Here's the Story on the Wu-Tang Affiliate Who Appears to Have Cut His Penis Off

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As we reported yesterday, rapper Christ Bearer apparently severed his penis and jumped off of his Studio City apartment balcony, in what appears to be a suicide attempt.

But despite his affiliation with Wu-Tang Clan, most people -- Wu fans included -- know very little about him. Here's his story:

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The New Wu-Tang Clan Album Should Not Happen

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Photo Katya Horner
Of late, Wu-Tang Clan leader RZA has been acting with a single-minded purpose: making a new Wu-Tang album happen, against all odds. He's already titled it A Better Tomorrow and dropped a couple singles to promote the album; even as projected release dates have come and gone, he's admitted he's struggled to get the other eight members in a room together.

Nominally, this would be get us excited. Even though Wu-Tang's last few collaborative efforts have been mixed affairs, the individual members involved have been firing on all cylinders for several years now. However, there are some very sold reasons this album should not happen at all.

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Wu Tang Clan Merch > Yeezus Tour Merch

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Wu scarf to keep ya Wu warm
As you've no doubt seen, Kanye West's Yeezus tour merch features Confederate flags and Native American headresses. Like all things Kanye, people feel strongly about it. Depending on who you listen to he's either a bold and fearless artist/genius unafraid to take aesthetic and artistic risks, or a brazen opportunist who should be shamed for playing loose with proactive imagery for the sake of press. Where you stand on the issue doesn't matter. What matters is ... none of the Yeezus tour merch can even begin to touch the Wu Tang Clan 20th anniversary merchandise!

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U-God Explains His Relationship With RZA and the Rest of the Wu-Tang Clan

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Stephen Bercovici
U God in The Wu Library...
U-God is not angry. And he wants everyone to know that. Since voicing his displeasure about the way things were to Meth back in the day in Russell's Simmons rock doc The Show we've all been under the impression he's disgruntled. A fairly recent lawsuit Mr. Lamont Jody Hawkins brought against Mr. Robert Fitzgerald Diggs aka the RZA, stating Diggs was in breach of contract and thus owed U-God a pretty decent chunk of bread didn't help the stigma.

But the past is the past. U-God's working with RZA again and he's got new product hitting the market today, The Keynote Speaker. He's happy. We sat down with U to talk his new album, his relationship with RZA and the rest of The Clan.

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30 Rock's Most Hilarious Rap References

Happy belated Ludacrismas!
30 Rock wraps up tonight, as the Tina Fey-penned show signs off with its final episode. During the show's seven seasons of hilarity, it's never been shy of weaving rap references into its script (a tick helped by Donald Glover a/k/a/ Childish Gambino holding down a writer's position at one point). So with a doff of the ol' faithful Kangol to Liz Lemon Cool J, here's a round-up of 30 Rock's most ROFL-worthy rap references.

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Q&A: Raekwon Recovers Some Lost Jewelry

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Smoking one for all the lost jewelry out there... We miss you dearly.
Raekwon is the mayor of fly shit. Snow Beach pullovers to Cuban links, his oft-imitated style and slang have been referenced for the past 20 years -- as Cappadonna once put it, "Half the East Coast sound just like Rae"). In the past, he's accused Frank White of biting his visual style. Today, if he gave a damn, he could accuse Frank Ocean, who was spotted a little while back sporting the quintessential Polo Ralph Lauren piece, the Snow Beach pullover, of the same. Rae's reach is obvious.

Over the course of his career he's kept what he calls a "jewelry box" of unreleased musical gems he's amassed. He's decided to drop that collection out of the sky as Lost Jewelry. As he put it, " it's an appetizer" for the start of the new year and as a prelude to an album he says he's releasing sooner than later in this year of The Gods, 2013. Let's just enjoy the appetizer the Chef has just presented and chat him up about the ingredients, what it took to make the dish, and of course, jewelry.

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Q&A: GZA On Wrestling, His Hip-Hop Beginnings, Chess Metaphors, And The Chances of a Wu-Tang Kung Fu Flick

Much has been afoot in Gary Grice's professional life lately. The Wu-Tang Clan colonel better known as GZA or Genius is working on a new astronomy/physics-inspired record called Dark Matter and a re-recording of Liquid Swords, his 1995 stone-cold classic, that will incorporate instrumentation by live bands. Get On Down is issuing a spiffy deluxe version of the original Swords that features a new all-instrumentals disc, a 20-page book, and a miniature chess set. Liquid Swords II should be coming down the pike at some point, too. On top of all this, he has shows to do, like tonight's performances of Swords backed by Latin funk group Grupo Fantasma.

Things were far more dormant when I spoke to the MC last fall for an interview that's sat on the shelf thanks to some bad luck. At the time, GZA was planning to lecture at Harvard University (he's since visited MIT, NYU, and Cornell, too), and as we join the conversation in progress, he's just discussed how his speaking engagement will look at how he puts rhymes together and structures lyrics, and how rappers confuse similes with metaphors.

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Six Great '90s NYC Rap Demos

"Please listen to my demo!" That particular plea may no longer be heard coming from plucky upcoming rappers, what with the Internet age and all, but there's an undeniable pull about getting to hear the industry-ears-only dusty tapes that begat some of hip-hop's finest album moments. This week sees the release of a collection of Queen Latifah's Flavor Unit associate Latee's previously demo-only tracks; each is produced by future Jay-Z collaborator Mark The 45 King and hails from the early '90s, and the whole shebang is released as a premium-priced vinyl-only offering from the Diggers With Gratitude stable.

The Flavor Unit prospered from over the river in New Jersey, so here's a run-down of six great '90s New York City rap demo tapes that are now just a Mediafire muddle away. (Note: The Internet is filled with a lot of alleged and actually unreleased material; we've plumped for the perceived demos that come closet to offering up a stand-alone listening session, as opposed to one-off tracks. Curate this lot together as a playlist and you won't be disappointed.)

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VOTE NOW: Should The Velvet Underground Or The Wu-Tang Clan Advance To SOTC's March Madness Final?

As March comes to a close, so does our month-ish-long battle royale between 64 New York musicians, all of whom were put in the mix to decide which one best embodied the spirit of the city. Each of the divisions—Uptown, Queens, Downtown, and Brooklyn—has now crowned a winner, and for our second semifinal matchup, we pit the rock and roll innovators the Velvet Underground (the No. 3 downtown seed) against the mighty Wu-Tang Clan (No. 4), who came all the way from Staten Island to rule the Brooklyn division. The ballot is below, as is a look at how both musicians arrived at this exalted point. Vote now; the polls close at midnight tonight!

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VOTE NOW For The Elite Eight: Coltrane vs. Keys; Blondie vs. Diamond; SY vs. VU; Wu-Tang vs. Rakim

After three weeks of feverish clicking and arguing, the final eight contenders in our search for the quintessential New York musician have been finalized—you can peruse the bracket here—and it's time for you to vote. Representing the Uptown division are No. 1 seed John Coltrane and No. 14 seed Alicia Keys; No. 12 seed Blondie will have it out with No. 3 seed Neil Diamond in Queens; No. 5 seed Sonic Youth will match Downtown bona fides with Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground (No. 3); and No. 6 seed Rakim will take on No. 4 seed Wu-Tang Clan in Brooklyn.

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