In Memory Of Paul Shaffer's House, The Now-Shuttered Punk Outpost In The Bronx

Over the last year, those who traveled to the Paul Shaffer House--from Brooklyn, Fordham, Columbia, and SUNY Purchase--had somehow become convinced that the punk house off the Bronx Park East stop was going to be around forever. It wasn't hard; on the best summer nights, the place seemed like Utopia, hosting shows with bills made up of house bands (Minutemen-influenced punk-funk outfit The Genuine Imitations, the all-brothers band No One and the Somebodies) and touring bands, fostering an atmosphere where strangers would be on a first-name basis with one another by night's end. The sets were long enough to work up a sweat, and the breaks gave you just enough time to cool off with a cigarette or make a beverage run to a nearby.

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