Let These Rappers Teach in Our Public Schools

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Last month, came news that the Wu Tang Clan's resident Genius, the GZA, is going to soon begin working with Columbia teacher Dr. Christopher Emdin and the website RapGenius to bring a better, hip-hop-based chemistry class to New York public schools. As cool as it is that GZA's taking this seriously enough to meet with physicists at Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, this could be only the beginning. With hopes this new age of hip-hop in the classroom catches on, we've made a list of MCs we think could help raise New York's test scores with their lyrics implemented in the curriculum.

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Q&A: GZA On Wrestling, His Hip-Hop Beginnings, Chess Metaphors, And The Chances of a Wu-Tang Kung Fu Flick

Much has been afoot in Gary Grice's professional life lately. The Wu-Tang Clan colonel better known as GZA or Genius is working on a new astronomy/physics-inspired record called Dark Matter and a re-recording of Liquid Swords, his 1995 stone-cold classic, that will incorporate instrumentation by live bands. Get On Down is issuing a spiffy deluxe version of the original Swords that features a new all-instrumentals disc, a 20-page book, and a miniature chess set. Liquid Swords II should be coming down the pike at some point, too. On top of all this, he has shows to do, like tonight's performances of Swords backed by Latin funk group Grupo Fantasma.

Things were far more dormant when I spoke to the MC last fall for an interview that's sat on the shelf thanks to some bad luck. At the time, GZA was planning to lecture at Harvard University (he's since visited MIT, NYU, and Cornell, too), and as we join the conversation in progress, he's just discussed how his speaking engagement will look at how he puts rhymes together and structures lyrics, and how rappers confuse similes with metaphors.

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