It's Your Last Chance to See Bitch Magnet, They Promise

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Even in this era of Every Band That Ever Existed Must And Will Reunite, the return of Bitch Magnet is surprising, a bit shocking, really -- as if a Mars space probe long given up for lost somehow found its way back to Earth.

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The Chrome Cranks: Stinking Up the LES Again

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Cranks b&w560.jpg
Keith Marlowe

By Brad Cohan

Present day LES is a bottomless pit of bombed bridge 'n' tunnel scenester wannabees, ex-Upper East side yuppie scum jogging past the John Varvatos store where punk was birthed at CBGB and trust fund frat kids living off their rich-assed parent's dime, drunkenly soiling the newly sprouted luxury condo-lined streets. But remnants of the once-vibrant, crusty downtown music scene of the late 1980's and 90's glory years are seemingly back on the upswing.

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Lamin Fofana's African-Inspired Techno Is Dutty!

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Lamin Fofana

Dutty Artz, the independent record label based in NYC, certainly knows a thing or two about nurturing talent from a grass roots level up. Ever since Matt Shadetek and DJ Rupture started it up in 2008, the label has released left-field grime, house and techno to bass music lovers across the globe. Already a respected name within the industry, Dutty Artz's latest signing is about to give them some extra kudos. A protégé of DJ Rupture, Sierra Leone-born Lamin Fofana is producer and DJ whose African-inspired techno is already adding another edge to ever-growing "EDM" scene. From the age of 15, he began programming rhythms and designing sounds using cracked software, something which has helped mould his sound into what it is today.

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Bucks Burnett's Very Cool Eight Track Museum Opens This Weekend

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Bucks & Zappa560.jpg
Bucks & Zappa

Tiny Tim's 1996 album Girl concludes with "Fourteen," a song that declares, "I'm just an ordinary man." The author of "Fourteen," though, is anything but average. A lifelong resident of Dallas, Texas, James "Bucks" Burnett has written ad copy for Warner Bros., worked as a butler for Small Faces bassist Ronnie Lane, archived for Talking Heads couple Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth and managed and produced for Tiny. His most unconventional achievement, however, is opening the world's first eight-track museum, a charming slice of weirdness that descended on Dallas's Deep Ellum neighborhood in late 2010.

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Iggy Pop Taught Mike Watt How To Be A Better Bassist


By Katherine Turman

Mike Watt is a jack of all trades, and master of most. Since founding hardcore punk legends Minutemen in 1980 and contributing the phrase "We Jam Econo" to the cultural lexicon, the bassist and "spieler" has added much to America's left-of-center musical landscape. From the two-bass band dos to late 80s-early 90s alt-rock heroes fIREHOSE to solo albums featuring the likes of Eddie Vedder, Adam Horovitz, Dave Grohl and Thurston Moore, Watt is seemingly never without a new-fangled idea and the guts, talent and cool friends to wondrously implement it.

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Menomena Get Dark On Moms

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Moms may very well be Menomena's darkest, most emotionally devastating album yet--an arresting song cycle about familial bonds that touches on mothers long since passed away, absentee fathers, dysfunctional kinship, and the way one's family ties weigh on every other relationship that comes along in life.

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Scott and Charlene's Wedding: Jangle Pop with a Middle Finger Fully Extended

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scott charlene.JPG

On the surface, it seemed Craig Dermody's life wasn't going all that bad in his home of Melbourne, Australia. He was playing around town in the psychedelically damaged rock unit Spider Vomit as well as in his wonderfully brainless Punk band, Divorced.

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The Life And Times Of Res

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Res had it pretty good, for a while.

A little more than a decade ago, when the music industry was still flush with cash and power, the Philadelphia-born singer-songwriter (whose given name is Shareese Ballard; her stage name is pronounced "Reese") had a sweet deal with MCA Records. She had a crash pad on a Los Angeles beach that was paid for by the label, which was jetting her around the globe to open for Mary J. Blige and hooking her up with some of the hottest producers in the land.

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Jens Lekman Carries His Broken Heart Gracefully

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Reached by phone backstage at Lincoln Hall in Chicago, in the draggy hours between soundcheck and show time, Jens Lekman is all apologies.

"I'm sorry it took so long," the 31-year-old Swede says of his new full-length album, I Know What Love Isn't, which arrived last month almost five years to the day since his previous LP, Night Falls Over Kortedala. "For some things, you have to go in a circle for a while to get there."

After a grueling year-long world tour behind Kortedala, Lekman decided to live life rather than just write songs about it or perform it, moving to the U.S., then Melbourne--where he DJ'ed and worked odd jobs--and finally back to Sweden again after visa issues sent him packing from Australia. Along the way he endured a brief bout with swine flu and a more lasting ailment--an acutely broken heart. For a long time he fought the impulse to make "yet another breakup album," he laughs. "Of course, it all just led me back to that in the end."

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Bon Iver Fave Poliça Give You The Ghost At Webster Hall Tomorrow Night

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When Poliça packed up their microphones, looping pedals, guitars, horns and drum kits and commenced with the touring efforts following Give You The Ghost's Valentine's Day release earlier this year, the Minneapolis electro-groove outfit was, arguably, getting to know their first record on the same speed as everybody else.

"Almost every song on Ghost is my first or second time singing it, ever," says Channy Leaneagh, Poliça's frontwoman and lead vocalist, calling from the road in Chapel Hill. "It wasn't a record that was well-rehearsed. We all liked that the songs serve as a very reactionary kind of documentation of what the record first felt like for us. When we were getting to know these songs, it felt kind of like it does when you first fall in love. Now, I sing melodies, I fill in on vocals, and I really feel like these songs are lovers--I like to keep it fresh and new with them and really explore them. The songs have changed for me since the record's release in that I've learned to sing them, kind of."

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