Once a Princess: Nitty Scott, MC, Emerges from Disney Fantasy to Gritty Reality

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Brook Bobbins
Minus the gritty: Nitty Scott, MC
Nitty Scott, MC, was a Disney Princess. Before transforming into a talented rapper, she was a 16-year-old character performer at Disney World in Florida. Scott's diminutive height determined her roles: She would climb inside a fur costume to become Chip (or Dale) or Winnie the Pooh or doll herself up as Princess Jasmine or Pocahontas.

"It was just the cutest job ever," the 23-year-old Scott says now, having since settled into a different kind of fantasy kingdom at Coney Island, where she has lived for the last three years and where she wrote her new album, The Art of Chill. Stepping into character at Disney gave Scott an early glimpse at the inspirational power performers hold over their fans: She recalls little girls crying with excitement when they saw her as Pocahontas, and a grandmother who was moved to tears after her granddaughter, who had been mute for a year after her family died in an accident, spoke again after she met who, on the surface, looked to be her idol.

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Q&A: Nitty Scott MC On Moving To New York, The Boombox Diaries Vol. 1, And Blurring The Line Between Mainstream And Underground

Nitty Scott MC is fresh out of her teens and she's already had three career changes, though she's remained a writer throughout. Within the last few years she's made a name for herself among New York's tough crowds as a legit MC who only includes organic hip-hop ingredients in her dishes.

Nitty—who just put out her first official commerical release, The Boombox Diaries, Vol. 1 (Boombox Family)—took some time off from penning lyrics in Brooklyn to chat it up with SOTC.

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Seven More Sets You Should Catch During CMJ Week, Including Hull, Coasting, And The Fabulous En Vogue

Thumbnail image for hull_promo.jpg

Sound of the City's staff has opinions about which bands to see at the CMJ festival, happening around the city this week. In our final installment of recommendations, music editor Maura Johnston offers her picks. (Check out Nick Murray's and Martika Finch's selections, too.)

Face-melting metal with just a touch of Southern-rock swagger from deep Brooklyn. Saw them last Monday, was completely blown away. Sample an MP3 from their new album Beyond The Lightless Sky here.
Where to catch them: Friday at 11 p.m. at Union Pool; they're playing the Tee Pee Records showcase.

The Duke Spirit
Moody, dark, and grand, this UK band—led by the formidable Liela Moss—finally has a new album coming out after way too long.
Where to catch them: The Union Square Puma Store, where they go on at 2:30 on Wednesday. Take a late and dramatic lunch!

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Brooklyn's Nitty Scott MC Gets A 16-Bar Break On BET

"Oh, snap, it's the real-life rap Halle Berry..." And lo, with 16 bars rapped over an instrumental spun by underground hip-hop gate-keeper DJ Premier, a new star was born at the BET Hip-Hop Honors earlier this week. Well, maybe—at the very least, the performer in question saw her profile increase considerably after stepping up and spitting the standout rhyme in a freestyle cipher alongside Houston's Lecrae, singer/rapper Estelle, and a guy from France. (Hence the clip being dubbed "International Flow.")

Those lyrics came from the Brooklyn-based Nitty Scott MC, who has spent the formative period of her career doing what all other upcoming rappers are meant to do: releasing free songs and mixtapes, hoping that online buzz somehow sky-rockets, and (if we're being honest) praying for a lucky break. If early online reaction is anything to go by, Scott received her break the other night.

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