Bloodhound Gang vs. Russia: No Contest, Comrade Putin

Bloodhoung Gang
It's not quite the Cold War, but the current relationship between the U.S. and Russia is especially frosty these days. From Syria to Snowden, we can't seem to see eye to eye across the globe, or even the Bering Strait, as Vladimir Putin's return to the presidency seems like regression to authoritarian rule. No one is threatening to bury anyone, but a lot of Russian vodka is being boycotted on our shores.

Now comes word that Russian leaders have imposed a lifetime ban on the Bloodhound Gang.

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Watch Behind The Scenes of Charles Bradley's "Victim of Love"

13 hughes_560.jpg

Charles Bradley (aka that man with the unbelievable voice that gives you goosebumps on top of your goosebumps on top of your goosebumps) just released a behind-the-scenes video of "Victim of Love," the title track from his most recent album. In the video, he talks of his love of James Brown and the struggles he went through as a child. Dude also just released the next single from Victim, entitled "Put the Flame On It." Check both below.

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Premiere: Kilo Kish's Downtown Music Festival Playlist Featuring Earl Sweatshirt, Sky Ferreira, and More

Ashley Sebok
Downtown Music Festival hits lower Manhattan this weekend, and former Village Voice cover star Kilo Kish, who's also playing the festival, has prepped a playlist to get you in the mood.

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Video Premiere: Phony Ppl's Elbee Thrie - "Nice To Meet Me"

Elbee Thrie--the 20-year-old songwriter/producer/leader/everything-er behind the sprawling Bed-Stuy hip-hop collective Phony Ppl--just dropped the video for "Nice To Meet Me," and we've got the premiere after the jump.

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Exclusive Premiere: Stream and Download SZA's New EP S


Dreamy singer Solana Rowe, aka SZA--profiled in these very pages in this week's issue by yours truly--just dropped her latest EP, S, and we've got the exclusive stream and download below.

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Hear James Blake's New Album Overgrown Before All Your Friends at Listening Parties Throughout the Week

Fans of minimal emotional music, take heed! James Blake's new album Overgrown is out next week. But before it does, you can cozy up to it at one of several early listening parties around town this week, the details of which are as follows...

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Q&A: Dan Deacon Talks Politics, Patriotism, And Occupy Wall Street

Frank Hamilton
Dan Deacon will play a free concert as part of tomorrow's May Day demonstrations.
Dan Deacon is one of several big name musicians playing a free concert in Union Square tomorrow at 4 p.m. We spoke to him recently about why Occupy Wall Street resonates with him and why he considers himself a political artist.

Village Voice: You're playing a free show in Union Square for May Day, along with Das Racist, Tom Morello, Immortal Technique, and Bobby Sanabria. How did you get involved?

Dan Deacon: Someone sent me an email.

Cool. Great interview! Thanks!

No, the main reason I wanted to be a part of it is because during the peak of the Occupy movement last year I was recording the entire time. I was in Baltimore, so I never made it up to New York, I never made it down to Occupy Baltimore, and I felt like a huge shit-head about it the whole time. I was very excited for winter to end, to get more involved because I knew I'd have a lot of time and I'd be able to be less of an armchair activist and more actually in the mix. So when I got the offer it was something I had to do.

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Occupy Wall Street Dreams Of A Giant Jam Session May 1

occupy guitarmy
"Band seeking 1000 guitar players. Other instruments also welcome. Influences include Woody Guthrie, Tom Morello, Willie Nile, and Sergio Ortega."

Occupy Wall Street is raising a "Guitarmy."

For months, activists have been preparing for May Day, laying plans for teach-ins, bank blockades, marches and civil disobedience. But they're also looking to stage an enormous jam session.

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DJ Spooky, Occupy Wall Street, and the Frictions of Radical Chic

DJ Spooky spinning at Work in Progress last night.
It was an unlikely marriage from the start.

When DJ Spooky invited the Occupy Wall Street Library to hold a book-party / dance-party at the chichi Vandam club Work in Progress, it was an open question how the revolutionary politics of the occupation and the glitz of the downtown nightclub scene would mesh.

The answer is: Not at all. The collaboration ended early with harsh words between the librarians and the club's management, as the occupiers packed up their books and left just as DJ Spooky was beginning his set for the club's well-dressed patrons.

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Chopped Dollars And Screwed Emails: Songs Of The 419 Scams

If you have an email address, you've probably received at least one poorly written message that promises you a cut of some large sum of money if you'll just be so kind as to help out with a quick loan that will pay some of that windfall's processing fees. These attempts at fraud—known as "419 Scams"—have been in existence for centuries; the modern version arose in Nigeria in the 1980s, and was given new life when bulk emailing made it easy to send millions of solicitations to suckers worldwide.

419 scams' financial success in Nigeria is perhaps impossible to estimate. A 2006 report estimated that up to £150 million a year was stolen from UK residents via this sort of robbery, though the report did not specifically break down how much money went to Nigeria. A 2000 U.S. court case found evidence that at least several government officials were involved in a scam that defrauded one U.S. national of $5.2 million, though the same case found that the U.S. national was unable to sue the Nigerian government since he knowingly entered into a criminal enterprise. But they have come to loom large over Nigeria's pop culture. The resulting films and songs let outsiders know that what might seem like a joke to Westerners (like those people who correspond with 419 scammers as a way of whiling away an afternoon) can fuel revenge fantasies, enable lifestyles, or serve as a source of national embarrassment elsewhere. Three tracks are below.

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