Win Tickets to This Friday's Bounce Boat Featuring Mike Hawkins + Designer Drugs!

Just Blaze on the Bounce Boat
Credit: Loren Wohl
Have you ever wanted to #turnup on the Hudson River? Well, thanks to the Bounce Boat, "the world's premiere dance music cruise," YOUR DREAMS CAN COME TRUE! This summer, a pretty killer line-up of DJs are taking to the water and getting New Yorkers to grind on strangers while simultaneously taking in a sick view of the city's skyline. After Just Blaze's heart-stopping set last week, Danish producer DJ Mike Hawkins (who appeared on the inaugural episode of Bounce Boat Radio, embedded after the jump) will be joined by Designer Drugs for Friday night's cruise.

Tickets are still available for both GA and VIP, but we can offer one lucky winner a free pair of GA tickets to catch this weekend's party. Find out how after the jump!

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Is Def Jam's Icon Series That Iconic?

Best Buy
This year marks 30 years since the first Def Jam single was released. Originally formed in NYU's Weinstein dorms after Russell Simmons was introduced to Rick Rubin by Vincent Gallo, Def Jam quickly became a brand early hip-hoppers could trust. Whether you fall in the camp who considers T La Rock's "It's Yours" or LL Cool J's "I Need a Beat" to be Def Jam's first single, there's no denying the legacy and impact the label's had on the world at large.

In celebration, electronics giant Best Buy released bargain-priced collections of notable Def Jam artists as part of their Icon collection. But since, as Bruce McCulloch of "Kids in the Hall" once put it that "Greatest Hits are for housewives and little girls," as well as the tumultuous relationship Def Jam seems to have with some of their artists over the years, you could question whether the selections are truly their most iconic works.

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Christina Aguilera Is a Better Performer Than Beyoncé

Christina Aguilera is a better performer than Beyoncé. I promise that feels just as weird for me to type as it does for you to read, but it's true. This week I was lucky enough to see Beyoncé live for the first time as part of her On The Run tour with Jay-Z. There are a few things about watching Beyoncé live that are apparent from the moment she takes the stage: Beyoncé is not fucking around. Beyoncé is absolutely, really, truly, NOT FUCKING AROUND. Beyoncé is perfection personified. Beyoncé truly believes in the power Beyoncé. Beyoncé is very generous for allowing her husband to perform a few of his songs during her concert.

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The Five Sexiest Ugly Guys in Music

Categories: 2013

YouTube screen capture
The music industry has a long history of allowing people who should never be getting laid getting laid. It's part of the deal when you become a superstar. James Blunt is still getting laid, the dude from Keane is still getting laid, somewhere around Ole Miss, Bubba Sparxxx is getting laid.

It's a very unique psychological effect, something I call the "sexy ugly guy." Where a flabby, antisocial, or otherwise awkward star stumbles into sexiness out of circumstances and a few adorable quirks. It's a beautiful thing that lets the general public know that, hey, we're only one hit away from being the apple of the world's eye. Here are our five favorite sexy ugly guys.

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The Brown Bag Allstars' J57 and Koncept Present a Hip-Hop Baseball Playlist

Categories: Interview

J57 and Koncept via Intagram
This evening, July 17, J57 and Koncept from New York City's Brown Bag Allstars troupe will be taking to the field down in Coney Island to perform the opening song ahead of the Brooklyn Cyclones showdown with the Jamestown Jammers. The track of choice will be a rendition of "Take a Day," which features the vocal trilling of ATR and is slated to head-up the duo's sample-free debut album Flight, which will drop next year.

Of their own baseball credentials, J57 says, "Koncept played baseball growing up in Queens and was in the same league as Action Bronson, although I sucked at baseball growing up. But honestly, I could throw better than 50 Cent."

In honor of the hometown heroes strutting their stuff ahead of the Cyclones game then, here's J57 and Koncept's guide to curating the ideal hip-hop-based baseball playlist. Consider it a must for all fanatics of the b-word.

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Ask Andrew W.K.: Dealing With Bullies

Photo Mallory Turner
[Editor's note: Every Wednesday New York City's own Andrew W.K. takes your life questions, and sets you safely down the right path to a solution, a purpose or -- no surprise here -- a party. Need his help? Just ask:]

Dear Andrew,

I'm writing because I'm being bullied every day and I just can't take it anymore. I'm going to be starting my sophomore year of high school this fall, and every day I've just been fearing it worse and worse. I used to be a pretty happy person. I was picked on a little bit in middle school and before, but once high school started it's just way more and I'm so depressed now that I just hate my life. There's this one group of students, both girls and guys, and their whole hobby is making my life miserable. They go on everywhere and say lies about me, and also make fun of me in class and say I'm a slut, which isn't even true at all. They've stolen my backpack a bunch of times, and one time they gave it back to me and they had dumped soda all over everything. I hated every day of my freshman year. My mom let me stay home from school as much as possible, but if I miss too many days next year, I won't pass my classes, and the teachers were already getting mad at me about it. I just can't win no matter what I do. My mom has tried talking to the teachers and the principal and even the parents of these kids. But the more they teach them about how bullying is wrong, the more they always find a new way to be even more mean to me. We are now considering trying to move me to a different school. My mom is hoping to move to a different town, so we can have a fresh start. Why are people so mean? They are ruining the happy person I once was.

Help Me Please

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Nudity, Vomit, and Porta Potties: Music Festival Horror Stories

"You tend to just have roaming packs of naked people. I've definitely had some uninvited naked hugs." Yes, going to a music festival can present its own awkward surprises. We asked many of the 10,000 or so attendees at the Village Voice's 4Knots Music Festival on Saturday, July 12 to share their festival horror stories, which include porta potty nightmares, backpack theft, nudity and ... peeing on a pizza. Do you have a story that tops this one?

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Cheap Laughs: The Best Independent Comedy in NYC This Week, 7/16 - 7/22

Categories: Comedy

Zach Wood on The Office
This week in Cheap Laughs, we have improvised stand-up, naked people, semi-secret venues, tribute bands, wolf-boys, a star of The Office, and folks who go deep for an hour and a half. Relax your pelvic floor, everybody: here's our rundown of the best in independently produced New York comedy this week.

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Now That's What I Call Music! Has Had 50 (!) Installments

Now! That's What I Call Music!
The Now That's What I Call Music! series hit a landmark last month with the release of its 50th compilation. That's right, the quarterly collection of today's top hits has been going on for over 15 years worth of yesterdays, making for an interesting time capsule and documentation of what was happening in popular music. But with the music industry having so many well documented issues, why is it that Now has managed to not only stay afloat, but flourish?

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Watch Marnie Stern and Marnie the Dog Talk Sex Stuff With Mac DeMarco

Here we have musician Marnie Stern interviewing fellow guitarist Mac DeMarco --- holding Instagram-famous Marnie the Dog -- on Saturday, July 12 at the 4Knots Music Festival, while Dinosaur Jr. plays on in the background. Things get a little lewd as Mac shares his childhood memories and his band's pre-show "edging" techniques.

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