Lasers, Inquisition, And A Cameo By The Wanted: The 10 Most Metal Moments Of Saint Vitus's One-Year Anniversary Week

The Young Widows play St. Vitus.
On April 12, St. Vitus—the metal outpost in Greenpoint—turned one year old, but the birthday celebration went down between April 23 and April 28. Bands, cartoons, go-go girls, celebrities, sacrilege, and a metal magician were in attendance.

"It was chaos," says bartender and co-owner Justin Scurti.

In 2011, when Scurti, Arthur Shepherd, and George Souleidis opened Saint Vitus—named both for the Black Sabbath song and the doom metal band—they just wanted to run a successful business. "We never planned on being a full venue," Scurti says, "and we never planned on being a full-on metal bar. It just sort of happened. It's who we are and what we like."

Judging by the number of regulars present the Monday after the events and by the four sold-out shows the week before, metalheads have given the bar the horns-up stamp of approval. We asked around for the top ten most metal moments of the anniversary week.

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