Solange - Webster Hall - 2/25/13

Better Than: Her True EP after its been dunked in glitter and pixie dust and all kinds of other special, pretty things.

Solange sold out not one but two weeknight shows at Webster Hall in a matter of minutes, so I should've been less surprised about the fact that the place was absolutely bursting at the seams with avid, know-all-the-songs-front-to-back fans who tried (and succeeded, despite the no-room-at-all thing) to bust out the "Losing You" moves along with her. Knowles' stage presence is something to behold, in that the girl can shift effortlessly between swaggering, haughty choreography to the imploring lyrics of her most sensitive ballads. She also isn't afraid to vamp on a dance break a few more measures than usual, and the result gave way to a room full of elated people noise-drunk on the confections of her beats.

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Q&A: Solange Knowles On Why Working With Kevin Barnes "Makes All the Fucking Sense in The World"

"I don't want this fa├žade of me diving into the indie scene - there's not a conscious effort to that at all."

Back in '08, when Solange Knowles released her sophomore album, the daffy, Motown-checking Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams, she sang "I'm no soul girl equipped with no afro." Now however, in wake of her collaboration with Of Montreal's Kevin Barnes and the myriad "Solange Embraces Indie Rock!" profiles that have emerged in the last year or so, Knowles has had a different assumed identity to content with: "They're like, 'Are you going to be this indie-pop girl and be there with your guitar?' And I'm like, 'Hell to the nah!'" Though she's currently putting the final touches on her upcoming album, Solange sat down with us to explain why, latter day indie influences or no latter day indie influences, she and soul music are inseparable and how, yes, working with Kevin Barnes "makes all the fucking sense in the world."

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Today in the Machine Becoming Aware of Itself: Solange Knowles Endorses Hipster Runoff


And thus the man who became famous on the internet for making quasi-racist scare-quote jokes about black people attending indie rock concerts opens up his web browser for another long day of mocking naked Asian people, and finds himself looking in the mirror instead. [@solangeknowles/HRO]

The Dirty Projectors Played Opening Ceremony's Kick Off Party at the Ace Hotel; Solange Knowles Guested on "Stillness Is the Move" and Groove Theory's "Tell Me" (!!)

The scene at the Ace Hotel was pretty rowdy on Saturday night, as Opening Ceremony threw a party to celebrate opening a bizarre and tiny store in the chain hotel's lobby. Further research undertaken by SOTC over the weekend seemed to indicate that the store is long on McSweeney's and Levis-collabo denim suits and short on selection, but the inaugural party was indeed out of hand. Everyone from Michael Stipe to Terrence Koh to Gang Gang Dance's Lizzie Bougatsos was in the building, as were the Dirty Projectors and Solange Knowles--the evening's entertainment and DJ, respectively, though the line blurred when Solange hopped onstage to do "Stillness Is the Move" with the band. It's not the first time that has happened. Also covered? Groove Theory's "Tell Me," which is a great song we had not thought about in years. There was video, of course:

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Download the Of Montreal/Solange Knowles Cover of "I Want You Back"

So this happened, and then current Voice print star NYCTaper--about whom you can read much, much more here--went ahead and vindicated certain editors over here, recording the entire set and getting it online not 24 hours after Of Montreal and Solange Knowles set the Internet on fire by covering the Jackson 5's "I Want You Back." (Susan Sarandon may have had something to do with all the hubbub too.) Anyway, see how that works? Go download the evening's entire set over here. "I know, when I go out 150 times a year, very few of those shows will have historical significance," dude told us the other day. "It's a realistic thing." [NYCTaper]

Here Is A Video Of Susan Sarandon Spanking Pigs Onstage At Last Night's Of Montreal Concert At Highline Ballroom

Yeah, so, this happened. Plus Solange showed up and sang the Jackson 5's "I Want You Back," which you can peruse below, while you're ruminating on what you did last night and why you didn't go to this show instead.

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Universal Records Will Not Let Solange Hang Out With the Kids From the Wrong Side of the Tracks and/or East River

Somehow, one senses the inexorable and pitiless hand of Mathew Knowles here. [@solangeknowles, where this particular rant continued]

Solange Knowles Covers the Dirty Projectors' "Stillness Is the Move"

solange animal collective.jpg
Remember that time Solange and La La photographed themselves dancing to Animal Collective?
Alright, we give, we give: space r&b hero Solange Knowles covering the Dirty Projectors' spaced-out proto-r&b jam "Stillness Is the Move." Those wondering why her sister Beyonce and Jay-Z can be found these days lurking at Grizzly Bear shows in Brooklyn need to look no further than Solange, who did not need to read New York magazine this week to know that this particular song was the jam. Carry on. [Pitchfork]

And Now for Something Completely Different: Solange Knowles and La La Vazquez, Drunk and Dancing to Animal Collective

solange animal collective.jpg

Presented without comment, other than La La's own: "Tribal dancing in the hotel 2animal collectives I know don't ask!LOL 2many daiquaris!(Hope I spelled that right!)" You did not, and you sound way too much like Hipster Runoff. Brooklyn's arms are long.