Hot on the Heels of Coachella, Cloud Nothings Will Perform Free Show in Brooklyn

Photo by Pooneh Ghana
Cloud Nothings
Dylan Baldi, the leader of Cleveland's Cloud Nothings, is the kind of man who keeps a promise. When asked to name some bands that deserve a listen, he'll pause and fully consider the tired question. Batting away any impulsive recommendations, he opts instead to respond another time, when he can answer more appropriately.

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Why Should You Go See Steve Winwood Belt Out 'Higher Love' in 2015?

Steve Winwood
At almost 67 years of age, Steve Winwood, set to play two dates in New York — at the Space at Westbury on April 23, and at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester the following night — is living proof that age is indeed only a number. And in Winwood's case, it's a sweeping setlist filled with hit numbers.

Born May 12, 1948, in Birmingham, England, to a father who played the saxophone and clarinet and encouraged his son's musical dreams, Winwood, a former choirboy, studied music in school before he began a wildly successful professional career that at this point spans more than five decades. Now living in Nashville with his wife and children, Winwood is as relevant as ever. No, he's not promoting a new record. And, no, it's not an anniversary for one of his past works. But he's on tour. And he's Steve Winwood. So get over it. Winwood's exhaustive catalog is reason enough to see why he's playing these midsize rooms — both venues seat fewer than 2,000 — at this time.

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Watch Amy Sedaris Get Silly With Conan's Secret Weapon Live in NYC

Categories: Comedy

Screenshot via Comedy Central
Amy Sedaris guests on Running Late With Scott Rogowsky at Carolines, 4/22/15.
This week in Cheap Laughs, we have an almost–Jon Hamm, a slightly–Louis CK, a kind-of Carrie Bradshaw, and a most-definitely Amy Sedaris. Here's our rundown of the best in independently produced New York comedy this week.

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Step Onstage With Anthony D'Amato for a Perfect New York Moment

Photo by Bianca Bourgeois
Anthony D'Amato
[Editor's note: New York–based folk singer-songwriter Anthony D'Amato posted about the perfect "New York" day he had last week on Instagram, and we were intrigued by his impromptu performance alongside Marah and renowned guitarist Lenny Kaye on the night of April 16 — so we asked him to write about it. Below, D'Amato elaborates on a brilliant music moment that could only have happened here.]

Some days New York, it's all hot garbage and stale piss. There's mice living in your stove and (hopefully) dog shit smeared under your shoe, or ankle-deep slush puddles off every curb and a special kind of gusting wind and rain designed specifically to invert umbrellas. But other days, you sit and eat an ice cream cone and watch boats go by as the sun sets on Manhattan, and you can't imagine a more perfect time or place to be alive. The glass faces of the skyscrapers change colors with the reflecting light, and you experience one of those golden New York moments where you can't help but just follow the city wherever it leads you, until the next thing you know, you're onstage performing a song you've never played before — with Lenny Kaye, the celebrated guitarist of the Patti Smith Group and New York musical icon. This happened on April 16, the most New York day I've ever had.

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4Knots Music Festival to Take Over Hudson River Park's Pier 84 on July 11

Artwork by Matt Leunig
4Knots will take over Hudson River Park's Pier 84 for a full day of music on July 11.
The Village Voice is thrilled to announce that the 4Knots Music Festival will be changing things up in a few big ways for 2015. The music will be raucous and rocking, sure. The breeze will be fantastic, as the festival will still sidle up to the waterfront. But other than that? 4Knots 2015 is set to kick it up a nautical notch starting with a new location and the length of the festivities while giving back to New York City.

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An Immigrant Punk Fights to Stay Put: Sulene van der Walt on Her Pursuit of an Artist Visa

Categories: Interviews, Punk

Photo by Lauren Dresberg
Sulene van der Walt
Sulene van der Walt slips vodka into a bottle of ginger ale before walking out the door for tacos. The 24-year-old alternative musician doesn't have to be so surreptitious — the restaurant is BYOB — but something in her nature compels her to hide what she's doing in plain sight. "Drinking this way makes me feel like I'm in college again," the Berklee graduate says.

Such diversions weren't really feasible for van der Walt this time last year. While she's currently preparing for her solo show (as Sulene) at Muchmore's in Williamsburg on April 25, the South African singer and guitarist had a work visa set to expire in July 2014 that required months of legal wrangling to ensure she could stay in Brooklyn. The process wound up absorbing all of her free time. "Dealing with this nightmare was all-consuming," she says. "It almost made me immobile."

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I Am Not the Coachella Silent Disco's Target Audience

Photo by Willie T. for LA Weekly
The Coachella silent disco
Just south of 1:30 a.m., as the car crowd head back to their $500 motel rooms and the VIPs are airlifted to their alpha-resorts, the camping Coachella plebs are making the long, dusty march back to the tent city of earthly delights they've built to the east. I'm headed to the all-night epicenter, the Dome, for the all-night silent come-down party. Yeah, silent — a headphone rave meant to skirt the grounds' 1:30 sound curfew.

On the way, I see two men are arguing about something serious. "The only, only explanation is that we are all fucking aliens. All of us..." Nearby, an adult man in a skintight tiger suit is guiding a pixie clad only in her underwear through the darkest vomit session of her young life. She's heaving deeply into a barrel and he's looking around for an easy exit, but maybe he'll score some points when she's cleaned up? There's still partying to be done and he's stuck in a real bummer.

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Joey Bada$$ Brings the Smokers' Club to Terminal 5 on the Eve of 4/20

Nicole Fara Silver for the Village Voice
Joey Bada$$ surfs the crowd at Terminal 5.
For some, April 20 is an unconventional celebration. In the popular imagination, 4/20 signifies a cause for like-minded stoners to convene over a shared love of reefer, and as such, thousands of glassy-eyed youngsters gathered at Terminal 5 last night to watch Brooklyn rapper Joey Bada$$ and a slew of opening acts tear up the stage.

The night was billed as the Smokers' Club 2nd Annual 4/20 show, but headliner Bada$$ didn't necessarily extol the virtues of weed or ask the massive crowd if they were high enough to enjoy themselves. The twenty-year-old MC brought the concert hall to life, and bounced around the stage at Terminal 5 like it was his own playground, commanding it without even really trying.

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Charting Speedy Ortiz's Incredible Indie Rise to Foil Deer

Photo by Daniel Topete
Speedy Ortiz
In the fall of 2013, shortly after her band released its debut album, Major Arcana, Speedy Ortiz frontwoman Sadie Dupuis realized her life was changing in a major way. For one, there were "crazy offers" coming in to go out on tour with musicians she'd grown up admiring, like Thurston Moore and the Breeders. But it was the less obvious variances that made the singer and band's principal songwriter take notice.

"It was like, 'Look at all these weird Twitter alerts we're starting to get,' " Dupuis recalls of Speedy Ortiz's sudden, exponential growth in the wake of their debut. "And the dressing rooms at venues kept getting nicer and nicer." She laughs. "And there was free liquor!"

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Seryn Want to Go Steady With You on Shadow Shows

Photo by Molly Valdez
"Have you ever been in a serious committed relationship before?" Trenton Wheeler asks. Wheeler, Seryn's lead vocalist, ukulele player, and co-writer, is talking about "Disappear," their single, and its lyrics. The song's final line of "For you, I will try" is stark and sincere, as is every moment of the lush folk rock of Shadow Shows, the band's latest, released in February.

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