Week In Review: Please Shut Down The Internet, Too, While You're At It

Santos Party House, going as a temporarily shuttered club for Halloween
It's Halloween Weekend, and we're proud to offer both costume ideas ("Dude from Baths" is great if you can hunt down the Pomeranian) and nightlife suggestions, from James Murphy at Le Bain tonight to Oneida's five-year-old Brahloween institution to the myriad other picks in our comprehensive neighborhood guide (the Rub!). Couple clubs you'd best avoid, unfortunately.

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Week In Review: Kill Harvilla, But Get Belly To Reunite First

belly rolling stone.jpg
It was the week White America lost its mind, as did the guy who wrote a song called "Kill Harvilla" and sent us both the lyrics (not bad) and the instrumental MP3 (very bad). But we here at SOTC prefer more constructive exercises, like listing every '90s band that hasn't reunited yet. A lot of That Dog fans out there, surprisingly, but we're still pulling for Jawbreaker or the Afghan Whigs. And, yes, Belly.

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Week In Review: "You Died! Luckily This Is Just A Video Game."

In a week wherein we bid adieu to both Fat Beats and Paste magazine, we needed something to fill the void, be that the Das Racist video game or, far less pleasantly, a glowering, shirtless Rick Ross. Good thing this one's over with.

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Week In Review: Aw Dude, You Missed It

Unfortunately, this just isn't fun anymore. Pic by Sam Horine.
It's Friday the 13th, and if you're as superstitious as we are here at SOTC, you'll stay away from the outside world altogether. Lucky for you, though, we've put together a pretty awesome rundown of dance parties to visit this weekend -- starting Saturday, of course. Today is also a great day to stay in and reflect on all the cool, super-exclusive shows you were too uncool to get into last night, like Kanye West's top-secret, top-hat-required show at the Box, Rihanna's sold-out "The Last Girl on Earth Tour" show at Madison Square Garden, or Jay-Z's stint at Nike's World Basketball Party at Radio City Music Hall, all proving that Thursday was a sad day to be a not-quite-cool-enough hip-hop fan.

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Week In Review: We're Looking at You, Wakey Wakey

Even though we eat and sleep local music over here at SOTC, after countless hours of perusing the blogosphere and sifting through mail, we just had to say it: What the fuck, New York? We're talking to you, Wakey! Wakey! That's why we decided to create the First Annual Worst Band Name in New York Award this week. Feel free to submit your friends.

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Week in Review: We Forgot "Rad Bromance"

The highlight of our week, for good or ill.
In case Lady Gaga's monstrous fame-monster antics weren't over-the-top enough, the bubble-dress-wearing, bloody-heart- ripping Gaga monster's out-of-this-planet-to-Jupiter-and-back diva status may have officially been cemented in stone this week. Well, sort of.

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Week In Review: I Feel Like My Whole Life Is Ridiculous

One of Fabolous' 23 victims. (Note: number is approximate.)
Well, we survived another April Fool's Day, a/k/a the worst Internet day of the year, casting aside this year's wan hoaxes and getting to the good stuff: Fucked Up, sued by an energy-drink juggernaut for bad-mouthing SXSW? Hilarious! (That was a joke, right?)

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