Shut Up And Play The Hits And James Murphy's Legacy: A Friendly Chat

Nick Murray: So we're here today to talk about Shut Up and Play the Hits, the new film (out tomorrow and tomorrow only) that captures LCD Soundsystem's final concert and follows the band's frontman, the inimitable James Murphy, as he embarks on what his British, kind of corny manager might have at one point described as the next chapter of his life. Turning to you, Luis, there's a lot we could potentially talk about here—the band's music, their legacy, what Murphy means by whimsical socks—but let's start with the basics: What did you think of the film? And were you at that Madison Square Garden show?

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March Madness: Will LCD Soundsystem (9) Lose Their Edge Against The Talking Heads (8)?

talking lcd.jpg
‚ÄčThe Round of 64 for Sound of the City's own version of March Madness—in which you, the Sound of the City voting public, help determine the quintessential New York musician—is a little jam-packed today, with six matches on the docket. (The schedule and results so far are here; the full, updated bracket is here.) As the day continues, we return to the Downtown quadrant, where the LCD Soundsystem dances off against the Talking Heads. Check out the arguments in favor of each below, and vote at Facebook for your favorite.

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Al Doyle Of Hot Chip And New Build Picks Three Noteworthy Spin-Offs

Lindsay Pollock
New Build will appeal to fans of Hot Chip and LCD Soundsystem, if only because it's made up of members of Hot Chip and LCD Soundsystem. The trio—which will expand to a seven-piece (!!!) live band for its two sold-out shows at Mercury Lounge on Tuesday and Wednesday—counts among its members Felix Martin and Al Doyle of Hot Chip, the latter of which also played myriad instruments for the late LCD's live show, and producer/DJ Tom Hopkins, who, amongst other things, works as an engineer at Martin and Doyle's East London recording space, Lanark Studios. Their debut album, Yesterday Was Lived and Lost, drops April 3 on their own Lanark Recordings imprint, and it's an enjoyable mix of intergalactic Eno pop, propulsive beats, disco riffage and elegant string arrangements.

The project's been sitting on the back burner for a while now. "There's so much going on that we haven't had time to devote ourselves to it," Doyle says. "Then, last year, we had this nice stretch of time. We basically finished a lot of things off and then decided we could make it work as a live thing." As for that name: "I like the word 'new,' I guess—like we're making some kind of statement, like a break from something else," Doyle says. "In the UK, the phrase 'new build' denotes these ugly houses that get built on the outskirts of town where they're trying to get people to move in, like local workers. It's actually got quite a lot of negative connotation in the UK. Somehow, it seemed attractive to us. It was the name we hated the least. [laughs] It's kind of snappy and it looks good on the page. I should've come up with an amazing story."

With Hot Chip's fifth full-length album, In Our Heads, coming in June, New Build's time to promote its debut is relatively brief—a smattering of live dates in the U.S. and Europe, and then it's back to the main gig for Doyle and Martin. Sound of the City thought it only fitting to ask a member of a spin-off for some of his favorite spin-offs, and Doyle was exceedingly game in his replies, picking a band, an author and a restaurant, each with ties to New York.

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Presented For Your Enjoyment: A Shot-For-Shot Lego Remake Of LCD Soundsystem's "All My Friends"

Everyone mourns the demise of their favorite bands in their own way; Michael J. Green decided to do so in elaborate fashion, crafting a shot-for-shot Lego remake of LCD Soundsystem's clip for "All My Friends." I have a strong feeling that this very well-done homage will be one of the more passed-around YouTube URLs of the day, so, you know, watch and link. [Via @jeffreyremedios/@kathrynyu]

Live: James Murphy And Pat Mahoney Spin For James Franco And Other Beautiful People


Special Disco Version (James Murphy and Pat Mahoney)
Museum of Modern Art
Monday, May 23

Better than: Watching James Franco's "Actors Acting" clip over and over (and over and over) again.

