satisfaction."

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Here's Hoping That Christina Aguilera And Maroon 5 Kill The "Lazy Mick Jagger References In Lyrics" Trend Dead


I mean, oh, honestly:

Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine of NBC's talent show "The Voice" are putting their voices together on a new Maroon 5 single. Aguilera is featured with Levine and his band on the tune "Moves Like Jagger," which will be released next week on iTunes.

"Moves Like Jagger"? You mean, like in the video for his embarrassing version of "Dancing With The Streets"? (SOUTH AMERRRRRICAAAAAA!!!)

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Liz Phair Reviewed Keith Richards' Life

As it turns out, Mick Jagger did not pen a response to the new Keith Richards autobiography, Life, and accidentally send it to a journalist, who published it on Slate. That was a joke (though the writer now calls his facts "fairly incontrovertible"). But Liz Phair, whose canonical album Exile in Guyville is famously (and arguably) a song-for-song reaction to the Rolling Stones' Exile on Main Street, really did write about the new book!

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Did Rolling Stones Guitarist Ronnie Wood Just Get Arrested For Assaulting His Girlfriend?

Yes, according to BBC News. The victim in question seems to have been Ekaterina Ivanova, who is all of...20 years old? And a cocktail waitress, apparently. Ronnie Wood is 62, and newly divorced (his 24-year-old marriage ended last month in court, after "admitted infidelity" on the elderly rocker's part). A Surrey police spokesman said: "We can confirm that a 62-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of assault in connection with a domestic incident." The Herald Sun adds that it happened "in the street." After being arrested at 11:30pm last night, he's already out on bail, "until a date in January pending further inquiries." Developing, obviously...

Good Morning, Mick Jagger's 1969 Letter to Andy Warhol

That right there is a lovely bit of correspondence between Mick Jagger and Andy Warhol, the man who would later design the super-iconic cover to the Rolling Stones' Sticky Fingers. Although really, they could've just printed this letter verbatim and called it a day. [Letters of Note]