Kevin Hart Has Buddy Keith Robinson's Back

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Keith Robinson via
Funny man Keith Robinson has been around the block and back and we've been waiting for him to pony up an hour long special for what seems like forever. The wait is finally over for fans on May 30th, when he'll be slinging his set at Gramercy Theatre for two "sweet shows" at 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. Produced by his buddy Kevin Hart, Back of the Bus Funny will no doubt be worth the incredibly long wait. We chatted it up with Keith to find out what took him so long to get this special going and cultivating the material involved with it.

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This Is Music From the Future

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This year marks two significant Zappa family milestones. It's the 40th anniversary of Frank Zappa and the Mothers' astounding 1974 live album Roxy & Elsewhere -- recorded mainly at the Roxy Theatre in Hollywood over a three-night stand the previous December (the "elsewhere" were venues in Chicago and Edinboro, Pennsylvania).

It's also been 10 years since Zappa's eldest son, Dweezil, now 44, committed himself to holing up and learning his iconic father's famously extensive, complicated, oft-breathtaking oeuvre essentially note-for-note in order to play it live, keep it alive, introduce new people to the music of one of the 20th century's most important, vital (and weirdest and most hilarious) composers.

In 2006, two years after adopting his father's music as his new life's work, Dweezil hit the road with his new ensemble, Zappa Plays Zappa, to faithfully re-create those tunes. This year, the ever-mutating group is playing Roxy & Elsewhere in its entirety to celebrate the album's 40th anniversary, and adding a second set of Frank favorites and obscurities.

We caught up with Dweezil over the phone the other day from a tour stop in the Midwest...

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Souls Of Mischief Reminisce as From '93 to Infinity Turns 20

Infinity and beyond...
It's been 20 years since Tajai introduced his counterparts Phesto, A Plus, and Opio (aka The Souls Of Mischief) one by one over the intro to "From 93 Till Infinity." Obviously, a lot of has changed since the days when Opio had dreads and Phesto was sporting that crisp Athletics' Starter jersey. But one thing that has remained steadfast is the camaraderie and brotherly love within the Souls camp and, on a larger scale, the umbrella they're under, The Hieroglyphics.

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How ObamaCare Created A Nation of Zombie Sluts: An In-Depth Talk With Kennedy

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When Lisa Kennedy Montgomery was 18 years old, her parents gave her an ultimatum: She could either stay home and pay rent, or they would pay her to move out. So Montgomery did the respectable thing and left her home in Oregon, moved to Los Angeles, interned at KROQ (L.A.'s famed alt-rock radio station), became known strictly as Kennedy, and, a year later, landed a spot as a VJ on MTV. For five rambunctious years in the '90s, Kennedy was a Gen-X darling, hosting Alternative Nation and providing the network with countless ballsy and salacious on-air moments (like when she gave the mic a blow job while standing next to then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani). However, most of the wildest antics occurred off the air, and they're very humorously detailed in her memoir, The Kennedy Chronicles. Wednesday night she will be at the Bryant Park Reading Room, dishing it out with Rob Tannenbaum (I Want My MTV: The Uncensored Story of the Music Video Revolution). We had the pleasure of sitting down with the now-Fox Business correspondent and morning radio host to talk about her new book. And we didn't even go into the whole Michael Jordan/dice incident, but rather more pressing topics such as, among other things, her opinion on alternative music today, her semi-affair with Goo Goo Dolls frontman Johnny Rzeznik (which inspired one of the band's hits), and what it was like having the coolest job on television. More »

Rocko Signed Future -- Who Was Then Known As Meathead the Future -- and U.O.E.N.O. It

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Rocko is much more than the astronomical, controversial smash, "U.O.E.N.O." He's been around for years, having signed to Def Jam in 2006, but U.O.E.N.O. it. He's more than just a rapper, having signed Future years ago when his name was Meathead the Future, but you don't even know that either. In fact, after sitting down with Rocko Da Don, founder of A-1 Recordings, it's apparent there's a lot we don't know about the young rapper/exec due to the stealthy way he moves. Even by today's standards of increased autonomy and independence you'd be somewhat hard pressed to find another young artist making such sound and well thought out business decisions.

