Watch Jon Stewart Rock Out Backstage to the Wu-Tang Clan on Last Night's Daily Show

Via Wu-Tang Clan's Instagram
Last night the Wu-Tang Clan formed like Voltron on the set of the Daily Show, sitting down with a surprisingly giddy Jon Stewart (we had know idea he was such a Wu Stan) and performing two songs, the new "Ron O'Neal" off their coming-in-November A Better Tomorrow and the first track on disc two of 1997's Wu-Tang Forever, "Triumph." It was a great time, and we're through-the-roof happy that the Wu (*cough* Raekwon *cough*) could put their differences aside and reunite. But the best part of the show was something you didn't see: a head-bobbing Jon Stewart rocking out backstage while the Wu performed their second ditty. Luckily for us (and the world) whoever runs Wu-Tang's stellar Instagram account was there to capture the moment. It and Wu-Tang's performance of "Ron O'Neal" after the jump.

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Fred Armisen Reveals Why He Quit Trenchmouth

Fred Armisen at Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg Monday
On Monday night, director Lance Bangs debuted his new Slint documentary Breadcrumb Trail at Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg. Fans of the band will find lots to like about the very in-depth look at the four weirdo Louisville, KY, youngsters who wrote two incredibly mind-blowing albums before deciding to hang it up for good as a band very early on. Those unfamiliar with the band might get lost in the myraid details, but will still get to hear Steve Albini, Ian MacKaye, James Murphy, Corey Rusk, and David Yow say some very insightful things about Slint and music in general, which is always a treat.

The New York premiere was part of Nitehawk's Music Driven series (sponsored by Absolut), and included Portlandia/SNL alum/Late Night with Seth Myers bandleader Fred Armisen joining Slint guitarist David Pajo and composer/guitarist/pianist/vocalist David Grubbs in a pre-show two song performance. After the screening, Armisen lead a Q&A with Bangs, Pajo and Grubbs. But it was a question Bangs asked Armisen that capped a pretty cool evening.

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'Milk It A Little Longer For Me': Watching The Flaming Lips' Attempt To Make The Record Books

Greg Campbell/Getty Images via Text100
When news broke that the Flaming Lips were going to play eight separate shows in 24 hours in an attempt to eclipse a Guinness World Record set by Jay-Z, the collective response was something along the lines of, "Well, of course they are."

The Lips have done so much bonkers shit up to this point in their long career—from releasing a live album on a USB drive encased in a bubblegum-flavored gummy fetus to the release of a 24-hour long song available for sale on a hard drive stuffed inside an actual human skull—that few things they do can really be seen as surprising.

But when I received a press release announcing the world record attempt and the fact that the whole thing was going to be livestreamed, I knew that this ridiculous and gimmicky thing deserved, nay begged for, a ridiculous, gimmicky response: I was going to watch the whole thing, livetweeting the whole way, and keeping notes on my thoughts and what was sure to be my mental collapse around hour 18.

What follows is culled from those notes and my tweets, and timestamped (in PT) for your entertainment and edification. You can surely find videos from the eight Lips shows and everything in between to, I guess, play along at home. I wouldn't recommend it, though. Even though it involved a band I generally admire, it was one hell of a slog.

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So, The Mid-'90s Lineup Of Hole (Including Courtney Love) Reunited At Public Assembly Last Night

Last night Public Assembly hosted the afterparty for the premiere of Hit So Hard, a documentary about former Hole drummer Patty Schemel; the marquee act for the evening, a group called the Trinity Jam, consisted of Schemel, bassist Melissa Auf Der Maur, and guitarist Eric Erlandson—the three people who backed up Courtney Love in Hole during most of the Live Through This aftermath. (Last night's event was one of a few recent ones paying homage to the band's history; a week ago Thursday, Erlandson and Auf der Maur promoted Erlandson's alt-rock memoir, Letters To Kurt, with a performance at the Union Square Barnes & Noble.) As it turned out, Courtney happened to be in New York CIty yesterday, and she popped up onstage for two songs: The beauty-queen-nightmare chronicle "Miss World" and "Over The Edge," a cover of the 1983 track by the Portland punk legends the Wipers. Video below.

