Dillon Francis Says His Wildly Popular Instagram Comedy Is Thanks to Jim Carrey

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Photo by Shane McCauley
Dillon Francis totes his In-N-Out, maybe wondering where he parked his car.
Have you ever just known you could be best friends with someone — if only you got the chance to meet them? Fans of 27-year-old dance music DJ Dillon Francis know the feeling well, thanks to an online persona that makes him approachable when fans run into him in real life.

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Photos: DJ Shadow, Billon, Love & Logic at the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival

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All photos by Laura June Kirsch for the Village Voice.
DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist, wearing their "Sure Shot" shirts
The Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival attracts some of the best DJs and tastemakers in the global EDM scene -- from longtime collaborators DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist to new acts like London's Billon to those who are hitting their stride, like Little Boots. We were at the Music Hall of Williamsburg on Saturday, October 8 to document the musicians and the people there. Photos by Laura June Kirsch for the Village Voice.

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What Kind of People Take a Sunday Evening DJ Boat Cruise?

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On Sunday evening, as many napped away brunch buzzes or began prepping emails for Monday, a maritime bacchanal was held out on the Hudson. House music promotion companies Resolute and Sheik 'N' Beik commandeered the Circle Line for a very different cruise than the sightseeing tour you take when your parents come to town.

Sheik 'N' Beik's Facebook page describes them as a "mechanism filtered from the electronic ether, generating euphoric sediment", but in short what they do is throw fun parties. Because of the Circle Line's proximity to Times Square, I was expecting a poor man's version of the S.S. Coachella stocked with NYU frat boys looking to continue their Saturday night mixed with a few confused tourists. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised by a crowd of internationals and those you might glimpse in the background of a Page Six photo. These are people for whom Sunday night is very much still the weekend. Anecdotes of moonlighting for a week on a yacht in Italy filled the air.

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EDM Is Girlier Than You Think

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Credit: Timothy Norris
One of my favorite scenes this year was briefly seeing the ladies Krewella at Lollapalooza headlining Perry's stage on Saturday night. Like your party commander with bodies rocking and hair flowing, they managed to get the crowd to sing along to their biggest hit "Alive," loudly and in unison: "Every second here makes my heart beat faster." As EDM has continued to evolve, the femininity of the genre has become erased from the greater narrative. While it's important to critique toxic aspects of a culture, the conversation has focused mostly on noted fuckboys like Borgore or the various ways in which EDM disrespects women and their bodies. While there's no doubt that there are aspects of EDM that are deeply misogynistic, the music itself is often hella girly. Furthermore, to outright dismiss the genre as a whole as masculine also dismisses the women who genuinely love dance music, including both its performers and fans. EDM requires a much more complicated and nuanced critical examination, especially using a gendered lens.

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Ultra Ravers Answer: What's in Your Fanny Pack?

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Photo by Marta Xochilt Perez

By Sean Pajot

Once ridiculed as the hilariously embarrassing accessory of choice for fat American tourists, the fanny pack is now a practical piece of party gear for hot, young EDM fanatics.

At music fests such as Miami's Ultra, it has become a ubiquitous carry-all for scantily clad ravers with no pockets. Easy, versatile, convenient -- as pouch enthusiast Andrina (pictured above) ecstatically exclaims: "What isn't in my fanny pack!"

Now, there are those alarmists who insist that every fanny pack must be stuffed with nefarious paraphernalia. But speaking to the owners of these belly bags at Ultra 2014, we simply discovered stuff like pacifiers, Vicks, "glow-in-the-dark shit" ...

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Ultra 2014's 25 Best Bass Faces

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All photos by Kat Bein and Gretchen Schroeder
Miami's Ultra Music Festival is nothing if not gnarly. The beats are gnarly, the people are gnarly, the portable toilets are gnarly. It's stank-face city, bro.

But even more than the sight of no toilet paper, it's those dirty beats -- dutch, dub, or otherwise -- that make us twist our faces.

Because we love a good drop as much as the next fiend, we're paying homage to all of Ultra Music Festival's magical moments with a series of epic bass face pics.

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10 Walking Raver Cliches at EDM Festivals

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Photo by George Martinez
By Sean Pajot

Ravers are like snowflakes, right?

Wrong. It's actually not uncommon to find two (or twelve) who look (and sometimes behave) almost exactly alike.

In fact, we've spent a lot of time wandering around EDM fests in a state of perpetual déjà vu, encircled by thousands of party people who seem to be nearly identical human copies of specific stock types.

Here are 10 walking raver cliches you meet at EDM Festivals.

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EDM Is Sexist: Why It Sucks to Be a Woman Who Raves

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Thanks for nothing.
As a self-respecting female with professional aspirations and a desire to be taken seriously as an individual, it's become increasingly difficult to identify with American electronic dance music culture without feeling kind of irresponsible.

Six or seven years ago, the playing field was pretty even. We went out to parties, we dressed as if David Bowie and Karen O had had a baby, we got drunk on whiskey, we danced, and we were never embarrassed by our surroundings.

But things have changed. What started out as fun, rowdy party tricks has been fully incorporated into the scene as sexist expectations. That which was once ironic parody has become a parody of itself. We no longer look around the dance floor and see a utopia of acceptance.

Yes, this party is sexist. Here's why.

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One of the Highest Paid DJs in the World Plays a Baseball Cave Tonight

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Look, chances are you aren't getting in. The MLB Fan Cave on 4th and Broadway only holds 200 fans and the show begins at 6 p.m.. But we think you should know that Avicii, one of the (according to Forbes) highest paid DJs in the world, is about to play inside a baseball cave. It's part of the MLB's launch into the post season. Makes sense.

Diplo Attempts to Break Twerking "World Record" With Twerk-Wall at Electric Zoo

Will you twerk it for a ticket to Electric Zoo this Sunday?
[UPDATE: Today's Electric Zoo has been canceled after two reportedly die of drug overdose.]

Two questions, ladies. 1) Do you have an ass? 2) Can you twerk so hard you could churn butter with it?

If you're a YES on both, Diplo needs your help. This Sunday, the dirty beat impresario brings us his latest creation: "Butts Around the World," wherein he will attempt to break the "world record" of twerkers twerking at one time with his patented "Twerk-Wall." If some of those words make sense to you, and you're interested in joining Diplo on this noble quest, here's what's what: You can win one of 50 free tickets to this weekend's Electric Zoo dance music festival on Randall's Island by sending Diplo a video of yourself twerking to, naturally, twerk4diplo@gmail.com. If his #expressyourself contest from last year is any indication, the competition will be fierce. Diplo and his assorted Mad Decent Bros will review each video submission with what we can only presume is absolute seriousness (lab coats, clipboards etc.). Presto Chango, Twerk-Wall assembled.

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