Recently, Rocko snuck into New York City. As usual he was moving below the rada, only popping his head up to make a few power moves and do a little press. Here are some thoughts Rocko wanted to share while he zipped around the island of Manhattan. He may have even driven right past you and U.O.E.N.O. it. (Have we beaten that sufficiently into the ground? Good. Onto the interview.)

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Roger Dean Is the Most Important Person in Yes Who Actually Isn't in Yes

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On the occasion of prog-rock titans Yes--sans singer Jon Anderson, sure, but still pretty damn Yes-sy--coming to the NYCB Theatre at Westbury Wednesday night [8pm] to play their classic platters The Yes Album, Close to the Edge AND Going for the One in their entireties, we got in touch with perhaps the most important person in Yes who actually isn't in Yes.

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U-God Explains His Relationship With RZA and the Rest of the Wu-Tang Clan

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Stephen Bercovici
U God in The Wu Library...
U-God is not angry. And he wants everyone to know that. Since voicing his displeasure about the way things were to Meth back in the day in Russell's Simmons rock doc The Show we've all been under the impression he's disgruntled. A fairly recent lawsuit Mr. Lamont Jody Hawkins brought against Mr. Robert Fitzgerald Diggs aka the RZA, stating Diggs was in breach of contract and thus owed U-God a pretty decent chunk of bread didn't help the stigma.

But the past is the past. U-God's working with RZA again and he's got new product hitting the market today, The Keynote Speaker. He's happy. We sat down with U to talk his new album, his relationship with RZA and the rest of The Clan.

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Free Advice From 2 Chainz: When the Guns Come Out, Run

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Two For The Road...
Though critics may argue 2 Chainz's music is a "lesson in thematic narrowness," the man once referred to as Tity Boi [even by his own parents] makes some strong points to the contrary. Talk with Chainz even when he's fresh off a blunt break and you can't deny the guy's intelligence. A gregarious dude protected by a blanket of optimism that seems to deflect all hate thrown his way, Mr. Epps never says "die." After years of relative obscurity on Ludacris' Disturbing Tha Peace label, he released new material under a "new" [Chainz claims he's been called 2 Chainz since high school] nom de plume and found mainstream acceptance and respect from peers like Kanye West.

Even after a recent robbery in San Francisco, he's not letting anything interfere with him repeating last summer's success. Guess that's why he named his sophomore LP Based On A True Story 2.

2 Chainz performs tomorrow, July 19th, at Jones Beach.

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Tony Touch Reveals How Complete Boredom Helps Foster Creativity

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Touch The Sky

He's been all around the world, but he's still Brooklyn's own. A veteran mixtape DJ since the mixes were actually on cassette tapes, Tony Touch turned a creative corner when he included freestyles from 50 MCs for his 50th mixtape. The result was the legendary Power Cypher ("Power Cypher" is "50" in Five Percenter speak) which included Boot Camp Clik, Busta Rhymes and Kool G Rap. He followed up with a few editions to the Power Cypher, each time featuring a different crop of emcees. El producto was so dope he landed a record deal with Tommy Boy to release an official mixtape as an album. Enter The Piecemaker 1 & 2 era. Now, nearly 10 years since the last one, Tony Toca is back with the third installation of The Piecemaker.
Featuring an arsenal of emcees both new and old (and even Eminem), the Rock Steady Crew affiliate is once again tearing up the Technic 1200s.

Check out The Piecemaker 3 available on July 9th

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Holy Fuck! We Like a Band Called Holy Folk!

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JR Sage
Holy Folk

As you might imagine, we get stacks and stacks of CDs at the Voice. Many of them have no business even being mailed to us (why hello there, Molly Ringwald's lounge record), and it's very difficult to find a musical act that gets it right the first time out. So you'll forgive us our surprise when, out of the stacks, came a band with a kinda-dumb-at-first name that grabbed us from the opening chords. Meet Holy Folk, a project between LA-based song-writers Keith Waggoner, Josh Caldwell, Ryan George, and Jonathan Hylander. Equipped with a sound that feels like an edgy combination of (early) Shins, Black Keys, a Time-Machine-Back-To-Better-Musical-Days, and a couple of things you can't quite put a finger on, they are folking--and fucking--great. Become a true believer by listening here to a stream of their entire debut album, Motioning (available for purchase NOW). We caught up with the guys, asked them about their debut, and thanked them for not having beards or wearing suspenders.

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