Watch Julianna Barwick Do Her Ecstatic Crooning Thing Live

Julianna Barwick, whose delightfully warm and echoing "Bode" graced this site yesterday, stopped by the Time Out New York offices to give a live demonstration of her ethereal one-woman choir technique. On display: the adept vocal range she bragged about to us yesterday; loops in action; and what appears to be a staff meeting going on in the background. Push through the first awkward thirty seconds and be impressed. Improbably, tickets seem to still be available for her show with Tim Hecker at the Miller Theater as part of the Wordless Music Series. So there's that, too.

G. Lucas Crane From Woods: "I basically dare you to date me."


Brooklyn lo-fi noise punk: unlikely well of local magazine bachelor profiles! First came New York's "totally weird" profile of Dustin Payseur, of Beach Fossils, who spoke about the Brooklyn warehouse scene and Urban Outfitters by way of providing an example of your typical, strugglin' New York artist. Bushwick, stand up. And now comes Time Out New York into the fray with its "Date These Music Lovers" feature, in which Woods/Nonhorse mastermind G. Lucas Crane offers himself up as willing bachelor, here to let you know that your future with him will involve "spearing wild pigeons, collecting rain for drinking water and playing leather drums on abandoned rooftops." Also, by way of introducing himself:

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Today in Das Racist News: A Two-Minute Video Wherein They Pretend to Rap for Time Out New York

Listen, I'm mildly obsessed with these guys, I have a blog, this is what happens. So enjoy 1:50 of our heroes trying and failing to start rapping while The Warriors screens in the background. Shades of Flight of the Conchords, a prior obsession, so some nice symmetry here. After the jump, they explain themselves, and/or brandish multiple rolls of toilet paper at the camera.

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