Staying Sober at Coachella

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Colin Young-Wolff
When night falls at Coachella, the sober come out to play
By Mary Carreon

Did you know that, for some people, Coachella represents a big ol' Alcoholics Anonymous meeting?

Since 2009, New Orleans couple Bob Johnson and Jane Smith (not their real names) have led 12 step meetings on the festival grounds for those who, like themselves, are in recovery. They call their group Soberchella.

But one wonders: Is there a harder place to be sober than at Coachella?

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REMINDER: Hunters, PUP, & Big Ups Play Village Voice Brooklyn Night Bazaar Saturday

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Hunters, Photo via Biz 3
Hey there! It's late Friday and you're thinking about your weekend probs, so it would be a GIANT mistake on our part if we didn't remind you of this incredible show night we're putting on with our friends at Seaport Music Festival: Hunters, PUP, and Big Ups are playing tomorrow night! There will be food and drinks and art and vendors of all sorts too. There's more info (and videos from each of the bands playing) after the jump. Get on it.

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Coachella Ticket Prices Are Skyrocketing

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If you don't have tickets yet for the first weekend of Coachella -- which starts this afternoon -- don't bother.

As you can see from the SeatGeek chart above, prices on the secondary market (places like Stub Hub and eBay) are absolutely out of control right now

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Make These Hall and Oates Inspired Cocktails

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Photo by Juan Patino
On Tuesday night a couple hundred beautiful people/industry types gathered on the rooftop penthouse of The Kimberly Hotel and were plied with free Woody Creek vodka. There was free food too, and the types of wild, clear nighttime views of the Chrysler building and Manhattan that immediately make you feel like somebody. The people on hand were there weren't there for that, though. They were there for John Oates.

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Managers for the "Hatfields and McCoys" of Rock Were Honored Last Night at Barclays

Beatles credit/Stones credit
We'll let you figure out who are the Hatfields and who are the McCoys.
Last night, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2014 was inducted at Barclays Center. The arena was packed with the star-studded roster of fan favorite acts that included Linda Ronstadt, Cat Stevens, KISS, Nirvana, Peter Gabriel, Hall & Oates, and the E Street Band. In the press room, several of them, along with their inductees and special guests, popped in to give their two cents on the whole shindig.

Here are some highlights of the event and dirt from the press room before the show premieres on HBO on Saturday, May 31st at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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J&R Music Abruptly Closes Its Doors

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Google Maps
J&R as it appears on Google Maps.
Wednesday, Wall Street's mecca of music, J&R Music World, unceremoniously closed its doors. According to New York Daily News, employees were handed their pink slips that day. Yesterday, customers looking to purchase from the electronics outlet were met with locked doors and a message on store's website from owners Joe and Rachelle Friedman that it was shutting down to renovate and hopefully reemerge as an "unprecedented retailing concept and social mecca."

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The 10 Best Concerts in New York This Weekend, 4/11/14

Categories: Weekend

Courtesy of Pitch Perfect PR // Credit: Angel Ceballos
Protomartyr play Death By Audio this Friday
For more shows throughout the weekend, check out our New York Concert Calendar, which we update daily.

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The Dance Cartel Brings Jubilation and Humor Back to Dance

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Photo Sasha Arutyunova
It is rehearsal, several weeks before the dance company's return to the Ace Hotel for its oft-packed On the Floor and it is time for new material. Dancers do half cartwheels through the studio floor, slow move with a disco ball, point a leg and shoot (as if their leg was a semi-automatic) and fly with a make-shift cape. They are focused, watching their characters in the mirror and seeing what sticks, and they are laughing, joking about how silly they look.

This new opening they're trying to build, explains Dance Cartel founder and choreographer Ani Taj, who was surveying the scene, seeking nuggets for the show and rehearsing new moves herself, is a way to magnify the dancers' own quirks. Days before she'd asked them to consider, "What's the Power Ranger or superhero version of you inside the Dance Cartel? How does that assemble into this wacky team?"

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Mad Men's Six Best Music Moments

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In the fifth season premiere of Mad Men, Jessica Paré as Megan Draper forced a roomful of jaws to drop with an unexpected performance of "Zou Bisou Bisou." The scene took place at Don Draper's apartment during his surprise birthday party; his young wife, Megan, turned the shock quotient up to 11 when she grabbed the mic from the singer of the band she'd hired and launched into a confection of a '60s pop song that Sophia Loren had previously lent her voice to. Megan Draper stopped both the characters on the show and its viewers dead in their tracks at the beginning of that season, and that moment--one that broke the fourth wall with its perfection as both a plot vehicle and a period-appropriate musical choice--forced the issue when it came to recognizing Mad Men as one of the most musically savvy shows on television. Any show with an RJD2 track for its theme song has to be, anyway.

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Carcass: Still "Unpalatable"

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Sure, this "Fab Four" hail from Liverpool, but the lyrics "like maggots colonizing / contagious disease contaminating" are about as far away as "love, love me do" as you can get. And that's how Carcass like it, even though the 2013 Surgical Steel album is proving to be their most "commercial" to date, breaking into the Top 50 of the Billboard 200.

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