The Oral History of Rat At Rat R: The NYC-via-Philly Noise-Rock Heroes Celebrate the Re-issue of Their 1985 Debut, Amer$ide

Chris Egan
Rat At Rat R: Somewhere beneath the dregs of downtown

"In my way of thinking, first there is Sonic Youth then comes Rat At Rat R then after that comes Swans -- that order was kind of their appearance in the New York scene. But Rat At Rat R just stumbled -- there was just a lot of bad luck. They'd get going and something would happen." Ron Anderson, punk-jazz purveyor of Brooklyn's PAK, is waxing historical about the band he co-founded with vocalist/singer Victor Poison-Tete and bassist Sonda Andersson in early 1980's-period Philadelphia: the apocalyptically bleak, dissonance-dripping art-rock colossus, Rat At Rat R.

Amer$ide, Rock and Roll is Dead, Long Live Rat At Rat R is available via Ektro Records; Ron Anderson curates two weeks at The Stone 11/1-11/14 and plays with The Molecules this Friday at 8pm and PAK Saturday at 10pm

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