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At first blush, it seems like one of the many ridiculous and ridiculously entertaining lies ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead have told over their 17 years as a band, right up their with meeting as choirboys in church, their name being a Mayan reference, or the band hailing from Plano, TX. But it's no joke, no lie. In fact, ToD singer/guitarist Conrad Keely doesn't seem to do much joking anymore, so disgusted he is with the state of things. So when he says he lives in Cambodia now, and that the band's new sprawling, gorgeous, and powerful album Lost Songs, their eighth, (stream it here) was written and recorded in three weeks? Well, OK then.

Trail of Dead bring their blistering live show to Irving Plaza tonight

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Possibly 4th Street 27: Trail of Dead

Rob Trucks's "Possibly 4th Street" expositions, in which he invites musicians to perform live and impromptu somewhere in New York City, run intermittently here at Sound of the City.

Trail of Dead headlines the Music Hall of Williamsburg on Friday, February 27 [tix] and Bowery Ballroom on Saturday, February 28 [tix] .

Rob Trucks
Trail of Dead in the Niagara basement

Possibly 4th Street
Number 27 (Part One)
. . . And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead

by Rob Trucks

Just six days before the release of their sixth full-length, The Century of Self, ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead hold a press day in New York City. Which is a lot easier now that founding members Conrad Keely and Jason Reece call Williamsburg, rather than Austin, home.

But February in the city often means snow one day followed by a balmy sixty degrees the next. And these things have to be, you know, planned in advance. Besides, Conrad's keyboard needs electricity. So on a warm Wednesday afternoon in the East Village, three AYWKUBTTOD members, enthusiastically primed with Blood Marys, perform two songs (or three Century of Self album tracks) within Niagara's starkly bright back room. Meanwhile, across the street in Tompkins Square, a makeshift religious service solicits sinners in unseasonable shirt sleeves.

Trail of Dead perform "Bells of Creation"

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