Get Wet With Andrew W.K. Tonight at Strand Bookstore

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Everyone's favorite advice columnist Andrew W.K. will join author Phillip Crandall tonight at the Strand Bookstore to talk about Andrew's groundbreaking debut, I Get Wet. There aren't two guys on the planet that know more about the album than these two. Andrew, of course, wrote the thing. Lived it. And Crandall wrote a book about it, 33 1/3's I Get Wet. It's an engrossing, in-depth read, one that sees Crandall pick the brains of not only W.K. himself, but damn near everyone that had a hand in making it. Knowing Andrew as we do, and knowing how much time, effort and research went into Crandall's I Get Wet, tonight's event at the Strand (7 p.m., third floor) could easily be filed under "Can't Miss." After all, it's been 12 + years in the making.

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Touré Tackles Prince in New Book, Finds Jesus, Discovers They're One in the Same

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Dearly Beloved, you are gathered here today to read our interview with a writer about a legendary performer. In this corner, Touré: Journalist and thinker for many an outlet (The New Yorker, VIBE,, and author of Who's Afraid of Post-Blackness: What It Means to Be Black Now. You perhaps know him best for the incredible face he made when R. Kelly asked him "When you say 'teenage' how old we are talkin'?" during their on-camera interview for BET or the time he straight Son'd Piers Morgan on dude's own show at the height of all that Trayvon Martin sadness.

In the other, Prince: a mystery wrapped in an enigma stuffed in an extra small woman's blouse, guitar virtuoso, known lover of pancakes, and (maybe) Son of God. You know him best for not really knowing him at all. That's about to change.

Because Touré's excellent new book about Prince, I Would Die 4 U: Why Prince Became an Icon, comes out March 19, and it's a definitive, in depth look at the Purple One. ("I'm a Prince scholar and this is the ultimate Prince book," blurbs ?uestlove on the book's cover). In advance of the Prince Tribute at Carnegie Hall tonight, we rang Touré up to talk about the talented Lilliputian Seventh Day Adventist. Shit got real.

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CMJ: Tuesday in Photos

The Phenomenal Handclap Band
The Phenomenal Handclap Band last night at the MHOW, by Rebecca Smeyne

Throughout CMJ, we'll be adding new photos to this gallery. There are no naked people in it right now, but then again, it's only Wednesday.