Princess Superstar's "Xmas Swagger" Will Jingle Your Bells

The raunch-rap royalty Princess Superstar has gotten into the Christmas-music game with "Xmas Swagger," a sweet bit of brain-velcro that gives shout-outs to shopping for seasonal accoutrements at Duane Reade, festive sweaters, and Chippendales. Yes, those Chippendales, who are still kicking, albeit in an extremely aesthetically different form. (R.I.P. hairy chests.) The video, in which the Princess spreads holiday cheer down 125th Street and gives a nod to how much cleanup one has to do in order to get one's house ready for entertaining by performing in front of a venerable mountain of paper towels, after the jump.

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Princess Superstar Will Give You A Lapdance For $10,000

princess superstar.jpg
"Excellent Health and Nutrition Advice" a bargain at $60
Aficionados of gleefully porn-y electro-rap, rejoice: The inimitable Princess Superstar (remember "Bad Babysitter"? You should!) is recording a new album. This being 2010, the major-label system is not exactly an option, and so join us now for the most elaborate and bizarre album-fund-raising venture in gleefully porn-y electro-rap history.

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