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Kanye West Showed Up At The Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival

At this weekend's Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival, Q-Tip brought out a few guests (Black Thought, Busta Rhymes), and among them was Kanye West, who performed a couple of his own tracks, assisted Q-Tip on "Award Tour," and took a flying leap into the crowd. The camera weaving in and out of the lower-right corner of the above shot is proof that the event was pretty well-documented, but the above clip has a nice chunk of the cameo. (Good thing that those rumors of Q-Tip not performing at the fest didn't pan out, eh?)

Live: The 4Knots Party Continues With Dan Deacon And Yeasayer (And The Spice Girls, Too)

Willie Davis
4Knots Music Festival: Dan Deacon, Yeasayer (DJ sets)
Saturday, June 16
4Knots Indoor Lounge

Better than: Going home and passing out.

In my coverage of the 4Knots main stage, my "critical bias," as named at the bottom of these write-ups, has been fairly obvious—almost so obvious that it's been kind of difficult to state it in the clever, self-deprecating manner that the format requires. So, again, I'll foreground that bias and note that I'm getting paid to write this by the dudes who hosted the whole shindig. But I'll also add a biases into the equation. Like, for instance, the fact that by the time Yeasayer began spinning records I had consumed too many drinks, complimentary or otherwise, to remember much about their DJ set besides some sort of Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth mashup. And I missed entirely the work of BRAHMS, Punches and Finger on the Pulse. Plus I was kind of tired (the curse of arriving on time).

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Patti Smith Apparently Covered Adele's "Rolling In The Deep" Last Night

Hell of a segue there.
As if the crossover appeal of Adele's inescapable "Rolling In The Deep" hadn't been well-documented enough, last night's Patti Smith show at Castle Clinton reportedly had a cover of the thundering breakup anthem. I am not the sort of person who often goes "whoa" at things—being on the Internet for as long as I have, plus just being tired—but, well, this is sort of unexpected. According to one attendee, Smith "forgot the words but it was kind of adorable"; another reported that she called it the song of the summer, which, well, I'd argue that it was also the song of the winter and spring too, but yeah, it probably will take the "summer jam" title when all's said and done. (Sorry, everybody.) Kind of can't believe that nobody's posted video of this event yet, so consider this post as a call for someone to come through. [HT: @clr]

It's Monday, And Already Many Record Store Day Items Have Been Resold On eBay

Money, honey.
The "Hallmark holiday for music nerds" festivities of Record Store Day are a little less than 36 hours past, and as predicted, the speculators and collectors were out in full force on Saturday. And some of them are already seeing returns on their waiting-in-line investments! eBay's search engine turns up quite a few completed listings with "RSD" in their title, with surely more lurking under misspellings like "RDS" or dispensing with the branding altogether. The spendiest item so far? The limited-to-500-copies Ed Banger Bee Sides box set, a five-disc set of one-sided etched 7-inches that has a Justice demo and four other tracks that went for £497 (which comes out to about $810.36 on our side of the pond--and that's before shipping).

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So Lady Gaga Crashed the Plaza Hotel's Oak Room Last Night

Twitpic via @oakroomny
Lady Gaga superfans would be advised to just generally stake out the Oak Room on Wednesday nights during months that the fame monster is not on tour--after guesting during pal Brian Newman's residency there back in September, she reprised the cameo last night, surprising an unsuspecting audience with an ocean of fake tan and covers of both "Someone To Watch Over Me" and "Orange Colored Sky." Someone got it on YouTube, naturally:

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Neil Young Made A Surprise Cameo at the Bell House Last Night

In retrospect, this one was not unforeseeable, given that last night's lineup at the Bell House was headlined by Bert Jansch, a not infrequent Neil Young tour partner and buddy, and supported by the Pegi Young Band, which of course is fronted by Young's wife. Brooklyn Vegan even touted the rumor in advance. Still, pretty exciting that Young came out and did the whole set with his wife's band. Video below, though honestly, we're not even sure which one's Neil (the guy on the left, right? They all look the same!):

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