Jordan Knight and Nick Carter: The Ultimate Boy Band Bromance

Courtesy of Industry PR
It's not every day a couple of boy band-ers join forces to start a man band, but New Kids on the Block's Jordan Knight and the Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter are a couple of above average boys from the bands. After rising to international stardom as teens in their respective groups and in their respective decades, both Nick and Knight forayed into solo music careers (both their most recent solo albums were released in May of 2011) and reality television. Though there were minor hiatuses and interludes for independent exploration, both NKOTB and BSB always come back for more and even formed a supergroup for a tour and compilation album, all under the title NKOTBSB.

Clearly Jordan and Nick found the right stuff with one another, having since created the duo Nick & Knight. They released their debut album this year, a fun adult-pop romp through decades of r&b and pop rock influences, and are currently on a tour across North America. The Knight of the pair took some time out of their schedule to discuss New Kids, his friendship with Nick and what to expect from a Nick & Knight show. Spoiler alert: the answer is a good time.

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Live: NKOTBSB Keep The Fires Burning At The Izod Center

Bryan Horowitz
This was the last time it would get quiet all evening.

NKOTBSB w/Jordin Sparks
Izod Center
Tuesday, June 13

Better than: Sitting at home bitching about "manufactured pop."

It was 8:35 last night when the lights at the Izod Center went down, and it was approximately 8:35:01 when the screaming started. The loud, screechy, lusty yelling sustained itself throughout the opening credits for the show by NKOTBSB—the hybrid of New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys, two "boy bands" more contemporaneous than collective memory might remember—and up until the two bands, joined as one in a Voltron of parethetical title asides and indelible hooks and proclamations that the ladies in attendance were all beautiful, appeared above the stage, looking deadly serious, staring stonily outward.

And then... the opening to Coldplay's "Viva La Vida" kicked in.

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100 & Single: Lady Gaga Gets Ready To Join The Million-Weeker Club

The phrase "the calm before the storm" appears in virtually every chart-related story this week. That's because the latest edition of the Billboard 200, which covers sales from the week ending May 22, is topped by Adele's 21. That album is No. 1 for the ninth and (presumably) final week before Lady Gaga's monster Born This Way makes its foregone chart-crushing debut.

But, come on now... "calm"? For chart-watchers, industryites and Gaga fans, I'd say the storm is already happening.

A meta-discussion has been raging all week around just how many copies Gaga's album will sell in week one, and whether all of the downloads she's racking up should count. Amazon's jaw-dropping decision to sell Born This Way for the unprecedented full-album price of 99 cents has not only engendered controversy—so much that Billboard's editor felt compelled to respond to some angry Britney Spears fans—it's rocket-fueled Gaga's sales.

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The Backstreet Boys vs. The Vivian Girls: An Intellectual Summit

The Vivian Girls. The Backstreet Boys. Both bands are on tour this summer; both have a penchant for wobbly harmony; both have experienced relatively recent line-up changes. For some, these coincidences wouldn't register, but for savvy Paper Magazine editor (and former Voice cohort) Elizabeth Thompson, it was enough to put the two groups in the same room, in the persons of Vivian Girls frontlady Cassie Ramone and her graying, gyrating counterpart, Backstreet's A.J. McLean. Ramone turns out to be a better interviewer than many of the clowns that write about her band:

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Live: Still Swooning Over The Backstreet Boys (Well, Most Of Them, Anyway) At Hammerstein Ballroom

bsb rock your body.jpg
Oh indeed
bsb lobby.jpg
Count the number of men in this photo. Pics by Puja, more below.
Backstreet Boys
Hammerstein Ballroom
Thursday, June 10

The ear-splitting shrieks started about a half-hour before the Backstreet Boys took the stage at Hammerstein Ballroom last night. Hundreds and hundreds of girls squealed every time the lights blinked, curtains moved, or one of their peers screamed, "Nick, we love you!" over the dull roar. The boys (ahem... men) have retained their fan base through the past 17 (!) years and several tarnishes to their adorable, boys-next-door image -- Nick's philandering and unfortunate reality-TV show, AJ's stint in rehab, and (even worse!) Kevin's leaving the band a few years back. Through it all, one thing is certain: As the group gets older, their fans stay the same age. At least the Boys have a good sense of humor about it all.

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