Godspeed You Black Emperor Tickets For Brooklyn Masonic Temple Are Back On Sale

The scene last night. Pic by Santiago Felipe
A brief public service announcement: Canadian post-rock juggernaut Godspeed You Black Emperor is here all week, with five sold-out shows that began Monday at Terminal 5, will end Thursday and Friday at the Church of St. John the Apostle, and in between are descending upon what might well be the best venue in New York; their show last night at Brooklyn Masonic Temple was a thing of very, very intense beauty, and tonight's encore will be more of the same. And while all these gigs have been sold out forever, a small clutch of tickets for tonight have just been put on sale. You ain't gonna get much more catharsis for $25. So enjoy yourself, and prepare yourself: Here they are at T5, trying to blow the house down.

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Todd P Is Plotting A New Venue Offering Both Mexican Food And "Avant-Experimental Music"

aces and eights.jpg
If Todd gets his way you may not miss the old place much
Totally did not expect to see ├╝ber-promoter Todd Patrick beaming from the virtual pages of both Grub Street, but there he is and the Voice's own Fork in the Road, eagerly discussing the new restaurant/club he's looking to open at Avenue A and Third Street in the East Village, at the spot most recently home to Aces & Eights, a beer-pong-hosting house of evidently ill repute. Working with Two Boots mastermind Phil Hartman, Todd P's vision is twofold: tamales and free jazz, roughly speaking.

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Fat Beats Is Opening A Pop-Up Store In Brooklyn Next Week

fat beats brooklyn.JPG
And here's what it'll look like
The September shuttering of deified NYC record store Fat Beats was a somber occasion for hip-hop fantatics nationwide, the definitive marking of the end of an underground-rap era, a sad sign of the times that surprised no one and depressed everyone. (The tiny West Village spot's going-away party was pretty great, though, if you managed to get in.) Fatbeats.com lives on, though, and now comes word that every so often they'll invite everyone to Brooklyn for a little party at their warehouse.

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A Huge Big Star Tribute, Starring Folks From R.E.M, Teenage Fanclub, And Yo La Tengo, Is Coming To Town Next Month

big star sister lovers.jpg
Big Star's Third/Sister Lovers is quite possibly the most beloved power-pop album of all time, and certainly the most poignantly morose, a heartbreaking state only exacerbated by frontman Alex Chilton's death last year. Now comes word of a full-album live tribute with a crazy all-star cast, all trying their damndest to turn "Holocaust" into a celebration.

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Here's Video Of Prince Kicking Kim Kardashian Offstage At Madison Square Garden

kim kardashian prince.jpg
Via Kim's Twitter, of course.
Well, this is just stupendous. Prince played his final Madison Square Garden show Monday night, with Cee Lo as an opener and a predictably great set list ("Purple Rain" was the sixth song), but as an overall highlight it's tough to beat pulling Kim Kardashian onstage and then kicking her back off when she won't dance. And if Questlove's word isn't good enough for you, here is remarkably high-quality video of Prince doing basically what America has been trying to do for years now. The man is a national treasure. Skip to 1:00 if you like:

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Watch Kathleen Hanna Sing "Smells Like Teen Spirit" And "Rebel Girl" At Joe's Pub Last Week

Kathleen Hanna is slowly creeping back into the limelight -- a few nights after taking the stage during her own star-studded tribute show at the Knitting Factory, the Riot Grrrl luminary/semi-recluse showed up at an Our Hit Parade fete at Joe's Pub for a long, rambling, thoroughly engrossing multimedia presentation that begins, of course, with "I'm gonna tell a story about the '90s." Discussed: Kurt Cobain, fake abortion clinics, hangovers, the ubiquity of "Smells Like Teen Spirit," and being forced to strip to Janet Jackson songs for the pleasure of a hardcore band (named Muttonchop) your own band had opened for earlier that day because your van needs $1,000 in repairs. And then, of course, she further contributes to the ubiquity of "Teen Spirit" by singing it herself, with a whiff of "Rebel Girl" in there too, of course. She oughta do Broadway. (OK: Off-Broadway.) (Off-Off-Broadway.) Probably a Beastie Boy somewhere in here, too:

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Diddy Is A Legend In Both Ibiza and the Franklin Avenue 4 Train Station

Categories: Awesome, Featured

Diddy: dirty money plus ice cream.
Rejoice New York, Diddy's long, long, long-awaited Last Train To Paris is finally out today, after three years in the making and some of the most pleasurable pre-album explicating known to man. The record, see, is about the woman of his dreams, except after a one-night stand, he fails to get her name. They eventually reunite, then tragically split again, the result of a misunderstanding. Finally: "One night in London, I get offstage at 9:45pm and I hear that she's in Paris. It's one of the foggiest nights, so I can't take my plane, I can't drive. The only way I can get to her is the last train to Paris..." BOOM! The record was reportedly inspired Felix da Housecat and all sorts of other delightful Eurohouse cheese (these influences are less audible then maybe you'd like them to be on the actual record) which, as Diddy tells Vulture's Amos Barshad in a late breaking contender for interview of the week/month/year, the rapper producer discovered at Ibiza's legendary club DC10:

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LCD Soundsystem Are Releasing A "John Peel Session-Style" iTunes-Only Record Next Week

LCD live terminal 5.jpg
The crew at Terminal 5. These guys are good. Pic by Puja Patel.
LCD Soundsystem live are a fearsome, complicated, pretty wonderful thing, as hopefully you've found out by yourself by now; they've got an iTunes-only thing coming out Tuesday that will, for those who haven't seen 'em in person yet, come closest to proving it. Recorded in a U.K. studio in one day a week or so after this year's Glastonbury Festival, The London Sessions "perfectly captures the intuitive live evolvement of lcd as a band," as they put it. "Here nothing is replicated with computers, everything instead is recreated in real time, tougher, looser and less clinically." Not that "Daft Punk Is Playing at My House" ever felt particular clinical, but still, great. Tracklist:

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DJ Pauly D, He Of Jersey Shore, Is Headlining Terminal 5 December 10

dj pauly d terminal 5.jpg
Hold on to your butts: The most popular DJ receiving regular airtime on MTV right now is coming to town, and there will be NO GRENADES ALLOWED.

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The Best Tweets of Wayne Coyne's First Two Days on Twitter

Wayne's caption for this photo: "The trees in Lisbon are old and wicked."
Lost in the shuffle of a certain mega-celebrity joining the increasingly indispensable social networking site that is Twitter was the fact that Wayne Coyne, weirdo crown prince of the Flaming Lips, had also finally caved. Coyne's penchant for saying crazy things is well known. (Recall his 2009 line on the darlings of the music world this week, the Arcade Fire: "They have good tunes, but they're pricks, so fuck 'em.") And, so far, his Twitter account has been as stellar as one could have hoped: a mix of bonkers aphorisms, pithy observations, and pictures of his wife in the nude. It's early going yet--he's currently following a scant 18 people, among them Kanye West, Lady Gaga, and Pitchfork--but we figured, why not collect a few of 'em? Someday history might thank us:

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