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On AMOK, Thom Yorke's Atoms For Peace Embrace Big, Scary Technology

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Recently, science fiction has crept into the news. The FDA just approved the first bionic eye, which will reverse certain types of blindness. At last year's Usenix Security Conference, researchers displayed how the human brain could now essentially be hacked with devices that read brain patterns, identifying when it recognizes sensitive information like PIN numbers. In Scotland, scientists claim to have used 3D printers to create stem cells, aiming to eventually print whole organs. These are the people out on the digital frontier, seeking to make humans better by design.

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The 10 Best Thom Yorke Dancing Videos

thom dance screenshot.jpg
Careening around a dim warehouse and gripping a bowler hat like Liza Minnelli on uppers, Thom Yorke leaves no doubt of his dancing prowess in the clip for "Lotus Flower," the lead single off Radiohead's feverishly received eighth album, The King of Limbs. His delectably bizarre moves continue to be a font of inspiration for amateur video editors, who have taken to dubbing him into increasingly inappropriate songs since the clip was released last week: Thom's surprisingly adaptable, arrhythmic tweak-out groove has become so omnipresent that it's already giving Soulja Boy a migraine.

There's no sign of these videos slowing, and the crop is just getting more bizarre - at this point, count on some Spielberg to set Thom to both Eyehategod and Pachelbel's "Canon in D." Here are the best clips we've stumbled across so far. (You know Thom saw this coming. Thom sees it all coming.)

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Live: Thom Yorke's Atoms For Peace, a/k/a Flea And A Few Other Dudes, Take Over Roseland

Thom does "Everything in Its Right Place" Monday night

Thom Yorke/Atoms for Peace
Tuesday, April 6

Let's talk about Flea. He looks, at least initially, ridiculous. Thom Yorke solo is a dense, dour affair, taking the electro iciness of Radiohead's "Idioteque" and turning it even darker, colder, and further inward, and in Atoms for Peace he has assembled the least joyful funk band of all time -- Nigel Godrich on keys, Joey Waronker on drums, Mauro Refosco on various exotic percussion -- to fully explore the sumptuous sourness of his 2006 solo record The Eraser, which both ain't bad and ain't no picnic. Except now Flea is up there, wearing a shirt for once, bouncing wildly about as if he's grooving to "Hump de Bump" or "Sir Psycho Sexy" or whatever. It's hilarious, and initially the worst thing about this show, until you slowly realize it's quite the opposite.

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Let Us Conclude With A New Thom Yorke Song, "Giving Up The Ghost"

Here's Thom, an acoustic guitar, and a loop pedal, entertaining the Cambridge Corn Exchange (???) with a gentle, melancholy new tune you may perhaps hear at Roseland in April. Can't wait to hear how Flea handles this one. [Via @popadopalis]

Thom Yorke And, Uh, Atoms For Peace Will Play Roseland In April

Thom Yorke Front Cover.jpg
"It seemed bleedin' obvious," Thom notes of his new band's new name, featuring "Mauro, Flea, Me, Joey and Nigel" and gearing up for Coachella with a brief tour that hits Roseland April 5 and 6. (Radiohead's site has its own pre-sale ticket allocation, which you can peruse here.) Flying Lotus opens. We'll thank you not to be the guy who spends the whole show yelling for "Creep."