Rolling Stone to Bring Its Notoriously Contemporary and Up-to-the-Minute Touch to Video Games

Rolling Stone, that bastion of baffling optimism about our dying profession, the magazine that actually dared to not only conceive of but actually make a reality TV show about rock writer interns, is now apparently lending its name to a video game the mag may or may not have actually had a hand in developing. According to Media Industry Newsletter:

    Licensing media titles into console video games is common enough, but this is not a venue where you expect to find many magazine brands. Rolling Stone is leveraging its cachet in the music world to lend its name to a music simulation for the Nintendo Wii. "Rolling Stone Drum King" lets gamers imagine themselves as rock drummers playing into thin air. Partnering with 505 Games, the Wenner-owned title will appear in video game stores this spring.

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