No Age's Dean Spunt on How His Band's Rainbow Logo Became a New Punk-Rock Icon

"The idea was to have a visual identity before the band even started, before the music started. It kind of worked because people would be like, 'Dude, what is this? What is No Age?'"

Radiohead's Colin Greenwood wearing the No Age "Classic" in January 2008

Dean Spunt's first band was a punk-rock outfit called the Gromits. He was 13 and he sang. His mom had just become a partner in a family silkscreening business, so for fun, he made Gromits' T-shirts with a photocopier and sold them at school. After years of messing around with that machine, piecing together fake show flyers and reprinting punk cassette covers, the drummer became something of a designer, despite having no formal education. ("Using PhotoShop is really kind of difficult for me, but with the photocopy machine, I'm like an Olympic swimmer.") So when he and guitarist Randy Randall formed No Age, Spunt's first order of business was to create a strong visual identity. What he came up with was vertical text, built with a font he can't remember exactly (though it's probably one of the Gothics), in a rainbow blend. That logo has since become something of a DIY meme, popping up everywhere from Colin Greenwood's torso to The New York Times Book Review.

In honor of No Age's excellent new Everything in Between released today, we spoke with Spunt about the band's visual identity and that now-iconic rainbow logo. "I never get to talk about this," he said, genuinely seeming pretty stoked. "No one really knows."

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Screaming Females' Marissa Paternoster Explains the Genesis of Her Onstage Uniform. (It Began in Junior High.)

Via "her secret files," via Impose
Budding New Jersey rock goddess

One of the distinguishing characteristics of Screaming Females' front-belter Marissa Pasternoster is her array of boxy, vividly colored housecoats. She wears them onstage habitually, if not religiously. Even when it was 94-degrees at Coney Island, Pasternoster swam in that trademark outfit, a cherry-red military-style number with black nylons to boot. The style is such a fixture of her onstage persona that SOTC correspondent Michael Tedder once asked if the Sgt. Pepper-like one had symbolic qualities. It did not. But according to a painfully honest essay Pasternoster wrote for our friends over at Impose, uniforms in general do represent a personal rebirth.

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Evidence That Viral-to-Street Promotion Works: Vampire Weekend Contra Edition

photo by Nate "Igor" Smith

Meet Chris. He's on the right. Chris writes graf. Chris went to Hoodstock. And Chris was photographed on Wednesday, repping Vampire Weekend at the Knitting Factory Knifefight: No Rules screening party. So when we saw him the next night at the Ninjasonik art show, wearing the same exact T-shirt, we had to ask: Do you actually like Vampire Weekend? "One or two songs," he explained. "But I like the picture. I first saw it on a sticker on the street"--probably just like this--"and when I saw it, I said, 'If they ever come out with a T-shirt of it, I'm going to get it.'" Damn you, Contra cover girl, you really are an effective web-to-street-marketing tool.

Here Is a Photo of Lady Gaga at the MOMA Looking Like an Ankylosaurus Zorro

Joe Holmes

Yeah, so this happened. Yesterday, Lady Gaga materialized at the MOMA, the internet speculated that she and Marina Abramović would have a crazy-face-staring showdown, but alas, no such thing transpired. Pretty sure that Gaga realized a sitting with Abramović would expose her as a mere mortal and opted out. Instead we just have this expressionless photo of Gaga with curator Klaus Biesenbach (maybe showing her what a real artist looked like) and Terence Koh. More importantly, SOTC needs two of these masks for hangover days, can you hook us up, Gaga?

Genesis P-Orridge Is Having a Tag Sale in Ridgewood This Weekend and You're Invited


If you had to guess what was in Throbbing Gristle mastermind Genesis P-Orridge's closet, you probably wouldn't have dreamed up a sleeveless Gary Gilmore Memorial Society half-shirt--too perfect to be real. But Genesis has one, and she's looking to get rid of it, along with a roomful of other amazing bric-a-bric this weekend at a tag sale/art installation in Ridgewood's Famous Accountants gallery. "Basically, it's a garage sale," Famous Accountants co-owner Kevin Regan told Brooklyn Based. "She's our neighbor and has been around a bit. She asked and we thought it would be a really cool idea-a garage sale as an art project." Really cool idea = understatement of the month.

Famous Accountants lists the price range from $5-$1000--meaning most of the stuff is priced in the context of art, though you may be able to score something random for cheap. Here's a preview of what'll be on sale:

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Yes, There Is a New "Hole" Record and If You're Willing to Splurge, It Comes With Make-Up!

A Parental-Advisory sticker and everything

Perhaps the strangest thing about the new Hole record is how few of you seem to realize there is a new Hole record. There is, it's named Nobody's Daughter, and two far-better-than-you-think singles from the 11-track album are streaming over at the band's MySpace page. Pre-orders for the April 27th release became available yesterday, and if there's any doubt that everybody involved desperately needs the past to sell the present, the band's logo has returned to its Live Through This-era font, three of the pre-sale packages offer a Nobody's Daughter sash, and if you're still somehow wearing stonewashed jean jackets with iron-on decals, the $149.99 package offers a super-cool Hole patch. An alternate luxury fan pack, likely targeted at women, trannies, and drag queens, offers three variations of Love-endorsed make-up with a Happy-Meal-like disclaimer: "If you purchase Package 3 with Makeup you will receive either 1 piece of Illasmasqua makeup, a pencil, lipstick, or liquid metal eye shadow." Personalized instructions on how to use it are here; we will not resort to any other punchlines, so stop looking for one. Update: More tickets for Hole's two Terminal 5 shows released today over here.

T.I.'s Blowjob Billboard Goes Down

Thumbnail image for akoobillboard.jpg
Photo via Star-Ledger
Yeah, sorry about that headline. Anyway! That billboard from the rapper T.I.'s Akoo clothing line? The one that scandalized all those people in downtown Newark, including Super Mayor Cory Booker? It's coming down, after CBS folded in the face of allegations of everything from being creepy about black sexuality to inducing children to swear. Big victory for people who hate denim and fellatio. [Gothamist]

T.I. Brings Fellatio, Scandal to Downtown Newark

Photo via Star-Ledger
We're gonna go out on a limb and say that it's the dude's hand that does it, the right one, in this billboard recently thrown up by T.I.'s Akoo clothing line--something about lovingly clutching a girl's head to your unbuckled crotch just screams fellatio, or does so to concerned New Jersey residents of downtown Newark, anyway, who want the ad to come down. And they are voicing their opinions in prudish editorials! "Is the young, seductive woman about to have oral sex with the young man 30 feet above a major intersection of the state's largest city? Or have they just finished?" asks the Star/Ledger's Barry Carter. "This billboard was meant to sell AKOO jeans, a clothing line by popular rapper T.I. . . . but who can think of jeans when so much is going on?" Ellipses his.

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Let Us Gaze in Horrified Awe at the Dinner Jacket Jay-Z Was Wearing During All-Star Weekend in Dallas

Photo of Drake hanging out with the drapes at the W Hotel via Necole Bitchie
It's as if a cheetah were attempting to hide in the middle of an elderly woman's Central Park West apartment. Or maybe some wallpaper at the W Hotel, where Jay and LeBron James hosted their annual Saturday night Two Kings dinner, just up and attacked the rapper as he was getting dressed? (Also, he hates the new "We Are the World." Get in line, Jay!) [Rap Radar/Necole Bitchie]

What It Costs to Have Rihanna Sit in the Front Row at Your Fashion Show

$100,000--or more. Ditto for Beyonce. If you are not one these lady singers or the Olsen twins, you are in the wrong line of work. [Fashionista]