Brooklyn's Shark? Become Another Kickstarter Success Story, Now Just Have To Write Songs About Subjects Random Benefactors Choose


L Magazine's repeatedly endorsed these lo-fi monsters, having them play more than anyone else at last month's Northside Festival, getting the official Conklin must-see nod, and doling out an Honorable Mention in their annual 8 NYC Bands You Need To Hear series. And with good reason. The foursome's Noise Maker EP from this past January, available for free download here, is post-garage excellence: sober Cheeseburger, Blood on the Wall weaned on Jim Morrison instead of Thurston Moore, the circa-2001 Strokes if they were messy and didn't suck. So while Shark? has collectively given away two EPs both online and at shows, frontman Kevin Diamond recently initiated a Kickstarter campaign to help defray recording expenses of their first full-length and set a goal of $1500. Their formal pitch:

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L Magazine's Elaborate, Somewhat Intimidating Northside Festival Starts Tonight

Anyone seeking a four-day crash course in Brooklyn Rock (both from BK and of it, I guess) is hereby advised to delved deep into the Northside Festival, which packs hundreds of bands into multiple venues across the sweetest of boroughs, starting tonight with a raft of shows, led perhaps by the triumphant (?) return of Wavves at the Knitting Factory. Plenty of rad stuff to mess with -- those day/night shows Saturday and Sunday at Newton Barge Park (including Titus Andronicus, Liars, Elvis Perkins, and Les Savy Fav) look particularly splendid. I asked L big-shot Mike Conklin for dark horses: He suggests North Highlands, Gabriel Birnbaum, and Shark? That's Shark + question mark. We'll see you there -- try and act like you knew about all these bands already.

The L Magazine Asks The Tough Questions, e.g., Can You Wear Shorts Onstage?

Another of Ted Leo's questionable looks, courtesy this person.
Kudos to the L crew for whipping up one of the more entertaining (and informative!) multiple-artist Q&A gambits in recent memory: "It's 95 degrees. It's humid. You're playing an outdoor show. Shorts on stage: Yes or no?" Don't act like you don't want to know how Ted Leo answered this question.

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2010 Northside Festival Lineup Announced!

And it looks like our buddies at L Magazine have outdone themselves: Titus Andronicus, Liars, Fucked Up, High Places, Les Savy Fav, Polvo, Twin Sister, and Wavves are just a handful of the hundreds of bands they've got lined up to play this thing. Northside happens June 24-27 in a variety of venues around Brooklyn; cop a festival-wide badge here, or take your chances at various doors come that weekend. Wonder what CMJ thinks about all this? Full lineup (so far; more TBA) below:

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L Magazine's "8 NYC Bands You Need To Hear": Now With Bowtie Haterade

L Magazine
Twin Sister
Another year, another edition of L Magazine's "8 NYC Bands You Need To Hear." Said this last time around, but the point bears repeating: handpicking a barful of relatively intriguing unknowns in this city isn't an easy task, nor has it gotten any simpler in the last 12 months, especially when "Brooklyn is the center of the universe" is a blog-tag punchline. No, you can't keep secrets here now, if you ever could--you can't even have acquaintances string guitars in your basement without somebody telling the world--and, for all but a few, attempting to king-make bands in New York City is a fool's errand.

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