We Smoked Weed With Total Slacker at the Olive Garden in Times Square

Total Slacker Carbo Load Crew L-R: Emily Oppenheimer, author Jamie Peck, Zoe Brecher, Dave Tassy and Tucker Rountree
"Are you excited to be here?" I ask.

"I'm, like, fucking cumming in my pants," replies Tucker.

It is 8:45pm on a Sunday evening, and I am waiting in a fake Tuscan piazza with the members of Total Slacker (Tucker Rountree, Emily Oppenheimer, Dave Tassy and Zoe Brecher) -- a Brooklyn band who specialize in slowed down, fuzzed out '90s alt rock twirled around the fork of psych, grunge, noise and punk -- for a table at the Olive Garden's Times Square location. The lights of giant ads flash at us through picture windows which seem specially designed to let this happen. Foreign languages are being spoken, children are crying, and the three-story restaurant is filled to capacity with visitors seeking a taste of this most quintessential part of the American (if not the New York) experience. We have been waiting for nearly an hour (they don't take reservations) and the giant buzzing token has just gone off in my purse, making us feel like we've won the lottery. Tucker is especially excited.

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Highlights From The Holiday Weekend: Good Hair, Better Sightlines At Monster Island And Bruar Falls


In Waste Of Paint, our writer/artist team of Jamie Peck and Debbie Allen will review goings-on about town in words and images.

Does anyone who goes to local rock shows actually have their shit together enough to get out of town on Independence Day? I didn't used to think so, but now I can say with authority that they do. Half the audience seemed to be missing at all the concerts I went to this weekend, including my usual partner in crime, who abandoned me for the pleasures of a non-mutual friend's cabin in Pennsylvania. She probably drew these pictures while floating in the middle of a lake somewhere, watching the sun set over the forest, and drinking a cocktail made from local, artisanal blackberry jam. What a bitch. (I miss you. Please come home.)

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Live: Yuck Brave The Thunder Snowstorm At Glasslands

yuck 1.JPG
Less like Dinosaur Jr than you might have hoped/feared. Pics by Rob.
Yuck/Total Slacker
Wednesday, January 26

Better Than: Watching American Idol exploit that brain-damaged woman, evidently

If you're here tonight, than you really want to be here. This includes your headliners, the classic-indie-guitar-god-worshiping Brits Yuck, who valiantly battled visa issues that axed their planned show last night at Mercury Lounge and probably contributed to their barely making it to this one: "We just got here," they announce from the stage. As for the crowd, we've braved a fuckin' thunder snowstorm, which begets a two-hour delay further exacerbated by one of the least pleasant opening-band experiences in recent memory. It's pretty much all worth it, though, when Yuck plays the song about the coconuts.

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Live: Total Slacker, Ava Luna, and Beach Fossils Side Project Red Romans Turn on the Air Conditioning at Union Pool

Total Slacker: It is, apparently, never too hot to do this. All photos by Georgia Kral
Total Slacker, Red Romans, Ava Luna
Union Pool
Tuesday, July 6

Last night in the freezing (yessss) back room of Union Pool, three Brooklyn acts gave startlingly fresh performances. The bill--Red Romans, a jangly and well-crafted pop band that's the side project of Chris Burke from Beach Fossils; seven-piece Motown post-punk band Ava Luna; Total Slacker, a Brooklyn three-piece that never plays minor chords (true story)--was made up entirely of friends, though none of the acts really sound the same.

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