Live: Triptykon, 1349, Yakuza, And Immolith Paint It Black At Gramercy Theatre

triptykon 1.jpg
Tom Gabriel Warrior, on to the next phase. Pics by Daniel, more below.
Gramercy Theatre
Wednesday, October 6

I admit I groaned upon learning that New Jersey's Immolith would open the otherwise killer lineup of Yakuza, 1349, and Triptykon at Gramercy Theatre last night. Both times I'd seen them previously, I was nonplussed by their mid-'90s black attack, and wasn't looking forward to politely headbanging through their set again. But much to my shock and enjoyment, Immolith played with a little more fire and conviction this time, sharpening their riffs and kicking the speed up a notch, elevating them from (blackened) white noise to a band worth unpolitely 'banging for.

Either those guys sacrificed a few extra goats during their pre-game ritual, or they were just flat out freakin' pumped to open for Tom G. Warrior. What kind of self-respecting metal musician wouldn't be? Tom was a crucial part of the force that pushed metal down into the darkness in the '80s, away from glitz and glam and closer to the dissonant, evil, and occult. His first two bands, Hellhammer and Celtic Frost, helped create the template for the death- and black-metal to come; Triptykon, his third creation, was undoubtedly the star attraction tonight.

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