Marina Franklin on Which NYC Comedy Club Is Most Like Middle America

In this episode of the Voice's This Is Stand-Up series, we shadow New York–based stand-up comic Marina Franklin between comedy clubs on the Lower East Side and in midtown.

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The Guy Who Made the Brilliant 'Hypnotize'-Dinosaurs Video Wants to Go Full-Time

Update, March 26
ACTUALLY, NEVERMIND. Roberts canceled this campaign this morning. When asked about it, he writes to the Voice: "Decided that it wasn't the right move, and that I would be better off continuing to create work in my spare time." He's going to stay at his day job, after all. The original story is below.

Benjamin Roberts wants to keep hypnotizing people.

The 33-year-old Toronto man created a moderate internet hit recently with his YouTube video that cleverly combines Notorious B.I.G.'s "Hypnotize" and Dinosaurs, the Nineties ABC comedy. Now he wants to quit his "pretty awesome day job" and make similar videos full-time.

"I'm putting together a Kickstarter campaign to basically fund a salary for myself so I can do this full-time for a year," Roberts tells the Voice. "I'm trying to raise the average Canadian salary, which I'm going to use to make one mash-up per month for the next year."

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Meet the Bronx-Born Best Amateur Drummer in America

Categories: Jazz, Video

Shariq Tucker, age 22, recently won the 26th annual Guitar Center national drum-off on his eighth attempt, beating more than 5,000 other drummers in the competition. He won a $25,000 cash prize and thousands more dollars' worth of drumming equipment.

"When I heard my name called as the winner, tears of joy ran down my face," Tucker says of the win.

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Premiere: Watch Loveskills' Endearingly Woozy New Video for 'Chanel'

Categories: Premiere, Video

Holed up in Williamsburg, the producer Loveskills creates emotional electro-tinged ballads. After dropping the six-track Pure EP late last year on the No Shame label, he's now released a woozy and endearingly hazy video for the track "Chanel." Ahead of his show January 12 at Mercury Lounge, you can check out our premiere of the video, while also reading about his approach to production, how drum'n'bass rhythms influence his music, and his inaugural New York City gig experience that involved Jewfros and a Led Zeppelin cover.

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Punk Photographer Ben Trogdon Will Probably Just Give You His Photos for Free

Categories: Punk, Video

Ben Trogdon edits the cult punk fanzine Nuts!, plays drum in the band Ivy, and has been photographing the underground American punk scene since 2006. On November 13, Ben displayed his photographs in public for the very first time. The show was up for four days at Hell and Gone, a gallery housed in a shipping container in Bushwick that has since closed.

"I always thought that art galleries generally were pretty crappy," says Trogdon. "In New York there's not that much space, and there are these huge empty rooms [art galleries] and then there's also all these poor people sleeping on the street. It's so depressing. And there's all this really shitty artwork on the wall. I was like, 'I don't really want to be a part of that. It's so gross.' "

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Michael Stipe Thinks the Koch Brothers' Power Is Just Kind of Stinky

Categories: R.E.M., Video

We ran into R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe on Thursday near the brand-new David H. Koch Plaza, outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and asked him what he thought of the gleaming new fountains.

Stipe says he likes the new fountains in front of the Met -- but the Koch brothers? Not so much.

Watch Andrew W.K. on Glenn Beck's Show

Categories: Video

Andrew W.K. + Glenn Beck
In his column last week Andrew W.K. advised a young man with a right-wing asshole father how the two could get along. The answer is lengthy, and, as nearly all of Twitter has pointed out by now, SUPER DUPER INCREDIBLE AND HELPFUL OMG THANK YOU ANDREW YR BRILLIANT. You are perhaps already familiar with this drill: Andrew fields these very-hard-to-answer questions and somehow knocks them out of the park week in and week out. It's quite a thing to behold, and last week's advice to this kid spoke a forgotten truth so fundamental it moved a lot of people, making it go hyper-viral. One of the people it moved was conservative media mogul Glenn Beck, who promptly invited Andrew onto his show. Andrew being Andrew, he accepted. What happened next will blow your mind.

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Video: Gen X'ers Tell Us About the '90s at a Soundgarden Reunion Show

Categories: Soundgarden, Video

When Soundgarden's Chris Cornell screamed the words "SPOOON MAN! Stop eating with those spoons and play those spoons!!" in 1990whatever, he sparked a revolution, one that wouldn't end until government outlawed the playing of spoons after several thousand injuries. Or something. We don't really remember the '90s, honestly. So we went to a Soundgarden reunion show earlier this week at Webster Hall to ask members of Generation X -- remember that term? -- to tell us about grunge, crowd-surfing, flannel, and spooning spoon playing. Video by Lea Scruggs. (Brian McManus)


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This Week in Pop Videos: Robin Thicke! 50 Cent! Lil Wayne! More!

A look at the week's hottest pop clips, including the frolicsome ribaldry of Robin Thicke, the mansion malaise of 50 Cent and the insufferable wackness of Somethingorother Yacht Idiots.

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Vice Columnist Sexes Up Riff Raff's New Video

Categories: Video


Riff Raff has made a name for himself blowing up the materialistic trappings of hip-hop to such a cartoonish degree some have questioned whether or not he's serious or some act of neon-coated performance art. Until recently, he's sidestepped the lazy hip-hop video staple of "woman as accessory," but with his latest, "Midnight Sprite," he's gone all in, casting former xojane beauty editor/Vice columnist/NYC nightlife fixture Cat Marnell in the role of vixen. She's the blonde. Watch the video after the jump.
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