Video: Gen X'ers Tell Us About the '90s at a Soundgarden Reunion Show

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When Soundgarden's Chris Cornell screamed the words "SPOOON MAN! Stop eating with those spoons and play those spoons!!" in 1990whatever, he sparked a revolution, one that wouldn't end until government outlawed the playing of spoons after several thousand injuries. Or something. We don't really remember the '90s, honestly. So we went to a Soundgarden reunion show earlier this week at Webster Hall to ask members of Generation X -- remember that term? -- to tell us about grunge, crowd-surfing, flannel, and spooning spoon playing. Video by Lea Scruggs. (Brian McManus)


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Does Soundgarden Have Any Business Reuniting in 2012?

Soundgarden: Back When They Were Young Pups

For a band of impressive magnitude -- an unholy sum of Chris Cornell's wails, Kim Thayil's strangely tuned, beautifully heavy guitar, and the Zeppelin/Sabbath-indebted rhythm section of bassist Ben Shepherd and drummer Matt Cameron -- Soundgarden's return from their decade plus absence has been kind of tentative. First some live shows, playing all the hits and dusting off a Badmotorfinger b-side, then a contribution to The Avengers. It took a year and a half of being into this reunion thing for Soundgarden to get blunt and definitive. We were introduced to their comeback album King Animal by way of "Been Away for Too Long," a song that awkwardly stampedes into a bland chorus repeatedly proclaiming they've, well, been away too long.

Soundgarden is both the '90s band you'd most want back and least want back, and kind of for the same reason. They left behind a pretty impeccable catalogue, and the prospect of these four guys making music together seems promising even if their genre has long since vanished.

Soundgarden perform tonight at Irving Plaza.

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11 Somewhat Fourth Of July-Appropriate Songs That Are Way Better Than Katy Perry's "Firework"

Tomorrow is the fourth of July, which means the celebration of American independence from Great Britain, which means Americans gathering in various wide-open spaces in order to watch things blow up. The big New York fireworks party is sponsored by Macy's, with the featured entertainment being none other than one-woman spectacle Katy Perry, who has a pop hit called "Firework" and a new movie about how her self-proclaimed "weirdo" persona became really really popular coming out this Friday. How fortuitous! Of course, the "it gets better, you be you!" message of her song is completely undercut by her insistence on continuing to play her metrosexual-shaming ditty "U R So Gay" in concert, not to mention the mean-girlness inherent in way too many of her other songs. If the celebration of her noxious persona on America's big day is enough to make you renounce your citizenship, fret not! After the jump are 11 (because seven plus four, get it?) tracks about the holiday, bright things in the sky, and blowing things up that you can turn up while Perry is trying to turn on the sincerity act. Feel free to suggest your own favorites!

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Along The Watchtower, the debut novel by Constance Squires, is a story of an Army brat whose tumultuous upbringing was kept steady in part by her discovery of rock and roll. It's published Tuesday, and in honor of its impending release and the coming holiday—don't forget, Monday's America's birthday!—we asked her to select 10 songs that, were she to program the music for this country's celebratory pool parties and barbecues, she'd put on everyone's playlist.

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Soundgarden Invent Chillwave On Unreleased Track "Black Rain"

LOL, j/k. "Black Rain" (a Badmotorfinger sessions outtake, not a brand-new track as I'd initially suspected) leaked in the aftermath of Soundgarden's triumphant (or at least not-catastrophic, in any case) return at Lollapalooza over the weekend (setlist here, and thank god they're still playing "Get on the Snake") is in the same reassuring "crunching riff/mild time-signature hijinx/orgasmic Chris Cornell wailing" vein you know and love and have more reverence for than you're probably currently willing to admit. (That setlist also includes "Mailman," which I actually am glad they're still playing.) Find the tune here in case that YouTube goes down; that little noodly part at the end is gonna be a bear in the Rock Band version.