Get Lost In Mountains' New Album Centralia, Because That's the Point

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Eight years in, Mountains albums arrive with certain expectations attached. There will be gently melancholy expanses of sound. There will be lapping-wave dissolves and cross fades caulked with spectral drone. There will be reed-rustling whispers and dry-heaving synthesizers. There will be the illusion, on the part of the listener, of being incrementally disconnected from his or her nerve endings and immediate surroundings. All of these things will seem to be continuing forever, and it will be awesome.

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In a lot of senses, then, there's nothing surprising about Centralia (Thrill Jockey); on the new album, machines and instruments manipulated by the Brooklyn duo of Koen Holtkamp and Brendon Anderegg gurgle, thrum, and rustle unreservedly, reveling in a dizzying, uncommon contentedness. But a new warmth has crept into their conflict-free melees, from the drizzling pinprick electronics defining "Liana" to the raspy, delirious shivers of "Sand" to the threshing, high-altitude head rush of "Propeller."

In the weeks leading up to the release of Centralia, SOTC emailed with Holtkamp and Anderegg about their new album and the evolution of their sound.

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Guardian Alien, Notekillers, Man Forever, And Mountains' Koen Holtkamp Are Playing An Occupy Wall Street Benefit Next Sunday

This just in from the Twitter of Greg Fox: There'll be a benefit for Occupy Wall Street this next Sunday (October 23) at Shea Stadium starring his psych project Guardian Alien, Oneida drummer Kid Millions' outfit Man Forever, Notekillers, and Mountains member Koen Holtkamp. The show starts at 8 p.m. and the money collected will go to the Occupy Wall Street kitchen; the flyer (from which the Bloomberg photochop at left is taken) below.

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Download Christopher Weingarten's Hipster Puppies Cassette Release Party Podcast, Filled With NYC Bands

Next Wednesday, SOTC pal Christopher R. Weingarten will celebrate the release of the cassette companion to his canines-and-coolness tome Hipster Puppies—a tape stuffed with a roster of 18 local bands that includes Das Racist, Yvette, and Liturgy—with a party at Public Assembly. The party will host sets by Zs, Mountains, Burning Star Core, and Dinowalrus, all of whom contributed to the tape. In advance of the party, Chris has prepared a 71-minute podcast with songs by and interviews with all four bands—think of it as your chance to hear four Yes In My Backyard columns come together live. (Or, well, live to tape, anyway.) Link and track listing below.

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Download: Mountains' Bubbly "Thousand Square"

Mountains Shelf.jpg
Jon Leone
Meditative blisscrafters Mountains are Brooklyn's finest young purveyors of pillowy drifts, true masters of the airy drone. Over six fantastically fluffy years, Brendon Anderegg and Koen Holtkamp have explored different combinations of otherworldy hum and fluttery post-Fahey acoustic pluckage, but Air Museum (out May 10 via Thrill Jockey) launches the pair straight into the space-rock cosmos. Though the two claim Air Museum is simply bursting with acoustic instruments, their surely enviable pedal boards make everything ooze in liquid ecstasy like the gushiest, synthiest, most future-shocked, run-from-Big-Brother, robo-fucked Tangerine Dream records. One track even sounds like Vangelis' "Chariots Of Fire" score if it were remixed into a Growing-style charred blast.

"Thousand Square," in which the duo explores rhythm more than on past releases, has the sunny synthetic bubbles of krautrock cosmonauts like Harmonia, panning speakers, and getting into polyrhythmic chit-chat--all tethered to this planet by a field recording of people walking around inside a church in Jerusalem.

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