Those "Defend Brooklyn" Shirts Might Have More Cross-Generational Appeal Than Originally Thought

"A lot of people from the old days carry guns. One of these days one of these suburban kids is going to say the wrong thing to the wrong person."
Longtime Williamsburg resident Sunny Chapman speaks to the Times about the gentrification that's been affecting her neighborhood for the better part of the past 10 years, and how some people might be on the verge of a mad-is-hell moment, in a lengthy story on the Brooklyn neighborhood's growing pains. Much of the Times piece is about the Open Space Alliance's concerts at East River State Park, which have ticked off some residents because of lingering crowds and the way they take over the public spaces with porta-potties, early-kickoff soundchecks, and blockages of the playgrounds. (There's also a dismissive reference to "bridge and tunnel" people now coming from Manhattan, which ha.) This year, the shows have been limited to 15 and will operate under a host of constraints: "no weekend shows in July and August... five of the concerts will be free, including four that are intended to be quiet: two children's shows, a comedy performance and a classical concert." Soundchecks will also begin at noon, as opposed to 10 am. And let's hope that there's extra screening for firearms in the shows' environs, because yipes.

Roseland Was Totally On Fire

A two-alarm fire broke out at Roseland tonight around 10:30 (originating on the mezzanine level) and was contained a little over an hour later; the latest report at the moment says six firefighters suffered minor injuries, but thankfully that's the extent of it. There was no show happening, thank god -- the next gigs scheduled are the Dropkick Murphys Thursday and Friday. More on this as events warrant -- in the meantime, let's thank @balzerdesigns for the best photo Twitter has to offer at the moment:

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Jeff Mangum at Town Hall Tickets Sell Out Instantly, And a Twitter Nation Laments

At 11 a.m., New Yorkers got their long awaited, announced in advance, ticketed-and-everything, first official Neutral Milk Hotel show (slated for October 29th) in a long, long time. And at 11:01 a.m., perhaps unsurprisingly, it was already over--if LCD Soundsystem can sell out Madison Square Garden in less than a second, then rest assured Jeff Mangum can manage to fill the much smaller capacity Town Hall in a minute or so. This time, people actually seemed to get tickets. But not many of them. And their elation was immediately drowned in the tears of their less lucky peers. Phish fans, what did you do before Twitter made every highly anticipated ticketing event such a heartrending circus of human pathos?:

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The Rageful Tweets of A Nation of LCD Soundsystem Fans Defeated By Ticketmaster

It's official: LCD Soundsystem will say farewell on April 2, 2011, at Madison Square Garden, to an audience comprised entirely of ticket scalpers and StubHub captcha bots. It was a grim scene this morning on Ticketmaster and Twitter, where LCD fans went first to one and then the other, crying out in pain at their lack of tickets. This show seems to have sold out in about 10 seconds flat; now all that's left are the sad Tweets to remember it by. Well, that and a bunch of probably ill-advised Egypt jokes. The best of both, right here, starting with anguish, of course:

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Monotonix Are Not Breaking Up, Exactly, But You'd Better Go See Them Soon Anyway

monotonix breakup.jpg
Last chance to see this in person for awhile. Pic by Rebecca Smeyne.
So everyone's favorite hilariously violent Israeli garage-rock trio is making onstage threats that their current tour might be their last, citing fatigue/impending babies/etc., which is bad news for us all, because if you haven't seen Monotonix live yet, well. It's just about the sweatiest, hairiest, (possibly) nudest, most violent and hilarious spectacle you can imagine -- above, for example, please observe frontman Ami Shalev dumping candle wax down his pants at Union Hall awhile back, or recall that the dude straight up broke his leg onstage in Palm Beach last year. Are the rumors true? Are Monotonix shutting all this down for good? Not exactly, says their PR rep:

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Watch Hordes of Angry New Yorkers Boo Kanye West at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

You can forget sometimes, reading the rapturous reviews, that there are many people in this country who have never forgiven Kanye West for his notoriously checkered past and self-aggrandizing present. "Ya'll forget that I got called 'nigger' on Twitter so many times--yo, I lived that," West rapped on "Chain Heavy," and it's still a bit disorienting to see the degree of animosity he provokes when out in public. Like, say, at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, where he donned a fancy Phillip Lim coat on a goofy float and rapped "Lost In the World" for a national television audience. In broadcast clips like the above, it seemed like a reasonably triumphant performance. In this video taken live from the parade, not so much:

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Changes At eMusic: Def Jam In, Matador And Merge Out

Better go get this now.
If you want a one-URL "major" vs. "indie" battleground -- what defines and/or divides them, which lifestyle brand the discerning-legal-downloader demographic really prefers -- you could do far worse than eMusic, the excellent monthly-subscription MP3 service (which employs several of our colleagues and friends) that's both continually growing and continually enduring growing pains. The latter today, mostly: This week the site is adding 250,000 tracks (including the entire Universal Music Group catalog) but losing the mega-indie labels -- Matador, Merge, Domino -- that continually top its download charts.

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If the Today Show and America's Talk Show Hosts Have Their Way, Kanye West Will Spend the Rest of His Life Apologizing To People

Kanye West has come in for some scorn for launching into yet another Twitter rant a couple nights ago ("Everything sounds like noise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYTHING SOUNDS LIKE NOISE!!!!!!! I don't trust anyone!"), pushing back against a then as-yet unaired interview with the Today Show's Matt Lauer. But then again, let's not forget: this is the same artist who went on Jay Leno's show, only to be asked by the bloated late night host what his dead mother would think of the way he'd treated Taylor Swift. So when 'Ye starts talking about how the media are trying to play him, don't be so sure they aren't. Anyway, you can watch the interview now. It's not a pretty thing:

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More On Paste Magazine's Print-Side Demise: "We'd Been Running On Fumes For A Really Long Time, And We Ran Out Of Fumes."

Yesterday, the tasteful-culture bible Paste abruptly suspended its print edition, the latest music-related publication to shut down in the past few years. The Paste website, on which the display ads for subscriptions lead to an announcement of the print issue's suspension, will continue to live on, running stories that were in the pipeline for issues of the magazine that haven't been printed (including the issue dated August 2010, which is still at the printer).

Reaction to the magazine's demise, the latest in a long line of them, has been swift, and even sort of nice -- even the claws-out commenters at Gawker were for the most part kind. "It's kind of like when we went through the 'Save Paste' campaign last year, which we were very hesitant to do," said editor-in-chief Joshua Jackson, who remains at the magazine with publisher Nick Purdy and president Tim Regan-Porter, as well as a few interns. "It seems like every email I'm getting is somebody just wishing us the best, and thanking us for what Paste has meant to them."

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No, Timbaland Did Not Try To Commit Suicide

TMZ with the scoop re: a disturbing "possible suicide attempt APB" put out yesterday on Timbaland, reportedly distraught over the theft of his $2 million Jacob & Co. watch. (!!!!?) They found him, the cops talked to him, and "after the evaluation, paramedics determined Timbaland was not a threat to himself and left." Well, alright. Let us note, as many already have, that today is the 9th anniversary of Aaliyah's death and hope that that's the end of that.