A Yoko Ono Record Found Outside a Bodega Sold for Nearly $2,000

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John & Yoko via Wiki Commons
Bed Peace and Hair Peace and Very Expensive Record Peace
New York has no shortage of record collectors. From the aged veteran music archivist to the incoming college freshman looking to put that Bruce Willis album on their dorm wall, we're a city of vinyl. So when a groundbreaking record discovery is uncovered, word travels fast. Fans have been known to spend hours upon hours digging in the crates looking for that great find.

Well, it looks like you missed two big ones, ya goof!

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Yoko Ono (6) And Leiber & Stoller (11) Go Head To Heads In SOTC's March Madness

The Round of 64 for Sound of the City's own version of March Madness—in which you, the Sound of the City voting public, help determine the quintessential New York musician—continues to chug along, and you get to help choose who makes it to Round Two. This morning's first match puts the avant-garde leading light Yoko Ono (seeded sixth in the Uptown division) against the prolific pop architects Leiber & Stoller (in at No. 11). Check out the arguments in favor of each contestant below, then cast your ballot at the bottom of the page.

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Here Is A Video Of Yoko Ono Blowing Out The Candles On Her 77th Birthday Cake

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Sorry about the dudes' butts right at the onset -- art, y'know.

So Yoko Ono played BAM last week with a motley crew of famous friends in tow; here is post-show video wherein she is feted by son/bandleader Sean Lennon (even his joke voice sounds exactly like John's, sheesh) and extinguishes a big-ass cake in honor of her 77th birthday. Yoko herself now regards the BAM fete as "The performance of my life"; Gene Ween's, too, possibly.

(Either Yoko's got the month wrong there or she's been talking to us from eight months in the future, which'd actually make a lot of sense.)

If You've Ever Wanted To Hear Bette Midler Sing A Yoko Ono Song, Here's Your Chance

Ignore the oft-nonexistent video here entirely and bask in a pretty decent recording of Bette Midler (!) singing "Yes, I'm Your Angel" at last night's bonkers Yoko Ono fete at BAM, also featuring Eric Clapton, Paul Simon, the Scissor Sisters, Kim & Thurston (a notably less sonorous taste of that here), and so forth. Way more on this later, but for now know that no one attempted a Yoko impression, thank god, and nobody tra-la-la-la-la's with more gusto than Bette.

Yoko Ono Reforms Plastic Ono Band For One Ridiculous New York Show

Last September's Between My Head and the Sky was Yoko Ono's first record as Plastic Ono Band since 1973's Feeling the Space. John Lennon produced the first; his son Sean handled the second, and now comes word that the Plastic Ono Band will once again perform as well. So far, it's just two dates (the other's out at SF's Noise Pop), but New York's lucky enough to land one of 'em--February 16, at BAM's Gilman Opera House (tickets seem to still be available). Personnel this time out include Cornelius, Yuka Honda, Haruomi Hosono, and a bunch of big name, New York royalty-type guests: Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon, Paul Simon, and Eric Clapton, who last performed with the POB back in 1969. Moore has performed with Ono before as well--last we saw these two together, they were onstage at Pitchfork Fest in Chicago, chanting "War is over! If you want it" as thousands of baffled teenagers ran for the Union Park exits. May this show be equally insane. [h/t Daily Swarm]