Brooklyn's Ava Luna Touch Transcendence on Infinite House

Photo by Renaud Monfounry
Ava Luna will celebrate the release of Infinite House at Baby's All Right and Silent Barn this weekend.
There's a mischievous air of cool around Ava Luna. With Infinite House, their third LP, they're laughing at inside jokes in between fractured funk stomps and screeds of Beat poetry. Find them recalling Janelle MonaƩ at her most adventurous on lead single "Coat of Shellac" or the Black Keys before they went major on the fiery "Billz." Draw lines between Infinite House and the Inherent Vice soundtrack as the hypnotic "Tenderize" echoes the neurotic snap of Can's "Vitamin C" and "Steve Polyester" finds Becca Kauffman giving a surreal monologue in the same way Joanna Newsom reads Pynchon prose. Ava Luna are quirky and confident, mysterious and compelling. Their compositions are gleefully loose rock interpretations, postmodern soul tunes perched on the line between brilliance and the abyss.

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