This Week in Pop Videos: Robin Thicke! 50 Cent! Lil Wayne! More!

A look at the week's hottest pop clips, including the frolicsome ribaldry of Robin Thicke, the mansion malaise of 50 Cent and the insufferable wackness of Somethingorother Yacht Idiots.

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Vice Columnist Sexes Up Riff Raff's New Video

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Riff Raff has made a name for himself blowing up the materialistic trappings of hip-hop to such a cartoonish degree some have questioned whether or not he's serious or some act of neon-coated performance art. Until recently, he's sidestepped the lazy hip-hop video staple of "woman as accessory," but with his latest, "Midnight Sprite," he's gone all in, casting former xojane beauty editor/Vice columnist/NYC nightlife fixture Cat Marnell in the role of vixen. She's the blonde. Watch the video after the jump.
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Watch The Brand-New, Emotion-Fueled Video For Hospitality's "Eighth Avenue"

The Brooklyn indiepop outfit (and 4Knots Music Festival alums) Hospitality have been at the forefront of the city's indiepop resurgence since their formation at the end of the naughts. The video for "Eighth Avenue," from their self-titled debut on Merge, pairs well with lead singer Amber Papini's plaintive coo and the song's insistent thrum; the clip tells the tale of a racecar driver (played by Victor Magro) whose hot rod gets particularly juiced when his female sidekick's (Courtney O'Reilly) emotional cup runneth over. Check it out below.

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Premiere: Watch Razika's Video For "Aldri"

One of my favorite new bands of the past 12 months is Razika, a Norwegian quartet whose blend of gently bouncing beats, chiming guitars, and heartbroken lyrics (their lyrics are in their mother tongue, but Google Translate offers a gist) put them squarely in the tradition of Heavenly, the Raincoats' "Adventures Close To Home," and other great twee-leaning acts. The video for "Aldri," directed by Mona Lerche (she's directed a couple of clips for her husband Sondre as well as the video for Razika's utterly infectious "Vondt i Hjertet"), captures the quiet joy that bubbles through even the saddest songs the band has to offer. Watch below.

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Q&A: Dinowalrus' Peter Feigenbaum on Co-Starring With Cult Legend Lloyd Kaufman

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Dinowalrus 2012: Peter Feigenbaum, synth/bassist Liam Andrew, and drummer Max Tucker

In the two years since their woefully under-appreciated debut %, Brooklyn demento-wavers Dinowalrus have been almost completely overhauled, with two-thirds of the trio replaced and their experimental globs diluted from drum-and-drone loogie to synth-wave drizzle. One remaining consistent is the band's longstanding visual affection for psychedelic New York City. There was the Matthew-Caron-directed video for skronk-wave single "Bead," a track from their 2010 Kanine Records release, which was a purple-hazed tribute to old-school New York iconography, a skittish montage of rooftop scenes, graffiti throw-ups, and subway rails, all paced like a crystal-meth fit. Today marks the release of Dinowalrus's sophomore record, Best Behavior, with cover art that's a lavender-tinted Domino Sugar Factory homage to Pink Floyd's Animals. (They're playing the Mercury Lounge tonight in celebration.) Also, the surreal-fable video for Best Behavior's first single, "Phone Home From the Edge," features Dinowalrus founding member Peter Feigenbaum falling asleep and waking up as another iconic New York figure, cult-legend moviemaker Lloyd Kaufman. "They're pretty good," Kaufman recently told us about Dinowalrus. "I hope they stay together."

So do they. That's what Feigenbaum told us recently, over a dying cell phone from his friend's house, when we called to talk with him about working with the man responsible for The Toxic Avenger.

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Here Is Wheelchair Sports Camp's New Life-Affirming Video, "Where We All Live"

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Kalyn Heffernan proudly sleeps 'til noon

We'd like to direct your attention to the new video released by CMJ 2011 underdogs Wheelchair Sports Camp, the little Denver band who came to New York this past fall and demonstrated so much fortitude of character they ended up on our front cover. Since we last heard from the psuedo-hop trio, they've not only opened for old-school rap-heroes Salt N' Pepa, thereby playing to their biggest crowd of more than 1000 people, but the Mile High kids also put together a soon-to-be-released EP Where We All Live, and recently posted a video for the EP's title single.

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Instead Of Listening To The Michael Jackson Sentencing, Why Not Watch Das Racist Perform "Michael Jackson" On Conan?

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Bless Das Racist for always coming along at the right time, right? The group performed on Conan last night, and while the reactions the group was retweeting in the broadcast's wake seemed a little bit confused/outraged/weary, their take on the completely goofy "Michael Jackson" was, I thought, pretty fun, and it made me wonder if there will some day be tryouts to be one of their "cymbal girls." I can smash things real good, you know? Clip below, and a warning: Watching Heems spin around and bleep himself at the same time made me kind of dizzy.

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Real Estate's "It's Real" Video Proves That Dogs Are Just As Internet-Adorable As Cats

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It's a dog-eat-hot-dog world out there.
Presented for your Friday-afternoon viewing pleasure: The canine-centric video for Real Estate's chiming, charming "It's Real," in which an afternoon of looking back on the finest moments in an adorable puppy's life (via home movies that have just the right nostalgically gauzy filter applied to them) turns into a veritable dogapalooza. It's so adorable, it had me typing in "" almost immediately after my first view was done. I know, I know, putting adorable animals in your music video is an easy way to reel people in, but come on. Dogs! They're so cute and lovable and dependable and... OK, I could go on, so just watch the video below.

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Watch A 37-Year-Old Clip Of The Ramones At CBGB

Via SOTC pal Will Hermes—whose new book about New York's music scene from 1973 to 1977, Love Goes To Buildings On Fire, comes out next week—here's a clip of the Ramones playing at CBGB sometime during the summer of 1974. (Hermes' blog has a ton of other archival footage from the period covered by his book.) In the grainy video they play "Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue," "I Don't Wanna Go Down To The Basement," and "Judy Is A Punk"; note, also, the glam-inspired moves Joey throws into his performance here and there. Clip below.

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Beyoncé Goes Back To The Classics For "Love On Top"

When the world last received a Beyoncé video, it was... well, it was about 10 days ago, when the sugar-rush clip for the thrill-a-millisecond "Countdown" arrived and brought with it some controversy about where she got her inspiration. In the video for the sumptuous "Love On Top," which more casual fans might remember as "the song that accompanied the worldwide announcement of B's forthcoming baby," she's still drawing from other sources—its first half is pretty much a direct homage to the peeking-in-on-rehearsals clip for New Edition's fantastic 1988 single "If It Isn't Love," although once the song's many key changes kick in, Beyoncé and her posse of backup dancers get a bit brassier and fancier. Clip below.

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