G.G. Allin Meets Taylor Swift in the Streets of New York

Taylor Swift and G.G. Allin: Their New Yorks are very different.
Taylor Swift's Welcome to New York has been widely criticized in news articles as bullshit, the worst ode to NYC ever, and one of the worst catchy songs ever. Longtime Lower East Side documentarian Clayton Patterson went a step further in a video response that intersperses bits of a bubbly Swift lauding the city, with clips from the 1980s and 1990s showing the Tompkins Square riots and a naked, poop-covered G.G. Allin. But Patterson's retort -- its scenes of chaos, police brutality, and grime -- has left New Yorkers wondering: Is this the comeback we wanted? Did Patterson's attempt at capturing a multi-layered and complex city miss the mark?

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War Heats Up in the LES

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The DL. Photo from Bowery Boogie
Last week we told you about the heat Lower East Side clubs like The DL were taking from members of a year-old neighborhood group called LES Dwellers. The group opposes new liquor licenses in their neighborhood, particularly in the few blocks of what is known as "Hell Square," which has 55 full liquor licences, 38 of which operate until 4 a.m. LES Dwellers--whose stated mission is to "restore balance back to our community, and preserve what is left of the L.E.S."--say the crunch of bars can flood their streets with some 9,000 drunk and disorderly patrons who often use their sidewalks as makeshift bathrooms. The group are vocal, and they routinely make their complaints known to Community Board 3. Perhaps a bit more than CB3 would like.

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From Hesher to Hardcore: Lewis Dimmick on His New Book This Music

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In the early 80's, the phenomenon known as Hardcore Punk whipped through the U.S. like the pissed off, privileged child that it was. By the mid '80s though, most of the bands who coined the sound and term were either donning black and weeping or doing bad AC/DC impressions. There were also those who simply hung up their instruments and checked out into the great, monotonous beyond of college.

But it is in that grey area where the New York Hardcore scene flourished. Not only did bands like the Cro-Mags or Straight Ahead fill a void for a generation of kids too late for the first wave, but their primal, no nonsense sound attracted the fans and bands on the New York Metal scene. Pretty soon it wasn't uncommon to see Nuclear Assault or Agnostic Front share bills at both the CBGB's Sunday Hardcore matinees or out at the rock capital of Brooklyn itself, L'Amour.

One of the longhairs from that time who jumped ship to Hardcore was Staten Island's Lewis Dimmick. He details his transformation from hesher to Hardcore in his brand new book, This Music: Pieces on Heavy Metal, Punk Rock & Hardcore Punk. The brief but potent read is a collection of extremely personal remembrances from the time that'll get the now-naturally-bald old fogies misty and the youngsters jealous.

We checked in with Dimmick to discuss the book and the infamous mid-80's NYHC scene it sprung from.

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Expose Yourself To Cro-Mags Singer John Joseph's "Fuckin' Photographic Memory and Stories Out the Wazoo" on His Walking Tour of the LES

For the past year and a half, maybe the coolest touristy thing to do in the city--even if you live here--has been the three-hour walking tour "The History of Art, Crime, Drugs, and Punk Rock on the Lower East Side," led by Cro-Mags singer John Joseph.

Warning: The following post contains the word "fuck" many fuckin' times.

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