Download "Shirley," From Matthew Friedberger's New Solos Project, Which Matthew Is Willing To Discuss In Great Detail

Whatever you think of the music Matthew Friedberger makes, both solo and as one-half of sibling-prog act the Fiery Furnaces, you have to admit that he's really, really good at talking about making it -- he is erudite and sarcastic and yet completely sincere in a genuinely fascinating way. We at the Voice know this firsthand, having once joined him on a private walking tour of Queens and subsequently allegedly misread his sarcasm at a bowling alley. His interviews are must-reads, is what I'm saying. And so this new thing he's got going, the 2011 project Solos, "a series of six solo releases in which Friedberger plays only one class of instrument on each record," is worth noting: the first public offering, "Shirley," which you can download here, is pretty good, but this interview with the excellently named At Length is even better. Matt requires very little prompting, you see. In fact, here are the first 12 Qs in this q&a:

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The Ballad Of Kim Kardashian And The-Dream Continues, Courtside At A Knicks Game

kardashian dream knicks.jpg
Here we have (courtesy Funkmaster Flex) SOTC deity The-Dream taking in last night's Knicks-Rockets game (guess who won) with Kim Kardashian, continuing their alleged unholy union, about which we have already begun writing a speculative musical. Here, then, are more excerpts from that work in progress:

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The "Album Tacos" Blog Will Satisfy Your Cravings For Mexican Food, Amusing Photoshops

grace jones taco.jpg
This week's innovation in random-ass Internet memes comes courtesy of the hot new self-explanatory blog Album Tacos, which alters iconic album covers so as to render them... crunchier and tastier. This one, while disregarding the menu a bit, is particularly inspired; this one feels just wrong somehow. You can laugh at such frivolity, but somebody out there made a mint on Hipster Puppies.

World Cup Whimsy: Here Is A Video Of Portugal Scoring Seven Goals On North Korea, Set To Cake's "I Bombed Korea," Which I Frankly Find Just Delightful

Courtesy Deadspin's ongoing Culturally Insensitive World Cup Goal Roundup series comes footage of the touchdown Portugal laid on North Korea Monday, set to (the vastly underrated) Cake's (surprisingly poignant, though not particularly in this context) "I Bombed Korea." Stick around for a good TLC joke, if that's your thing. Yes it is going to be that kind of day.

The "Animated Albums" Tumblr Is Pretty Rad

Here you go. Album covers rendered as animated GIFs. London Calling is my favorite thus far, but look out for the Beatles. And Gary Numan. (Via Rich Juzwiak, who, if he decides to start contributing, look out.)

This Video Of A Drunk Guy At Coachella Struggling Mightily To Put On His Flip-Flops Is The Perfect Epitaph For Our Generation

Plus it's way more entertaining than Sly Stone's set, evidently. Love that he pauses halfway through to chat up some ladies. This man is a true American, which, incidentally, is why the terrorists hate us.

Forget The Flaming Lips: Here Is Some Dude's 8-Bit Recreation Of Dark Side of the Moon

Pretty self-explanatory; download the whole thing here. "This kinda stuff is right up your alley," says Zach, and I'm going to go ahead and not be offended by that. If someone could go ahead and sync this up to Mega Man 2 I'll go ahead and take the rest of the day off.

Ben Folds Is Not the Chatroulette Piano Improv Guy, But He Gave It A Shot (Onstage) Anyway

Here is Mr. Folds, onstage in Charlotte, doing the improvised-piano-on-Chatroulette thing that's become all the rage lately. "Could it be... your... dick." Not to be a mom here or anything but I find all this stuff wildly entertaining.

OK, This "Beamer, Benz, Or Bentley" Parody "Subway, Bus, Or Walking" Is Pretty Well Done

Zach is bound for Mexico (godspeed!), so it falls to me to address this: Nice job, Brandon Carter. I will probably download your mixtape, and maybe even listen to it. Way to call out those very possibly fraudulent candy-sellers, especially. The slide-my-MetroCard thing is a bit tasteless, but ah, that's the game. [Thanks to Vulture.]

The Amusing Mid-Performance Faces Of Joanna Newsom: A Gallery

joanna newsom face.jpg
Courtesy Eric Harvey's fine Internet emporium Marathonpacks comes a remarkable clutch of screenshots from Ms. Newsom's recent appearance on Jimmy Fallon. To the left is my personal favorite: Call it "The De Niro." Mike Powell plums the "J-New" mystique here; she plays Town Hall nexts week. Tickets are not available.