The Lonely Island Better Not Lose Its Emmy Race To A Song From Freaking Family Guy

Four songs from this past season of Saturday Night Live—three by the Andy Samberg-led pop-comedy troupe the Lonely Island, and Justin Timberlake's protestation that he's so over being a pop star—have been nominated for Emmys in the Outstanding Original Music And Lyrics category. (That's four of the category's six slots, for those of you who were counting.) As it happens I listened to the still-giggle-worthy "Jack Sparrow," the Michael Bolton-assisted paean to the club and summer blockbusters, this morning while trying out Spotify (about which more later), and it's one of the three Lonely Island tracks up to bring home the trophy on Sept. 18. (Sorry, "Shy Ronnie 2: Ronnie And Clyde.") The full slate of original-song nominees after the jump, plus a bonus "hey this track got robbed!" entry from one of this season's best new shows.

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Chris Parnell, Andy Samberg, And (Most Importantly) The Roots Do "Lazy Sunday" Live On Jimmy Fallon

Not much use in pretending this isn't awesome. "Ghost like Swayze" does stick in the throat these days, though.

The Roots + Lonely Island + An Excellent Censor: Behold "I'm on a Boat" Live

In the aftermath of the actually quite excellent "Motherlover," the Lonely Planet boys hit another milestone last night: Their first ever live performance, on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, backed by, yes, the Roots, in nautical finery for "I'm on a Boat." The true star of this clip is whoever handled all the bleeping.

On the Lonely Island's "I'm On a Boat," Featuring T-Pain

If you're gonna go the Weird Al white-people-satirizing-black-rappers route, better Crime Mob than Coolio, right? (And "I'm riding on a dolphin, doing flips and shit/The dolphin's splashing, gettin' everybody all wet" could have absolutely come from "Party Like a Rockstar" and no one would've blinked--say what you will, but at least these guys clearly listen to rap). [Via Pitchfork]