New York's Alright -- for One More Year

Robert Menzer for The Village Voice
Tokyo-based punk band Zyanose performs at New York's Alright in 2014
Adam Whites assumed people were coming to New York's Alright to see bands from Tokyo, or Barcelona, maybe — but not Brooklyn.

"The first year, when I would ask people who traveled from the U.K. or the West Coast or the Midwest which bands they wanted to see — 'An international band?' — they would go, 'No, I want to see Crazy Spirit or Hank Wood and the Hammerheads!' or they really wanted to see Anasazi," Whites says of the annual punk and hardcore festival. "People really wanted to come and see the New York bands."

Since 2013, Whites, now 27, has shone a light on the city's vibrant, current punk scene (one rule is no reunion bands) through New York's Alright. But after this third long weekend, which will take place April 16–19 at select Manhattan and Brooklyn venues, it's all over.

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Shit People Actually Said at Coachella

Christopher Victorio for LA Weekly
Festival fiends at Coachella
You know those "Shit People Going to Coachella Say" parody videos on YouTube? Screw that. Reality at Coachella 2015 is stranger and funnier than what any Funny or Die wannabes could come up with. Here are 25 of the most memorable things our professionally trained eavesdroppers have heard on the polo grounds this year.

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Marina Franklin on Which NYC Comedy Club Is Most Like Middle America

In this episode of the Voice's This Is Stand-Up series, we shadow New York–based stand-up comic Marina Franklin between comedy clubs on the Lower East Side and in midtown.

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Standing Up to Pee at Coachella: A Tale of Triumph

It was shortly after Charles Bradley's stellar Friday-afternoon set. Four coffees sat heavy in my bladder and I had already spent our meager per diem on 2.5 beers.

It was time to break the seal.

When used for their intended purpose, Porta-Potties are hardly a pleasant experience for either sex. But they can be especially tricky for women. Men only have to squat half the time — women have to for both excretory functions, and it can get a little messy. With no seat-covers, it can be a pain to hover over that giant, cavernous hole of used Heineken and digested Spicy Pie pizza.

You hold on to the door handle for dear life and pray you don't accidentally touch the seat or spray on your sandals. The struggle is real, so this Coachella, I decided to give standing up a try. Enter the aptly named Stand-Up.

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Brooklyn's Liturgy Continue to Think Outside the 'Black Metal' Box

Photo by Erez Avissar
When Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, the frontman of Brooklyn metal band Liturgy, penned a lengthy essay back in 2009 titled "Transcendental Black Metal" to explain new, more upbeat possibilities for the genre, the reception could be read as skeptical at best. Simply put, there are some metalheads who deem Hunt-Hendrix and Liturgy misrepresentative, posers, and fertile territory for Internet Tough Guy-ness over their status as a metal band. But "transcendental black metal" doesn't represent just another metal subgenre to Hunt-Hendrix. It is, rather, a much more vast creative starting point.

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Bodega Bamz Finds Strength in Ties to Tanboys and A$AP Yams on Sidewalk Exec

via SOB's
Bodega Bamz
"[A$AP Yams] knew where we wanted to take it, he knew the vision we had — we shared the same vision. Before I met Yams, I had work ethic, I had the talent, I had the vision, but I had no plan. Yams gave me a plan. Yams told me, 'Yo Bamz, this is how you gonna do it, this is what you gonna drop, this is what you gonna say, this how you gonna move, this is who you gonna meet.' Yams gave me a whole plan, and to this day we still use that plan."

Bodega Bamz looks ahead at the blank movie theater screen. The lights are dim, but I can still see his eyes glisten as he speaks about the late A$AP Yams, the A$AP Mob co-founder and his mentor. Now 30 years old, Bodega Bamz, born Nathaniel De La Rosa, is full of pride and loyalty. He's banked his career on those characteristics.

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The Eight Best Concerts in New York This Week, 4/13/15

Categories: Listings, Live

Photo by Bo Weber
Hippo Campus
For more shows throughout the weekend, check out our New York Concert Calendar, which we update daily.

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Mumford and Sons Plug In (and Freak Everyone Out) on SNL

Mumford and Sons played new tracks from Wilder Mind on Saturday Night Live.
Change is good, even if change means ditching the instrumentation and genre that made you famous in favor of a typical rock setup for your first record in three years. That's the attitude Mumford and Sons are taking with Wilder Mind, their third album and the first serious departure they've made from the taut, acoustic twang of the alterna-folk they helmed on both Sigh No More and Babel. The intricate, sotto voce harmonies, the banjolin, and the muslin and wool articles of their vintage wardrobe have been ditched in favor of anthemic, arena-ready bangers and a sharper musical palette, and Saturday Night Live served as the first opportunity for many of their fans to hear Wilder Mind's singles weeks before the record drops on May 4.

And while plenty of them responded to Mumford's new penchant for plugged-in, turned-up rock 'n' roll with support, encouragement, and elation, the majority reacted as a little kid would when they see their dad for the first time after he's shaved his mustache: "WHY DID YOU DO THAT? WHY DID THIS CHANGE? PUT IT BAAAAACK!"

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The Milk Carton Kids Master the Open Road With Monterey

Photo by Ryan Mastro
Kenneth Pattengale and Joey Ryan of the Milk Carton Kids
A place of worship doesn't give its keys and the code to its security system to just anyone, but the Milk Carton Kids were on a mission (though not a "mission from God"). While touring behind 2013's The Ash & Clay, the folk duo — Kenneth Pattengale and Joey Ryan — made the most of their travels and spent every waking moment, both on- and offstage, on their music. Instead of metaphorically unplugging from the tunes they were playing before an audience across the country and the songs they were writing on the side on their days off, they opted to spend more time than required on the stages they crossed one state at a time. They recorded Monterey, their forthcoming album, out May 19 on Anti Records, in these venues in the hours before and after their performances on 55 of their national tour dates, and this approach, plus a week spent burning the midnight oil at Nashville's Presbyterian Church, led to a not-quite-live and certainly atypical folk record.

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Patti LuPone, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Barry Manilow Help Bridget Everett Get Fucked

Categories: Comedy, Last Night

Photo by Josh Luxenberg
Patti LuPone and Bridget Everett at Bridget Everett Gets Fucked by Ars Nova
Since the autumn 2014 run of Bridget Everett's Rock Bottom, the Village Voice cover star extended her show's Joe's Pub dates through February, starred in the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion's "Betty vs. the NYPD" video, and filmed forthcoming Comedy Central special Gynecological Wonder. Thursday evening at Hell's Kitchen venue Stage 48, the alt-cabaret breakout was also honored at the performance-art community's Bridget Everett Gets Fucked by Ars Nova.

Table seating was designated via lyric placards rising above votive candles and penis-shaped confetti. One might find oneself seated at the "Flap Jack Titties" table, for example, or the "Cave Man Titties" table, "Tic Tac Titties" table, "Nurse Jackie Titties" table, etc. Just below the stage, the "Bridget Everett Titties" table sat front and center and loaded with chardonnay.

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