Last Night: Vice Goes To The Dogs To Celebrate Fashion Week

Bryan Derballa/via Vice
[Hipster Puppies joke.]
Vice's Fashion Week Party
Wednesday, February 8

Better than: Not getting into the secret Skrillex show.

Last night, the line to get into West Village's middle-of-nowhere dance club Westway wrapped around one block in one direction of the door and down two blocks in the other. The strip club-turned-scenester hangout was hosting Vice's Fashion Week party and "doggie fashion show," you see. And despite the maddening flurries of snow and confusion surrounding the mobbed door, hundreds of hip hopefuls braved the cold and, more importantly, the shame of being seen waiting in line at a party where "knowing someone" is the only way you're getting in. The media entrance was no less of a clusterfuck either; the line hosted at least seventy fashion writers, party-o-graphing tumblrers, and nightlife bloggers. (Shout out to

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You Better Work: 21 Music-Heavy Fashion's Night Out Events

Nicki Minaj performs at Yves Saint Laurent tonight.
Let's be honest: Shopping isn't really the main attraction of Fashion's Night Out. Who has time to sift through sales racks when there are so many parties to go to? Some events—Drake's DJ set at Versace, Neon Indian's invite-only gig at the Mondrian SoHo—will be trickier to get into than others, but fear not. We've scoured the internet and compiled a list of the best places to catch live music and indulge in light celeb-stalking, and they're all free.

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Live: Courtney Love Has All Eyes on Her at Hiro Ballroom

Jenna Sauers

Courtney Love
Hiro Ballroom, Maritime Hotel
Tuesday, September 6

Better than: Listening to Celebrity Skin alone in your bedroom again.

"I need a glass of wine," Courtney Love announced as she took the stage, twirling a big paper parasol through the air around her. "I need wine. Right now."

The Hole founder, widow, mother, and world's most famous alumna of the Nelson, New Zealand, College for Girls wore knee socks, black patent leather flats, something that was either a lacy girdle or an unusually sexy skort, a cream silk faux-wrap blouse that often fell open to reveal a black bra, and a black vest. Her silver-toned bracelet and rings glinted in the flashbulbs that seasoned the air; there was a phalanx of photographers in the front row, and it seemed nearly every other attendee wielded a camera phone. Because how Courtney Love looks is kind of part of it, because even for former addicts, the effects of the disease are written on the body, because she is a woman, and we evaluate women on their physical appearance constantly and regardless of professional competence, because this woman in particular had been enlisted for this party as much to be seen playing as to play--so that the right sort of people might spend Fashion Week telling each other, "I saw Courtney Love at that thing"--I will say that Courtney Love, for what it's worth, looked good. Quite good. Clear skin. Definitive proof that no matter what the women's magazines say, cellulite is genetic. She plucked at the vest. "I'm wearing the first piece of swag I ever got," she said. "Calvin Klein, 1990. It still fits."

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Rating the Ridiculous Musical Performances of Fashion Week 2010 (So Far)

Thumbnail image for boomboomglitter.jpg
As much of the Boom Boom Room as you're ever likely to see. Twitpic via grekotv
Fashion Week is a biannual rite in New York, and with it comes another biannual rite -- awkward, private late-night performances from bands that are either at the center of the zeitgeist (Kanye West on the bar at the Boom Boom Room last week, say) or beloved, out-of-step favorites of the aging designers and promoters who make this week happen (see: Guns N' Roses, anything involving John Varvatos). Mostly, the shows are abbreviated, impromptu, or otherwise improvised -- artists tend to experiment when they wander this far outside the Bowery Ballroom. Thus 2010's Fall Fashion Week has already seen Metric covering the Strokes, the Strokes themselves reuniting for Tommy Hilfiger, Courtney Love covering Lady Gaga at the reborn Don Hill's, and, uh, ZZ Top taking on "Foxy Lady" at Varvatos' Bowery store. With a couple days left to go, we figured we might as well get some rankings going, so next time your phone blows up at 3 a.m. telling you to come to some hard-to-infiltrate club to see Band X, you'll know whether or not to answer the call. Without further ado:

