Mike Jones: Still Tippin'

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Mike Jones (Who?)
Last week, Complex's Magnum Opus series that features artists talking about their biggest hits featured Mike Jones (Who? Mike Jones!) discussing "Still Tippin'." The installment interviewed everyone involved with the record, as well as provided a context for the scene it came from and a play-by-play of how the track blew up. Just as impressive as the episode itself was Mike Jones' staggering weight loss. We spoke to Jones about the episode and his secret to reemerging as a healthier (Who?) Mike Jones.

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Live: 2 Chainz, Asher Roth, Ace Hood, Vado, And Gunplay Pass Through The Gramercy Theatre

2 Chainz, Asher Roth, Ace Hood, Vado, and Gunplay
Gramercy Theatre
Tuesday, February 21

Better than: Clicking through the 50 best hip-hop jumpsuits.

Is a show still a success if the audience has a great time, but never quite figures what's being promoted? Last night at the Gramercy Theatre, a website called Best of Both Offices brought a handful of rappers from along the east coast to help them re-launch their website and announce a new partnership with Complex Media. Yet the next morning I'm still not exactly sure what that website is. The company refers to itself as a "fully equipped lifestyle and artist development brand designed to creatively develop, market, promote and establish brand new upstart or prominent artists or brands into the marketplace," but that doesn't help much, and Complex claims that it has "successfully marketed, developed and digitally promoted artists including... Jay-Z," which I have trouble believing.

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Earl Sweatshirt Has Been Found! ...Maybe?


The sleuths over at Complex claim to have found Earl Sweatshirt, Odd Future's most elusive member. By employing investigative tactics that involve lots of Facebook browsing, the magazine has deduced that Earl is (or was at some point) in Samoa, at a program for at-risk teenage boys called Coral Reef Academy. While the article admits that his current whereabouts are unknown (they suspect that he could already be back in L.A.), this is still a bit of a Holy Grail for OFWGKTA fans who have been chanting "FREE EARL" for the better part of a year.

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Presenting "The 25 Greatest Boot Camp Clik Songs Of All Time," Another Fine (If Click-Intensive) Complex.com List

Fresh off their triumphant Tunnel Bangers countdown comes another Complex.com list celebrating the glory days of New York rap, this one focused on Boot Camp Clik, Brooklyn's eight-man mid-'90s supergroup. Rest assured Black Moon's "Who Got the Props" does very well. Writer Andrew Nosnitsky offers YouTube outtakes and further discourse here; "in putting this list together, there were points where I felt like the entire song could be concisely summed up by just two words: MADD BLUNTED," he notes. "Or maybe three: MADD BLUNTED, SON."

Please Enjoy Complex.com's List Of The 75 Greatest Tunnel Bangers Of All Time

The Tunnel, as you'll recall (?), was a famously wild Manhattan nightclub that played host to raucous, dangerous, and thus permanently legendary Sunday-night hip-hop parties, hosted primarily by the shy, retiring Funkmaster Flex and generating practically their own personal cache of hit songs, as warm-up DJ Cipha Sounds now fondly recalls:

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