The Guy Who Made the Brilliant 'Hypnotize'-Dinosaurs Video Wants to Go Full-Time

Update, March 26
ACTUALLY, NEVERMIND. Roberts canceled this campaign this morning. When asked about it, he writes to the Voice: "Decided that it wasn't the right move, and that I would be better off continuing to create work in my spare time." He's going to stay at his day job, after all. The original story is below.

Benjamin Roberts wants to keep hypnotizing people.

The 33-year-old Toronto man created a moderate internet hit recently with his YouTube video that cleverly combines Notorious B.I.G.'s "Hypnotize" and Dinosaurs, the Nineties ABC comedy. Now he wants to quit his "pretty awesome day job" and make similar videos full-time.

"I'm putting together a Kickstarter campaign to basically fund a salary for myself so I can do this full-time for a year," Roberts tells the Voice. "I'm trying to raise the average Canadian salary, which I'm going to use to make one mash-up per month for the next year."

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Why Everyone's Streaming Music and Everybody's Happy

A vintage Columbia House ad from some hellish year in the past

Remember the first time you listened to music using a computer? This is a moot question for people under the age of 20.

I was at a friend's house sometime in the mid '90s. He loaded a program called Winamp on his computer, and played one of a dozen or so MP3 files he had. It was the 1985 Falco synthpop masterwork "Rock Me Amadeus." Did I chastise him for daring to listen to compressed audio through computer speakers? Was I pissed that he didn't have to special-order a CD single and drive miles to drop $14 on it? I was absolutely not whispering, "This is the end" under my breath.

It was one of the most incredible days of my life.

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Arcade Fire Are Having a Hard Time Selling Tickets to Their Barclays Center Shows

Courtesy: Groupon
It's hard to sell out the Barclays Center. Selling it out three nights in a row? That's literally three times as hard. Only the most elite, top-tiered one-percenter acts with giant followings can pull off such a feat. Arcade Fire, you'd think, would be included in that group. But the band is having some trouble selling out their third night at Barclays, which turns out to be good news for fans of the band. Because you can now buy tickets to see Arcade Fire at Barclays for as much as 52% off the original price via Groupon.

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If Your "& Band" Shirt Was Honest

The Definitive Guns n Roses Shirt
There's no band shirt more iconic, ubiquitous, and basic than the Helvetica Beatles names. John, Paul, George, and Ringo, spelled out in subway chicness, a few ampersands dividing up the royalty. It's telling the world that you don't have any defining taste beyond liking The Beatles, but you still want to be treated like someone who Takes Art Seriously.

It's also perhaps the most parodied t-shirt design in the history of pop music, so if you're a particularly miserable person, you can buy a Smiths version or a Pavement version from bootleg websites across the world. Naturally that spurned my content-creative instinct and I decided to venture into the CafePress design tab and make the worst possible Helvetica Beatles interpretations I could imagine. The results were dumb.

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Lou Reed's Old Stuff Is For Sale on eBay

Via eBay
It was Brian Eno who made the oft-repeated remark that, while the Velvet Underground's first album didn't sell that well in its early years, "everyone who bought a copy would go on to open an eBay account." Or something. (That may not be exactly right.) But, anyway, good news for OGVU devotees, and for all fans of synths and old timey electronics with lots of buttons: A bunch of Lou Reed's old msuical gear -- a Kurzweil PC2X 88-note Performance Controller Keyboard with weighted keys, a PreSonus DigiMax FS 8-channel preamp with ADAT I/O, a Line 6 Pod XT Pro Multi-Effects Guitar Effect Pedal (any of this ringing a bell?)-- is on auction at eBay "for the next few weeks."

Here are the details of the auction via Lou Reed's Facebook, bolding ours:

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Last Night a DJ Lost His Life, or DJ Khaled Was Murdered on Twitter

Screengrab of First Take
Last Tuesday, a 300 + pound walking, talking sack of excrement with a beard named DJ Khaled attempted to out windbag Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless on that duo's completely terrible but undeniably watchable show First Take. Not that surprisingly, he succeeded. Because Khaled is a Next Level Bullshitter who makes his living creating the soundtrack for the type of people who think bottle service is a great idea. Even next to Stephen A. and Skip B--who can sling nonsense with the best of 'em--he managed to spin a magical soliloquy of strung-together platitudes, unearned confidence, and epic braggadocio, proclaiming that the Miami Heat, his team, would easily take the next three games in the then-tied one-one series, choking the life out of the San Antonio Spurs, who he claims cheated to win the first game of the Finals. Well, we all know the opposite happened, the San Antonio Spurs won three games straight, absolutely drubbing the Heat in what was the biggest lopsided NBA Finals ever. Naturally, all week, Twitter has been outraged at Khaled. Last night, they murdered him.

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Livestream Hot 97 Summer Jam in Full Here

Both images via Wiki Commons
Hot 97 Sumer Jam is without a doubt one of the most exciting Summer concerts each year, and 2014's bill is certainly stacked enough to uphold that reputation. Nas. 50. Nicki. The Roots. Wiz. And many, many more (complete lineup on next page). The whole things kicks off on the festival stage starting at 2:30 p.m., and you can stream all the action below.


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Waylon Jennings' 1973 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible Is Being Sold on Craigslist

via Craigslist
In 2001 someone bought Waylon Jennings' white, swank af 1973 Cadillac Eldorado convertible for $6,900 from a seller in Pennsylvania. Now, 13 years later, this gem is being sold on Springfield, Missouri's Craigslist. The seller is asking considerably more for it. Four times as much, in fact: $28,000. At that price, is it worth it? Are people interested? Is it really Waylon's old Caddy? We called the seller to ask this and many other questions that didn't need asking. Because just take a look at the thing...

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Willie Nelson's Old Tour Bus Is Being Sold on Craigslist

The beaut above is a 1983 Eagle that gets an eco-friendly seven miles per gallon when the generator is running. It's got crushed velvet curtains, and -- just a guess here -- a few dozen places to hide your weed. Because, oh yeah, it's Willie Nelson's old tour bus, and it's hard to look at without daydreaming about living a life on the open road in all the glorious comfort she no-doubt offers. If you want it, you should act now, because the guy behind the ad says his phone hasn't stopped ringing since he listed it on Sunday night. "It's been non-stop," he says. "I've gotten calls from as far as Washington state and New York," he told us when we called him ourselves. His name is Alan. He was very polite (naturally -- Texas). Here's the story he gave us about this treasure.

[UPDATE: The bid for the bus is up to $36,000, and the seller will field offers until 12 a.m. Central, 5/3/2014. "We are planning to sell this bus this weekend."]

[UPDATE II: The bus ultimately sold for a whopping $86,000.

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Important Life Advice from Tyler, the Creator


Many celebrities take to the streets of Twitter on a daily basis to bless the world with their unfiltered opinions, ideas, and Instagram photos. But none handle the task of advising the masses quite as eloquently and effectively as Odd Future's Tyler, the Creator. Check out the life lessons he has rolled out to his 1.8 million Twitter followers over the past month.

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