"A New Life" and a New Sound for Jim James

Neil Krug
When Jim James was booked for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon the day before the drop of his solo debut, he figured he'd be playing with The Roots--he just had no idea he'd be belting out his latest single with a 22-piece orchestra behind him.

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How The Internet Is Going To Kill "Call Me Maybe"

It's nearly impossible to definitively pinpoint the moment when a phenomenon hits its saturation point. Thanks in no small part to the internet's insistence on not only "more," but also "now," we as consumers live in an era where there are more opportunities to kill the things we love even faster, and with only the click of a mouse. But it was possible to target something of a tipping point with "Call Me Maybe," Canadian singer Carly Rae Jepsen's inescapable hit that is most definitively the proud owner of the coveted title of Song of the Summer, 2012. Said tipping point came last week, in the form of click-baiting little headlines suggesting that the Crooner-In-Chief had finally succumbed to the will of the American people and taken on their favorite summer jam.

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Watch Odd Future's Tyler the Creator and Hodgy Beats Terrify Brandon T. Jackson, Felicia Day, and Basically All of America on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Still of two minds about the whole, "Screw that mask I want that girl to know it's me"-as-mass-entertainment thing about Odd Future, but then again we're conflicted about a lot of art we love, and who could fail to be moved by the spectacle of Tyler the Creator inspiring what looks to be genuine, if momentary, fear in not just last night's innocent guests Brandon T. Jackson and Felicia Day but also Fallon himself, who had to know what he was in for? Still, he looks far from comfortable during most of this, especially when Tyler is screaming in his face (video via Pitchfork):

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Top Five Odd Future Songs They Couldn't Possibly Perform On Jimmy Fallon

Tame by comparison, believe it or not.

Odd Future, a/k/a OFWGKTA, a/k/a Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, are a teenage L.A. rap collective who've been raising a ruckus for a few months now. Tonight they hit Santos Party House for their second-ever NYC performance, but tomorrow's the big one: They'll be making their nationally televised debut on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

Those unfamiliar with this crew -- the vast majority of Fallon's audience, for example -- are in for quite a surprise. To call Odd Future's lyrics offensive is to engage in wild understatement. On leader Tyler, the Creator's already acclaimed new track, "Yonkers," he raps that "This ain't no V-Tech shit or Columbine/But after bowling, I went home for some damn adventure time," and that's just one of the lines we feel comfortable quoting. Despite the track's other moral indiscretions (he threatens to stab Bruno Mars in the neck), it's pretty much guaranteed that he'll play it on Fallon -- it's one of only two OFWGKTA songs available on iTunes, after all. So here are five Odd Future songs you will most likely not hear blasting from your television tomorrow night, and thank god.

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Odd Future Really Are Performing On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

As of this moment, Odd Future frontman Tyler the Creator's last Twitter update reads: "88; To My Aryan Brothers." (The one before that goes: "Fucking Whore.") Seven hours ago Tyler's OFWGKTA cohort Hodgy Beats wrote: "i get high at 2:26am. swag." And yet somehow on February 16th, 2011, these two guys will be on national television, performing on Jimmy Fallon's show--the group's publicist confirms-- with rap paragons the Roots. Performing what, who knows, since there doesn't seem to be a single Odd Future song that this group could do in front of Questlove, let alone all of America. Ready for a moral quandary?:

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We Entered Pavement's "Play Guitar With The Band On Jimmy Fallon" Video Contest. Here Is Our Video.

pavement stelios.jpg
Shitty dancing, friendship, awkwardness, staring, confusion: Like a middle-school dance, these are the consistent themes of Pavement's music videos. I know this because I watched them all, and then -- four plastic dinosaurs, two yellow ponchos, and one soggy bowl of cereal later -- I made one myself. Last week, reunited indie-rock legends Pavement, who have inadvertently amassed a rabid cult following in their 11-year absence, announced a contest alongside Jimmy Fallon: Submit a video of yourself playing guitar, win a chance to perform alongside Stephen Malkmus and friends on national television. I decided it would be a good idea to win.

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Pavement Just Invited You To Play Guitar With Them On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

You remember Pavement, right? That band whose Central Park reunion shows you bought tickets for a solid year ago? Who then pranced around the country for most of 2010 while you patiently waited and ruefully read fawning concert recaps from other cities and very possibly lost said tickets? (Seriously: Do you know where they are right now?) Well, those shows are finally almost upon us; that they're celebrating by going on Jimmy Fallon is not surprising. That they're holding an open call for a third guitarist is.

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We Made It, Sad People of New Jersey! Watch Titus Andronicus Perform on Fallon

It's been a real good week for the indie zeitgeist, that weird feeling of we made it!, even if we don't necessarily know who "we" are. The Arcade Fire sold out Madison Square Garden twice. The Suburbs has a shot at being the #1 record in the country next week. And Titus Andronicus, ragged New Jersey punk saviors, made their national television debut last night on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, serenading the Roots and some significant percentage of America with "A More Perfect Union," the lead track from the still unfadeable The Monitor. They did it with pride, dignity, passion, and--a newer development--precision. May we all have so much fun in such public places. [Prefix]

The Roots Gave Samuel L. Jackson The Best Talk-Show Walk-On Music Ever

I'm not even 100 percent sure what's happening here, but it's pretty incredible. Alas, apparently Sam himself couldn't hear it, which is a shame, but given all the bleeps I guess unless you were there, you can't really, either. In the extraordinarily rare event Mel Gibson ever shows up, this'd work great for him, too.

Watch Rick Ross And The Roots Do "B.M.F." On Jimmy Fallon

Everyone's favorite real-life-gangster-impersonating fabulist dropped by late Friday night to do the "I think I'm Big Meech" one with everyone's favorite late-night band: Guitarist Captain Kirk, in particular, has an interesting sonic assignment this time out. Rick starts out showing not much more charisma than January Jones (not a compliment) but gets pretty worked up once he gets into this -- I am frankly shocked though to learn he is pretty much exactly as tall as Jimmy Fallon.