Let's Talk About Sex, Baby (and HIV and AIDS Awareness)

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pepa gary560.jpg
Ernest Estimé
Pepa with Gary Dell'Abate (Lifebeat Board President, Producer of The Howard Stern Show)
It was just over two decades ago that seminal rap group Salt-N-Pepa helped usher a discussion of HIV and AIDS awareness into the hip-hop community with their single "Let's Talk About Sex" and its reworking "Let's Talk About AIDS." Continuing that tradition of outreach, last weekend Pepa was on-hand for the launch of interactive art installation and social media HIV/AIDS awareness campaign The Arches of Hope. Along with an installation outside the lobby of urban resort The Out NYC, the Lifebeat: Music Fights AIDS and MTV Staying Alive organized campaign encourages a wide-scale sending of messages of hope with the hashtag #ArchesOfHope which will be beamed to jumbo screen in Times Square and shared across a dozen social media sites. We spoke to Pepa about her longtime involvement with raising HIV and AIDS awareness, as well as being on-hand for Arches of Hope's launch.

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Stephen Malkmus, at the first of Pavement's 50 shows here. Pics by Rob unless noted otherwise.
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Live: Salt-N-Pepa, Naughty By Nature, And Slick Rick Do "Old-School Night" At Wingate Field

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Still talking about sex, albeit very briefly. Pics by Rebecca Smeyne, more below.
Salt-N-Pepa/Naughty by Nature/Slick Rick
Wingate Field
Monday, August 2

"Y'all look like a free concert out here," notes Salt wryly, shortly before launching into "I'll Take Your Man" in front of, indeed, thousands and thousands of nostalgia-crazed people. Yes, it's a "Y'all remember this one?" sort of show, which is great, actually, when we're asked to remember stuff like "Push It," "Hip Hop Hooray," "Children's Story," and the dynamic public-speaking acumen of Marty Markowitz.

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