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Kanye West Performed While Standing on the Bar at the Boom Boom Room at 3 A.M. Last Night

Fashion Week tends to bring out musicians -- consider Guns N' Roses's secret performance at the John Varvatos store in the spring, or the formidable line-up that Ralph Lauren, Balenciaga, et al. have put together for the next week or so. And Kanye West has a penchant for performing unannounced shows around New York, whether it's Fashion Week or some random night in August. So it's not exactly a surprise to learn that as the clock struck 3 a.m. last night, West mounted the bar at one of the the hardest doors in New York, the Standard Hotel's Boom Boom Room, and preceded to give an impromptu performance for those lucky enough to be in attendance. The pictures -- what few exist -- look amazing:

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Here's To Axl Rose and the Bunch of Random Dudes Calling Themselves Guns N' Roses Getting the Hell Out of Town

So Sebastian Bach saved Axl Rose from being attacked by a maniac with a blade the other night at the Gramercy Hotel's Rose Bar. "Nobody is getting anywhere near my man Axl Rose with a knife," said the one-time Skid Row frontman, and from his position atop a banquet, he summoned security to cast what may in fact have been a very sensible individual out into the cold. It was Valentine's Day at the Purple mag afterparty, and the band of misfits who call themselves Guns N' Roses were blasting the assembled celebrities with a two hour set not unlike the one the band had visited on an unsuspecting crowd inside a John Varvatos store last week. Fashion Week ends tomorrow and with any luck, it will take Axl Rose with it.

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The Dirty Projectors Played Opening Ceremony's Kick Off Party at the Ace Hotel; Solange Knowles Guested on "Stillness Is the Move" and Groove Theory's "Tell Me" (!!)

The scene at the Ace Hotel was pretty rowdy on Saturday night, as Opening Ceremony threw a party to celebrate opening a bizarre and tiny store in the chain hotel's lobby. Further research undertaken by SOTC over the weekend seemed to indicate that the store is long on McSweeney's and Levis-collabo denim suits and short on selection, but the inaugural party was indeed out of hand. Everyone from Michael Stipe to Terrence Koh to Gang Gang Dance's Lizzie Bougatsos was in the building, as were the Dirty Projectors and Solange Knowles--the evening's entertainment and DJ, respectively, though the line blurred when Solange hopped onstage to do "Stillness Is the Move" with the band. It's not the first time that has happened. Also covered? Groove Theory's "Tell Me," which is a great song we had not thought about in years. There was video, of course:

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Photos: Yeasayer Rock ABC Carpet and Home for Erin Wasson; Ke$ha Gets a Front-Row Sofa

Categories: Fashion Week
David Wentworth
Though we're not positive, we have a feeling Yeasayer can claim the title of being the first band to have ever rocked ABC Carpet and Home, land of $40,000 rugs and fancy home furnishings. Model turned fashion designer Erin Wasson hired the band to play her boho-themed Fashion Week presentation inside the store last night. More »

Gwen Stefani "All Tied Up" at L.A.M.B. Fashion Week Show

Stacey Anderson

Gwen Stefani
L.A.M.B. fashion show
Milk Studios
Thursday, February 11

Somewhere in here is a trenchant quip about Gwen Stefani getting "all tied up," but it is out of deep, California sisterhood that I will not sink to it.

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Patti Smith and Metric Paid Tribute To Alexander McQueen at Last Night's LNA Afterparty at MILK Studios

Metric photo by Anne Koller. We'd have put the Patti Smith shot here, but it's sort of terrifying.
"When people like Alexander McQueen leave us so young we have to remember to live," Patti Smith said in between songs at last night's LNA afterparty at Chelsea's MILK Studios. "Don't forget, you're alive."

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