Bushwick's Party Xpo To Reopen as Renovated XPO 929

A long time ago in a Bushwick far, far away

Party Xpo, an uncommonly resilient DIY space nestled under the J/M/Z tracks, has magically withstood two years of logistical hassles. After opening in January 2010 with a typically cantankerous Japanther benefit show, local law enforcement took notice of the place, paid a few visits, and the space wisely went dry. Then the site's previous tenants--a party-supply store business whose still-lingering "Party Expo" signage inspired the spot's name--not only demanded the current occupants remove the marquee (above), but change the venue's name. The result was Party XPO.

Now, after enduring two tumultuous years of police raids, dry shows, and one especially memorable Wu-Tang video, the Bushwick storefront has evolved again--this time into a "beautiful and safe venue, bar, and practice studio" with actual bathrooms, a "smoking coffin" bar, and a (supposedly/hopefully) forthcoming liquor license. Plus, cats!

From an e-mail circulating sent by one of the space's longtime organizers, Jonny Aquadora:

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So What Exactly Is That On the Cover of Shark?'s True Waste?

Thumbnail image for 500-truewastecoverblacklarger.jpg
JM Houle
By all means, click to enlarge

Brooklyn's Shark? finally released their Kickstarter-aided first full-length True Waste three Tuesdays ago, and we can safely report that the 12-track production is a Barney Gumble burp of garage-punk bar-band excellence. Think Blood on the Wall haunted by late-period Morrison's demon. We still are, but maybe that's because of True Waste's "disgustingly awesome" (their words) wall-spatter cover art by photographer JM Houle, which, as you can see, resembles an ungodly expulsion. So what is that nastiness?

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This Saturday's Brooklyn Psychfest #2: The High Dials, "Psyched-Out" Jell-O Shots, and More

La Otracina.jpeg
courtesy Lady Bree
Dashiki rolecall: La Otracina at Brooklyn Psychfest #1

Bootstrapped Broadway venue Party Xpo tends to specialize in punk/noise/muffled-acoustic hijinks, but this Saturday, the still kicking-and-screaming show space amusingly floats off into yoga-studio territory with the second annual Brooklyn Psychfest. A 12-hour space-jam marathon organized by Lady Bree, who's best known for her booking accomplishments at Don Pedro's, the eight-band bill of tambourines, organs and at least one sitar is either the perfect hook for a trend piece about Brooklyn's burgeoning psych scene--it's there, brah, just pull the rental figures on Enter the Void--or maybe it's a sign that our local DIY spaces can be a little more genre-porous than one might expect.

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Help Make Art-School Dreams Come True at Throat-Razor's Saturday Benefit With AIDS Wolf, Holy Sheet, and More

Thumbnail image for throat-razorflyer.jpg
L.V. Wishnia
If this poster doesn't make you want to go, don't what will

Laura Perez-Harris is dreaming hard. A 2010 RISD grad, the Long Island native would like to create somewhere in New York where all artists could show their work--an unjuried space where any dreamer with vision could display their pieces, without barriers--and where art students and prospective art critics could pass through and give the displayed work sorts of free-form, unbiased feedback. And there'd be a movie theater and a performance venue and a studio space, and all of these would be "affordable and accessible." Lest this seem like a hash-pipe art-school figment, Perez-Harris would like to point out that there's a place just like this where she went to school in Providence, AS220, a venerable non-RISD-affiliated compound that's successfully done this very thing for nearly three decades, and there's no reason why Brooklyn shouldn't have one of its own.

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Deerhoof's Ridgewood Masonic Temple Show Next Month Has Moved

deerhoof RMT.jpg
Last week brought the discouraging news that Ridgewood Masonic Temple, the flourishing Bushwick DIY venue that hosted some bitchin' Todd P shows last year, was going dry effective immediately, owing to some liquor-license snafus; given that promoters are generally fond of selling alcohol, many of its upcoming events have been/will be relocated. Add perhaps the spot's biggest imminent show to that list.

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Ridgewood Masonic Temple Has Gone Dry

2010 was not a particularly pleasant year for venue/police relations -- see Market Hotel or Santos Party House -- and 2011 unfortunately got off on the wrong foot immediately. Ridgewood Masonic Temple, the pretty great Bushwick spot that hosted shows last year by Sleigh Bells, Das Racist, Lightning Bolt, and various others, is going dry, according to a bushwick.bk.com report on recent liquor-license snafus there that finally raised the ire of the cops. As a result, the Titus Andronicus/Real Estate show planned there for New Year's Eve by promoter extraordinaire Todd P was moved last-minute to a more, y'know, festive location. As Todd put it:

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Looming Disaster: Ali Koehler, Best Coast's New Drummer, Is Allergic To Cats

ali best coast.jpg
Here's, courtesy the Guardian, is a wildly amusing as-told-to chat with Best Coast's Bethany Cosentino, who remains somewhat of an obsession for us these days, in large part due to her obsessions: namely, her cats. Lots of choice lines here, from "I'd sooner talk about my cats than my music" to "I leave Snacks with Nathan Wavves sometimes when we go away on tour. Do I worry about Snacks getting tinnitus? No! He just watches Nathan play video games." But our favorite part is even more frivolous:

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Perhaps You'd Like to See a Bunch of Music Critics Read Record Reviews in Public?

Though we can attest from bitter experience that your average music critic is not necessarily a person from whom you want to receive a three-minute monologue about anything, we nevertheless feel compelled to recommend Vol. 1 Brooklyn's one-year anniversary party at Bar Matchless this Thursday, featuring The Greatest 3-Minute Record Reviews Ever. As read by a handful of SOTC friends and colleagues, including Girl Power author Marisa Meltzer, chart czar Maura Johnston, local wit Rob Tannenbaum, Slaughterhouse 90210's Maris Kreizman, and a bunch of other worthy writers. (Stereogum's Brandon Stosuy, though billed, will not be attending, due to the recent appearance of this guy right here.) Hopefully things will get really emo and uncomfortable and weird--in fact, we guarantee it! Thursday, July 22, 7pm, Bar Matchless. First person to talk about their awkward teenage years wins.

Phosphorescent Are the Luckiest Band in All Of Brooklyn: Stolen Van, Equipment Recovered By Police

Thumbnail image for phosophorpolar.jpg
After having their van and the $40,000 worth of equipment it contained stolen in Greenpoint last Thursday night, and subsequently writing a Double Rainbow-inspired series of verses by way of thanking those who moved to help them in their time of need, Phosphorescent report today that the cops bailed them out. In poetry form, of course:

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Phosphorescent Haven't Found Their Stolen Equipment Yet, But Are Very Grateful/Spiritually Reawakened Anyway

Phosphorescent cakeshop.jpg
Yes, fuzz-country sweethearts Phosphorescent lost $40,000 in gear when their van was stolen in Greenpoint last week, but in the end this tragedy has paradoxically only strengthened their faith in humanity re: the public outpouring of support that followed, leading ringleader Matthew Houck to pen a poem-like thank-you note that quotes, of course, the Double Rainbow guy:

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