It wasn't too long ago that James Murphy said his goodbyes as the frontman of LCD Soundsystem. According to him, it was time to move on before "we're all too fucking old"--at least that was how he put it during band's string of farewell shows. Murphy is likely too classy (and stubborn) to put together a reunion show in the next decade, but the dance outfit's remnants are still around. Last night, Murphy and former LCD drummer Pat Mahoney (together they're Special Disco Version) helmed a set of turntables on the edge of MoMA's sculpture garden during a cocktail party celebrating the museum's newly contracted two-year partnership with Volkswagen. Judging by the suit he wore and the never-empty champagne glass he toted, semi-retirement is suitng Murphy just fine.

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Live: LCD Soundsystem Say Goodbye, For Once and For All

Got three hours and 41 minutes?

LCD Soundsystem, Liquid Liquid
Saturday, April 2
Madison Square Garden
Better Than: Seeing the Strokes there on Friday.

Midway through the evocative "Someone Great," James Murphy wiped his cheek with his hand. Maybe he was crying. Or maybe he was sweating. It could have been either; both tears and perspiration were prevalent throughout LCD Soundsystem's final show at Madison Square Garden.

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LCD Soundsystem Farewell Week: Frontline Reports from Terminal 5 Night Two

And the grand-goodbye continues. LCD Soundsystem played their second of five farewell shows, or their fourth-to-last show ever, last night at Terminal 5. Monday saw a Reggie Watts guest appearance, rude dudebros, and ultimate catharsis. Last night apparently featured a very similar set list and so much Tweeting that James Murphy had to reprimand you all, suggesting "maybe put down the phone" and "maybe just be here." You didn't, of course. And here's what you said.

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Live: LCD Soundsystem Toasts the End of the World at Terminal 5

Reggie and James

LCD Soundsystem
Terminal 5
Monday, March 28

Better than: The rest of those Certainly the End of Something or Other, One Would Sort of Have to Thinks

We are gathered here in New York City's Terminal 5 to say goodbye to one of the most impeccable music projects of our adult lives. It's all very fitting since we live in a world that seems, at an increasingly alarming rate, to be on the precipice of something, and that something doesn't seem very easy, or simple, or carefree. And LCD Soundsystem was never any of those things. It was, at least in this revered projection, a proposition of tremendous emotional heft, a means of battling resignation, loss, frustration, bullshit. An acknowledgment that things are fundamentally wrong, while attempting to maintain a sense of self-respect and livelihood, while maybe even getting blitzed and pogo-dancing. And that's the gist of tonight, we surmise, the first night in a string of five meant to send the band off into the darkness, or the light, depending: a chance for this 41-year-old ultimately fighting teddy bear to walk away from his third decade (plus one) with dignity.

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Watch: Baths Covers LCD Soundsystem, Joins Tradition of "All My Friends" Reinterpretations

Baths cover LCD Soundsystem

Let's face it: "All My Friends" is a nearly flawless song that could stand alone as the best track from LCD Soundsystem's three studio albums. That fact, however, has not stopped about a thousand different cover versions from hitting the internet, from professionals and common-folk alike. The latest to join this group is the quiet-electronics solo artist Baths, whose cover of the song is featured on The A.V Club's "AV Undercover Series 2." The Baths cover borrows the piano from the original, and not much else, as Will Wiesenfield turns the song into even more of a ballad, filling the sonic spaces that previously housed guitars and drums with silence and drumming-on-legs (courtesy of Dexter Tortoriello from Houses). Not satisfied with just one cover version of "All My Friends"? Here are a couple of the more famous versions, along with the best of the best from YouTube archives.

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Top 10 Music Videos Starring Muppets

Have to love when the crowd erupts as the song kicks into overdrive.

You may have seen the LCD Soundsystem "Dance Yrself Clean" Muppets video floating around today (that's it above) and wondered, "Hmm, what other bands have had their songs Muppetized?" First, that's probably not a word. Second, we wondered the same thing and set out to find the best videos featuring Jim Henson's plushy puppets. Some of these are official videos, some are just fan-made tributes, but all them are excellent:

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