Patti Smith and Metric Paid Tribute To Alexander McQueen at Last Night's LNA Afterparty at MILK Studios

Metric photo by Anne Koller. We'd have put the Patti Smith shot here, but it's sort of terrifying.
"When people like Alexander McQueen leave us so young we have to remember to live," Patti Smith said in between songs at last night's LNA afterparty at Chelsea's MILK Studios. "Don't forget, you're alive."

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OK, So, Hima From Das Racist Did A Fashion Shoot For Time Out New York

heems paul's boutique.jpg
The fashionista in question, far right, wearing the Antagonizing Brooklyn Vegan collection
Pic by Mackenzie Schmidt
Not making this up. Heems now ranks among the "most stylish New Yorkers." His style: "Taliban street chic." Likes: Lizzie Owens, the Duke of Windsor, "My mom's closet." Dislikes: "Those kaffiyehs everyone wears. Dead that y'all." Apocalypse: Right on schedule.

Kanye West Is In Paris Right Now, Pretending to be 10,000 Minks

Photo of the worst thing to happen to tiny animals since mousetraps via Nah Right
Look, we get it Kanye, they didn't let you participate in that telethon for Haiti, even though you really wanted to. A producer claimed that you would "make everything about" yourself. "He will do anything to steal the spotlight," said the anonymously-sourced dude who probably spends his days carrying George Clooney's weed. But was the appropriate response to go to a chinchilla farm and just start carving 'em up until you and your girlfriend were warm enough to get on a plane and fly to fashion week in Paris? Maybe if you also wore a sweater on top of the white T-shirt you would need to decimate like 50% or 60% less of the world's supply of animals that have hair. Ditto for Amber Rose's lack of pants. I think the third of the coat covering that area would rather be alive. But who knows? They can't talk now, can they? [Nah Right]

CMJ on the Street: Free Williamsburg Senior Editor Nicole Wasilewicz

photo by Sam Horine

Nicole Wasilewicz, senior music editor,
Most looking forward to: Underwater Peoples Showcase at Monkey Town
Fashion aesthetic: I only wear dresses.
Years at CMJ: Four.
Best experience: Getting to hear quotes like, "New York is a city that loves you when you're here, but doesn't miss you when you're gone."

CMJ on the Street: Sam of Florida's The Deaf Children

photo by Sam Horine

Sam, plays in Florida's The Deaf Children
Best show: Surfer Blood at Piano's
Fashion aesthetic: Florida Goodwill, plus comfy long johns.
Years at CMJ: First.
Best thing so far: Watching friends like Surfer Blood play shows in NYC.

CMJ on the Street: NYU Grad Student Holly

photo by Sam Horine

Holly, NYU graduate student
Best show so far: Silver Starling at Cake Shop.
Fashion aesthetic: Funky grandmother
Best CMJ experience: I got some free cupcakes!

CMJ on the Street: FIT Student Maayan

photo by Sam Horine

Maayan, FIT student
Best show: Real Estate (playing everyday, somewhere)
Fashion Aesthetic: Vintage, thrift, color, anything not new.
Years at CMJ: Three
Best memory: Dan Deacon, No Age and Deerhunter at the Bowery Ballroom in 2007.

CMJ on the Street: Holly Miranda's Guitarist Timmy Mislock

photo by Sam Horine

Timmy Mislock, Guitarist for Holly Miranda
Most looking forward to: The xx and The Antlers at The Delancey.
Fashion Aesthetic: Band T-shirts and flannel.
Years at CMJ: Three.
Best memory: Seeing A Place to Bury Strangers at Bowery Ballroom.

CMJ on the Street: Kiwi Frontwoman Labretta Suede

photo by Sam Horine

Labretta Suede, front woman of Labretta Suede and the Motel 6
Occupation: Rock & Roll
Most Looking Forward to: Heavy Trash at Santos Party House.
Fashion Aesthetic: '50s trash and New Zealand thrift.
Years at CMJ: First.
Best experience, so far: The Labretta Suede and the Motel 6 record release party at Bowery Electric.

CMJ on the Street: Carmen, Singer of Bodega Girls

photo by Sam Horine

Carmen, Singer of Boston-based band Bodega Girls
Most Looking Forward to: The late-night parties, boozing, and cruising!
Fashion Aesthetic: Vintage shop-and-chop. '70s prom dresses.
Years at CMJ: First. Looking to pop that cherry and make some memories.