Exclusive Premiere: M-Phazes and Sean Price's "Dump in the Gut"

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Land of the Crooks
Flush from the success of co-producing Eminem's "Bad Guy" from the rapper's platinum-selling The Marshall Mathers LP 2, the Australian-based producer M-Phazes has furrowed back into the New York City rap turf to team up with Sean Price for a new EP project titled Land of the Crooks. You can stream the first fruits of the venture exclusively here, as Sean Mandela drops his inimitable punchlines all over a dusky M-Phazes production that they've charmingly titled "Dump in the Gut."

The full Land of the Crooks EP will drop on December 17th and comes complete with artwork inspired by the vintage '80s flick Crocodile Dundee. Adding on to "Dump in the Gut," the project also includes collaborations with Roc Marciano, Guilty Simpson and Loudmouf Choir (on the equally alluring "Bag of Shit"), plus a Small Professor remix and instrumental takes of the tracks to boot. Read on to hear M-Phazes break down his creative tryst with Sean P and ponder which bars he'd take the Boot Camp Click man to in Melbourne.

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The Polo Files: Buckshot, Sean Price, and Dallas Penn Talk The 'Lo-End Theory

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Sean Price and Timeless Truth

Last Sunday, the Highline Ballroom hosted The 'Lo-End Theory, an event that celebrated a faction of the New York City hip-hop community's obsession with Ralph Lauren Polo clothing. Conceived by Dallas Penn, the festivities included a Polo clothing swap during the day and a series of live spots from 'Lo aficionados Roc Marciano, Sean Price, Buckshot, Meyhem Lauren, Timeless Truth and Thirstin Howl III. Flush from the night's success, we tapped up Buckshot, Sean Price and the night's architect for their Polo memories.

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The Top 3.28 Hip-Hop Songs Of The Week

Rap has always had a dividing line between the rapper and the guy that yells out things on stage because it's America, damn it. That man used to be the DJ, who'd spin records for the rapper and rap along to his verses to get the crowd hype. As the years went by and quality DJing became more rare, the sidekick became some guy the rapper grew up with who had comparatively marginal talent, but who made for a great hypeman.

Eventually, though, the sidekick would eventually make one major mistake: He'd try to make his own way as a rapper, to less than stellar results. Memphis Bleek hasn't come out of Jay-Z's shadow after 15 years. Spliff Star has seemingly disappeared after trying his hand at something more than being Busta Rhymes' energetic rapping Smeagol. The less said about the non-Eminem members of D12, the better.

But every once in a while, they put together music that's not an embarrassing reminder that most of their success comes from being a friend of a superior rapper. This week, we focus on a few of those people: Method Man's marijuana-holder Streetlife; A$AP Mob; and Fat Joe (who, while not a weed carrier, was Big Pun's less talented homie).

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