The Fabled Justin Bieber/Kanye West/Raekwon Song Is Here

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The long-threatened summit of Rae, Kanye, and the Bieb has arrived in the person of "Runaway Love (Remix)," a mercifully simple and breezy grafting of Justin Bieber's titular kiddie-r&b jam and, uh, "Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthin' Ta Fuck Wit." Which works better than it has any right to, actually, and it's a trip to watch Kanye and Raekown go PG: The insult of choice here is "weirdo." The Internet is magic, people. Remember which site you heard if first on.

Watch Raekwon Unveil His Best Poker Face in the "Canal Street" Video

Big day for Rae! After blessing Brooklyn's newest DIY concert spot with a taped endorsement, the Wu's latter-day flag carrier comes through with a belated video for the best song on 2009's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II, "Canal Street." Worth it for the weird poker face he dons in the faux-police interrogation here alone. Looks uncomfortable, not snitching!

A Guide to Party Expo, Brooklyn's Newest Wu-Tang-Approved DIY Venue

Party Expo, late January. Photo via Superchief
Brooklyn Vegan brings word of a new Brooklyn venue, Party Expo, which is seemingly going public with a Japanther show this Wednesday--$5, limited to 75 tickets, no alcohol, either for sale or BYOB. So what is this place, exactly? Well. Their first show was back in January, also featured Japanther--along with SXSW upchuckers the Death Set, Cerebral Ballzy, and others--and was a benefit for the space. It was most assuredly BYOB:

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Here Is A Video In Which Raekwon Visits An Australian Zoo

Pointing to a supine kangaroo: "It's a definitely rare breed of animal. You see how big the tail is, you know? To me it's like it's three different animals in one. It looks like it got a deer in it, a mule in it, and a horse!" [Rap Radar]

Annals of Unlikely Sample Clearance: How in the World Did Method Man, Ghostface, and Raekwon Clear Michael Jackson for "Our Dreams"?

When "Our Dreams," the awesomely emo first single from the eponymous group effort from Method Man, Ghostface, and Raekwon (Rap Radar just confirmed that Wu Massacre, as in the cover, at left, is the name of the record and not the group) circulated a few weeks ago, we figured that'd be last anyone heard about it. Why? Because of the substantial chunk of the hook and sample on the verse is pulled from Michael Jackson's "We're Almost There"--a beast of a clearance, even amongst the elevated, no-permission-granted-ever climate of sampling in general today. And yet not 24 hours ago the song popped up again on an official Island/Def Jam site, streaming, with its own single art and everything. What gives? It's not like these guys have Jay-Z's money.

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Still the Best Name for This Proposed Ghostface Killah/Method Man/Raekwon Project

Right? Or that would be too accurate? Ironman, Iron Chef, and the Iron Lung would also be acceptable, we suppose. More info here, if this confuses you. [JensenClan88/Ghostface]

"Jimmy, What Up Baby?" Raekwon Performs on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

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"Good looking out man, word up"--always nice to thank your hosts. No surprise the Roots and Raekwon are a winning combination, especially on "Catalina," and even more especially with Black Thought guesting. I dunno, what's left to say? Best year for rap on television that's not BET or MTV ever? Something like that. [Rap Radar]

The Long Strange Trip of Raekwon's "Surgical Gloves"

From OB4CL2 standout to awkward Chris Webber NBA TV Fan Night Laker-dominance reference to Pitchfork video premiere. That's reach, right there.

CMJ, Day Two: New York Says Hello--and Then Goodbye--to OJ da Juiceman

"This guy's on the internet," says DJ Green Lantern, by way of introducing Atlanta's Pill--a curious diminution for a rapper whose best songs ("Trap Goin' Ham," or you know, "We Outside") are very much about being nowhere near anything like a computer. Anyway, it's not like being on the internet will save you: just ask OJ Da Juiceman, whose three-song set and subsequent crowd-aided flight from the stage at last night's Nah Right/On Smash CMJ showcase at BB Kings proved--if nothing else--that in New York, it's still where you're from that matters. "What happened to mutual respect?" asked HOT97's Miss Info from the stage, as she attempted to quiet the emphatic chorus of boos that had just chased OJ from the stage. "Fuck that," yelled some dude. "Wu-Tang!"

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Live From the Purple Carpet: Interviews and Photos from Last Night's Raekwon Record Release Party

The press mob. All photos by Eleni Rizakos.
Raekwon's long-anticipated Only Built for Cuban Linx, Part II dropped yesterday with a release party graced by Ghostface, Method Man, Diddy, DJ Premiere, Redman, Eric B, Ice-T, and Cappadonna, among many, many others. The red carpet was purple, of course, and the press assembled around it could be better described as a dangerous mob of fans. In fact, the crowd outside of Santos was so overwhelming that Rae had the NYPD working for him last night; cops lined the entire block, yelling at press and bodyguards. But New York's rap royalty were in cheerful form regardless, posing for photos and rendering opinions on what looks to be Rae's instant classic. At least, according to them:

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