You Can Now Hear The Metallica/Lou Reed Collaboration Lulu In Full

The Lou Reed/Metallica collaboration Lulu has been one of the more curiosity-inspiring releases on this fall's docket, thanks in part to what's been revealed so far: the grinding atonality (that veers on amusicality) of lead single "The View," the inscrutable 30-second samples that were loosed into the world yesterday. The album doesn't come out here until November 1, but as of this morning, it's streaming in full at the project's official website.

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The Lou Reed/Metallica Album Has Entered The "30-Second Previews Of Each Track" Promotional Phase

UPDATE: You can hear the whole thing now.

As the drop date for Lulu, the collaborative album between Lou Reed and Metallica, draws ever nearer (it's out November 1), the wonder over what it might sound like is growing. Well, now the world has a slightly clearer idea, thanks to 30-second samples of the album's nine non-"The View" tracks being posted online! Take a listen after the jump... if you dare.

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HEART2HEART's "Facebook Official": In Which Lance Bass Proves He's Got The Internet-Attention Calculus Down Pat

Last night, Lance Bass—former 'N Sync member, aspiring astronaut, and now apparently boy-band guru—offered a tutorial on how to get your probably-jokey, possibly-somewhat-serious musical project noticed by those folks on the Internet who are looking for things to giggle at as they while away at work.

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Get Ready: Here Is "The View," From The Lou Reed/Metallica Collaboration Lulu

Last night Lou Reed and Metallica released "The View," the first track to surface from their forthcoming collaboration Lulu. The breathless press release introducing the album cites its "graphic lyrics of jealousy, lust, violence and revenge, its grinding riffs and tantalizing tones," and, well, that's one way of putting what its first taste actually sounds like. Embed below.

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Metallica And Lou Reed Just Finished Recording A Bunch Of Songs Together [UPDATED]


This is going to make for one heck of a Chance card:

A few months ago our own Kirk Hammett hinted at a new Metallica project that's "not really 100 percent a Metallica record." While Kirk may have jumped the gun a little (and has since been properly punished with a series of push-ups!), we are more than proud to announce that we have just completed recording a full length album that is a collaboration with none other than the legendary Lou Reed.

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Top Five Even Less Appropriate Lou Reed Songs For Susan Boyle To Sing

metal machine music.jpg
Maybe like an a capella vocal-loop thing, I don't know
So Lou Reed has straight-up cockblocked Susan Boyle's attempt to sing his "Perfect Day" on America's Got Talent, apparently sending the reality-TV songstress back to England in tears. Explanation: "A source said Reed's reason for the last-minute rejection was that he 'didn't like' Boyle." Oh, Lou. While we can understand your reluctance to have Ms. Boyle tear into perhaps your most beloved and bittersweet song, you have to admit that there are far worse fits in your catalog.

For example:

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Verily, Lou Reed And Laurie Anderson Did Preside Over Saturday's Mermaid Parade At Coney Island

I will admit to being bummed out that their "chariot," as it were, wasn't more regal and elaborate -- and that Lou himself seemed so nonplussed, though of course nonplussed is his thing -- but all the same, here are your 2010 King Neptune and Queen Mermaid, living it up. Laurie, at least, seemed pretty jazzed -- a convincing howl of joy at the tail-end of this. More pics here and here. Looks like Lou was better suited to all this than we thought.

Lou Reed Doesn't Make a Very Good Illustrated Mermaid

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Marco Anelli
King Neptune staring at Marina

Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson have been christened Master of Ceremonies for this year's Mermaid Parade, which for a day will make them, respectively, King Neptune and Queen Mermaid. Hopefully, this means in the press lead-up to June 19's topless-lady procession, we'll get an array of really awkward renderings of the art couple as goofy sea creatures. There's already one posted on the official Mermaid Parade web site, the pair illustrated as a Coney-Island-sideshow-style banner. Perma-frowning Lou appears downright ridiculous:

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Scenes from the Anthology Film Archives 40th Anniversary: Sonic Youth, Julian Schnabel, Kenneth Anger, and Some Guy Named Lou

all photos by Nate "Igor" Smith
Don't care what you say, Thurston still looks bad-ass

The Anthology Film Archives celebrated its 40th anniversary last night at the Hiro Ballroom. The scene was, by all accounts, an intimately swanky affair--reserved tables started at $500; mezzanine tickets cost $99 a piece. The steep entry fee was not only a gesture of support for the New York institution, but payment to witness a bill stocked with formative downtown-art figures. The Virgins opened, Sonic Youth appeared to make guitar-feedback noodle-pie, Philip Seymour Hoffman spoke, Julian Schnabel ascended the stage to yell at people talking. ("That was pretty amazing," our photographer Igor reports.) Avant-garde grandpa Jonas Mekas presented underground filmmaker Kenneth Anger with a lifetime achievement award; for the occasion, Anger pulled his band Technicolor Skull out of mothballs for "a rare performance." Also, there was this guy named Lou who wouldn't let anyone take pictures. We happened upon one anyway. Full Anthology Film Archives 40th Anniversary gallery here; highlights below.

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Russell Simmons Celebrates Our Feathered Friends

The Def Jam co-founder will host a Celebration FOR the Turkeys (i.e., not AGAINST) on Sunday, November 22, accompanied by like-minded blowhards Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson. Jonathan Safran Foer, a/k/a the guy who ruined Thanksgiving for thousands of families this year with his new Eating Animals, will speak. The occasion is a benefit for Farm Sanctuary, who are circulating a petition to end the cruel American ritual in which the president "pardons" two turkeys, only to send them to Disney World and/or Land, where the vast majority of the birds end up dead within a year of arrival. (After all, what human could withstand this ordeal?) Anyway, Farm Sanctuary is looking to take the birds off Obama's hands, and they've asked Simmons, who believes that humans eating animals is only a small symptom of a bigger moral degradation that's left "our beloved country, America, is standing on its last wobbly legs," for help. $150 will buy you a vegan breakfast and a lecture from the man himself. [h/t our family at Runnin' Scared]