CMJ Day Two: Marnie Stern, Dom, Tamaryn, And Lower Dens Kick Off The Stereogun Party At Santos Party House

marnie santos 1.JPG
"Stereogum!" Pics by Rob, more below.
Marnie Stern/Dom/Tamaryn/Lower Dens
Santos Party House
Wednesday, October 20

Better than: Just sitting at home reading ecstatic Tweets about the whole Phoenix/Daft Punk thing.

So let's toss a few more ribald Marnie Stern exclamations on the pile. #1: "It takes a lot to drive this old, desperate bitch out of bed. Just kidding!" #2: "How many times do I have to say I need a peen in the vagean until someone hits on me?" And #3: "We've got two more, and then Wild Nothings are up. I wish it were Wild Somethings! [Thrusts pelvis repeatedly.]" God bless this girl and her total lack of decorum.

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