The 10 Best Concerts in New York This Weekend, 9/26/14

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Five Times Lee Ranaldo Proved He Was the Driving Creative Force in Sonic Youth

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Photo by Eli Collins via
Lee Ranaldo
Despite a career spanning over 30 years, Lee Ranaldo retains a thirst for unabashed creative expression that is truly rare. So, to ready ourselves for seeing this maverick's latest incarnation, Lee Ranaldo and the Dust, at Union Pool this Saturday, let's take a look back at the guitarist/vocalist/writer/producer's five greatest moments.

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Eddie Van Halen Contemplates Fame, in Illustrated Form

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All illustrations Jena Ardell
Van Halen fans are hoping for a follow-up from the band whose last record, A Different Kind of Truth, was released two years ago.

"I'm writing. I write lyrics routinely," David Lee Roth told Jim Florentine from That Metal Show in 2013. "And the band plays together routinely, at least three times a week. They're up at Ed's place, routinely. I was up at Edward's house, maybe three days ago--just before I came here to the city--and we're starting to put music together. Not to give away exactly what the package will be. It's gonna be about 18 months, I think."

Ex-bandmembers routinely dish out details about the band's turbulent past in the media. Mick Jones told tensions were so high during the recording of 5150 that sound engineer Donn Landee "locked himself in the studio for a day and threatened to burn the tapes."

We imagine the drama within the group has subsided now that Eddie has both his brother, Alex, and son, Wolfgang, in the lineup. Hopefully Roth will stick around this time.

While fans eagerly await the band's (estimated 2015) return, they can rock out with the new EVH Stripe Series "Circles" guitar, made famous by Van Halen's 1981 "Unchained" music video. Here's what Eddie had to say about fame and his love for music.

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Meet Daye Jack, the NYU Student Whose Experimental Hip-Hop Will Make You Swoon

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Via Twitter
Lately, it seems like Atlanta's got a whole new bag of tricks; the latest to emerge from the musically prolific city is 18-year-old rapping-singer Daye Jack. The Nigerian-born and Atlanta-bred musician is incredibly fresh to the scene, with only eight months under his belt. This past January, Daye took to SoundCloud to premiere his debut mixtape Hello World, which he recorded last Fall, during his first semester at New York University. What's even better is the kid doesn't study music at NYU -- he studies programming, which he views as akin to his musical pursuits.

Less than a year out of the gate and Daye already has his second project Soul Glitch slated to drop in the coming months. Now, he's preparing to play the first show of his career this Thursday, Sept. 25, at Baby's All Right. We spoke with Daye about finding his sound, his emotional connection to his music, and his cross-country and cross-continent upbringing.

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Bob Geldof Is Back "Leaping Around Like a Twat" With Boomtown Rats

Boomtown Rats 2014
It's been more than 25 years since Bob Geldof, Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, performed with his lil punk/new wave band the Boomtown Rats in the United States. And more than 30 since that band's first (and most prominent) American radio entrée, "I Don't Like Mondays," featuring a sadly prescient lyrical storyline about the nation's first high-profile school shooting.

Of course, in the last decades Geldof's been busy feeding the world, becoming a household name less for music than for activism including Live Aid, anti-poverty efforts in Africa and father's rights.

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My Brightest Diamond: "New York Will Always Be My Artistic Home"

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Julien Bourgeois
My Brightest Diamond - Shara Worden
Shara Worden's symphonic outfit My Brightest Diamond continues to craft lyrically lush and prolific soundscapes on her latest LP This Is My Hand. The visceral backbeats and percussive pulse of tracks like "Pressure" and "Lover Killer" befittingly compliment Worden's pristine vocals. In no doubt a result of her operatic training and emotive intuition, This is My Hand leaves listeners captivated from beginning to end.

In advance of My Brightest Diamond's show at the Bowery Ballroom on Thursday, Sept. 25, we spoke with Shara Worden about rhythm, the body, feminism, and why she calls NYC home.

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Ask Andrew W.K.: Should I Feel Guilty for Being White?

Photo by Andrew Strasser
[Editor's note: Every Wednesday, New York City's own Andrew W.K. takes your life questions and sets you safely down the right path to a solution, a purpose, or -- no surprise here -- a party. Need his help? Just ask:]

Dear Andrew,

I saw an essay you shared called "White People Problems" that was a pretty angry response to one of your advice columns. I think it's cool that you consider views from people who disagree with you, but from what I can tell, the person who wrote the "White People Problems" essay was basically saying that by being a white person, you're automatically luckier than other people -- that you're "privileged," and that you don't really understand how hard life is. Well, I'm white, and guess what? I don't feel privileged at all. Like many people, I was raised by a single mother after my father (a drug addict) bolted. I currently work three part-time jobs, none of which pays much more than minimum wage. I started working as soon as I was legally able and never had a real opportunity to go to college. And yet I keep hearing how privileged I am to be white. So I ask you, should I feel...

Guilty For Being White?

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XXL: In Loving Memory

XXL's "Greatest Day in Hip-Hop History" cover
Newsstands nationwide got a little less cool on Monday when news emerged that magazine XXL will be no more. The New York Post broke the story that Harris Publications, which has carried the hip-hop magazine for the entirety of its 17-year existence, sold all of XXL to Townsquare Media, the Greenwich, Connecticut-based media company that also acquired XXL spinoff King and Antenna in the purchase. As a result, XXL's print run has come to an immediate, abrupt end, with the current issues on newsstands being the final release.

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July 4, 1976 Was a Ramones-less Weekend in NYC

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"This was July 4, 1976, the two hundredth anniversary of America's bloody battle to free itself from English rule. It was Independence Day for us, not them. Little did we know that together we were founding a new revolution — a musical one. We weren't aware that we were about to launch an entire cultural movement. No one was." — Mickey Leigh, I Slept With Joey Ramone: A Family Memoir

This is how Joey Ramone's younger brother (and then–stage manager) described the Ramones' first show in England. As the legend goes, every one of the 3,000 audience members that Sunday night at London's Roundhouse went on to start a band, and it jump-started the careers of the Clash and the Sex Pistols. While the details might be slightly off or possibly even exaggerated, the true importance of the Ramones' two English gigs cannot be overstated, nor can the beauty of taking one of the quintessential American bands and flying them across the pond on that historic date. As the band's co-manager Danny Fields says in Leigh's book: "On the two-hundredth anniversary of our freedom, we were bringing Great Britain a gift that was forever going to disrupt their sensibilities."

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Cheap Laughs: The Best Indie Comedy in New York This Week, 9/24 - 9/30

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This network behemoth goes indie when Yannis Pappas hosts its try outs at The Stand this week.
This week in Cheap Laughs, we have last comics standing, ultra-slick branding, funny bastards, funny stories, funny feelings, and an improvised musical based entirely on your own relationship. We aren't big on boundaries. Here's our rundown of the best in independently produced New York comedy this week.

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