The Legend Of Snaggapuss: The Cult Bronx MC Who Rapped In A Cartoon Voice And Was Courted By Dr. Dre

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Snaggapuss and Doo-Wop

Snaggapuss ingratiated himself to the early-'90s New York City rap scene through a series of guest verses recited in a tone resembling Hanna-Barbera's pink cartoon lion Snagglepuss. As part of mixtape master Doo-Wop's Bounce Squad, Snagga was prepped to emerge as the break-out solo artist of the bunch. But then the Bronx-based rapper seemed to vanish--until a series of recent new guest verses (often with a resurrected Bounce Squad) and the announcement of a new mixtape this week.

Checking in with Snaggapuss, he opened up about his wilderness years and spun a yarn that detailed a west coast move to work with California's hip-hop elite and a near-death experience back home in New York. Here's the Snaggapuss story.

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